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I had to put my research on hold for a couple of months to take care of my wife who just got out of the hospital. I noticed that my y-DNA info is missing. It was working fine before (showing dna matching on other profiles) The Ancestry DNA info is still shown but is not what I would consider seriously valuable. What happened?
WikiTree profile: Mark Hough
closed with the note: Problem has been corrected thank you all!
in WikiTree Tech by Mark Hough G2G6 Mach 2 (21.8k points)
closed by Mark Hough

Hi Mark,

Hope that your wife is doing well.

Based on what I see, I'm not sure why your Y-DNA test isn't propagating to your profile and the profiles of your Y-DNA relatives. Your DNA Tests Page indicates that you last edited your FTDNA Y-Chr test info on Dec 3, 2019. Within 24 hours of that edit, your Y-DNA should have appeared in the DNA Connections sections of your profile and of each of your Y-DNA relatives' profiles. There doesn't appear to be any activity after that point which would have removed your test from the DNA Connections sections of your profile and the profiles of your Y-DNA relatives (and your Y-DNA relatives' DNA tests still appear on your profile).

I'd check to make sure that your relationship to your father is not marked as "non-biological". But even if that was the case, my understanding is that your test should still appear in the DNA Connections section of your own profile, and your Y-DNA relatives' DNA tests would not appear on your profile.

I'd suggest editing your post to add the tag "bug" and change the category to WikiTree Tech, so that those folks can take a look.


Thanks for answering. I rechecked my profiles (father and grandfather etc) and they were properly indicated as confident. I couldn't mark them as proven as confirmed with DNA as they have passed on. I did as you said and hope a tech can spare some time to view the problem. I wondered if the GEDmatch security breach was connected to this in any way.
I don't believe that the GEDmatch security breach would be connected to this issue. While there are hyperlinks between the two, GEDmatch is an entirely separate entity from WikiTree. Also GEDmatch supports autosomal DNA test uploads (for example, your AncestryDNA test), but does not accept Y-DNA/paternal-line test info (such as your FTDNA Y-Chr test).

I guess I'm at a loss due to a lack of advanced knowledge of how this all works. My wife's health is my main concern right now and unfortunately I cannot spend time being concerned about the issues concerning technical issues with the DNA. For now I will just check in from time to time and see how things are. Hope all is well for you and everyone at Wikitree. Stay healthy and keep your masks on. I'll be back researching when things settle down and I have free time again.



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Thanks for reporting this, Mark. We'll look into it.

Edit: You can track the status here.

by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (475k points)
selected by Mark Hough
Not a rush Jamie. Have to take care of health matters concerning my wife, so cannot put too much energy into genealogy projects quite yet. It will be a couple of weeks and I will have some free time, but will just need to ease into this. I do check from time to time, but briefly (like my emails). Thanks for your help and time in this.


Thanks for your help in getting the DNA "glitch" straightened out for me. In the short breaks I get, I check Wikitree to "see what I am missing". Seems a lot is going on/changing. There are projects waiting for me when I get back and it helps when someone "has your back", fixing things so I can focus on doing research. Thank you-


Also on my profile page it still shows that the DNA problem message, which is fixed of course. FYI...
Hi Mark,

Hope that your wife is doing well.

Glad to see that this got resolved. Thx, Jamie!

We generally don't remove G2G posts once they are resolved as the discussion on historical G2G posts can be beneficial if someone encounters a similar problem in the future.

The link to this G2G post on your profile exists because your profile ID is associated with the G2G post. Any G2G posts that have your profile ID in the WikiTree ID/URL box will be listed on your profile. This can be beneficial for many questions that are asked in G2G, even once answered/resolved/closed, since visitors to the profile can review any past questions/discussions that are associated with the profile.

But if you no longer want to see this G2G post link on your profile, I believe that you can "edit" your original G2G post, clear out your profile ID from the WikiTree ID/URL box, and save the G2G post.

You may also want to "close" the G2G post (an option similar to edit), if it's been resolved to your satisfaction. New answers can no longer be added to "Closed" G2G posts, but comments are still allowed. And you or a moderator can also re-open the G2G post, if necessary.

Hope this helps!

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