hold the pointer over an ancestor name and see who is the manager, now I have to click on it.....is there a reason?

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in WikiTree Tech by John Thompson G2G6 Pilot (379k points)
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Removed the beginning of the sentence and a word to get under 120 characters

I KNOW you like communicating so don't limit yourself to the 120 characters......... use the huge   "More Information"  box where I've never been able to exceed the capacity.

Can I assume you're  "holding the pointer"   over a list of ancestors generated in a  Search...... I think Dennis is more astute than I am.    Anyway,   that works for me.
Peggy,   I'm experimenting with the title sentence, to attract the most attention, without the second click being required......so as not to lose customers......although I"m not sure that I want that widely known.    Jack

A clever approach....  I was really just jesting. devil

It's great having you around.

I have whole bunches of serious work to do......can't resist having some fun, with it......thanks for the help.

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It still works for me.

Do you have a specific example where it does not?

edit (after seeing everyone else's responses): its known as "Profile Preview" -- I had forgotten that its a setting that can be turned off and on.

by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (585k points)
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Previous to this weekend, when I was on a profile and clicked ancestors, I only had to hold the pointer over a name to read the profile manager's name.....now, I have to click on it.
Check your Settings to make sure it's "on" .. mine sometimes resets, for reasons I don't know.
Will do.

That's still working for me too,  no clicking required.
Fine for me too.  Jack, could you give us an actual profile Wiki-ID or a link to one where it happens?
Found settings, but don't understand what to check for.
The first Section "Tools".  Inside it are two headings: Text Editor and Profile Previews.

The Profile Previews section has "Disable Profile Previews".  Make sure that the checkbox is UNchecked (or change it if you need to - but then scroll right to the bottom of the page and click the Save Settings button).
Ros,   Any profile ....then choose ancestors, rather than descendants.
Just went onto your own Family Tree & Tools, and no clicking required.  Hovering is all I need.
Ros,  Fixed......I am overwhelmed by all the help I'm getting.....Thankyou all !       Jack
I unchecked the box, as above.......don' t know how it got checked.
It is somewhat easy to turn off accidentally.  I am sure that most of us have done it.  When you get the preview profile opened up, look in the bottom left corner which has 'turn off previews'.  If you 'click' near that, as if you are trying to click below the preview box, you might have accidentally hit that.
Thanks Linda,  Went back and looked.......can't remember being on that page for weeks.......all's well now.....lots to learn.    Jack
Thanks Dennis,   I read your edit.   Jack
John, you could turn off that option from any profile where you used the preview since it is a system wide one.

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