Two Mary Rose Coppolas

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I have a very headache inducing scenario and I could use g2g's help in sorting through this mess. During last weekend's Connect-a-Thon I added all the children for Paolo Coppola. There's a lot of them isn't there? Tonight I found out that I missed one kid. Her name is Mary Rose Coppola.

But, wait! I already have a Mary Rose Coppola attached to him! That Mary Rose was born to Paolo and his second wife, Antonia. The other one was born to Paolo and his wife, Lena.

If one kid had died young, this wouldn't have been an issue. However, both lived, got married and had children. I attached all the sources I could find for the two women. I didn't conflate either of them. They were both very different and had different husbands. I'll be making a profile for the second Mary's husband in a bit.

So, my question is....Is my research note good enough to show differentiation between the two women? They both have descendants who are DNA matches to me, my father and my great-aunt. Their trees show different Mary Coppolas.

Their father must have really liked that name. I digress. What can I do about this scenario? Did I already do what needed to be done here? How else can I say "These are two completely different women who happen to share the same name!"

Looking forward to your comments. =)

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in Genealogy Help by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (803k points)

Ahh, but she is the best Olympia!

(I stopped being surprised at how some folk name their babies, when I found two same-name FULL siblings in one  family who both survived infancy and early childhood, grew up, married, and had children of their own.)

I'm fairly sure the half-sisters knew of each other. That just makes things even more awkward.
Oh, Melanie, I think that family would make me cross-eyed.

Did you take a look around the rest of the rellies? surprise

It's no wonder the descendant of one of them kept getting all twisted around.  (I gave her fresh eyes on it and helped sort them out.)

Good for you! I'd need another pair of eyes to sort a situation like that out.
You could set up a Rejected Match between those two.
Hmm. Yeah, I'll see if I can do that. I have a warning already set up. It's just mindboggingly weird how this happened. I thought it only happened in cheesy '80s sticoms!

I thought it only happened in cheesy '80s sticoms!

Two words : George Foreman

Okay. Edit that to add '80s sitcoms and eccentric celebrities! LOL.

Oh, people....

At least it makes for a good story? They were both in the same house in the 1930 census.

It would make it easy to call the kids -- "Mary Rose, get here right now!" (or whatever).  It'd be almost like having a twin.

I think it'd be better than knowing you were named for a deceased sibling.  You'd always feel as though you were second best.

Yeah, that's true.

Well, it is what it is. I actually have a DNA match from both of those ladies. Certainly adds to the family story. LOL.

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Looks like one went by Mary and the other went by Rose.  You could enter their preferred names.
by Rori Long G2G Crew (960 points)
Yeah. I'll see what I can do. Just dunno who preferred what since it was interchangeable on documents.

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