News on Data Doctors Report (July 26th 2020) [closed]

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  • I prepared two new suggestions (591 FindAGrave - Possible father and 592 FindAGrave - Possible mother) that list all missing parent relations between existing profiles. The suggestion is based on FindAGrave relations. In cases where both profiles are linked to findagrave and there is a parent relation on findagrave and there is no parent on wikitree, it suggests the connection. Of course you should first check if both findagrave memorials represent the correct persons on wikitree. Then you should try to find a source for the parent claim and add the relation if everything checks out.
  • Added new magic word SourceJunk to search engine. It finds profiles with text "Family Data Collection" or "Millennium File" on the profile. Those are present on 47000 profiles. Here is a list of profiles with SourceJunk.
  • Updated display of WikiData suggestions 546, 563, 564, 565, 566 and 567. Now they display link to WikiData and the data from there.
  • Made some changes to the Countries definition

Previous News

  • I added new magic keyword UnmergedMatch to search for postponed merges in combination with any other text.
  • I added a new heading to GEDCOM Junk. There are 8000 new 853 suggestions.
  • After completing most of the template documentation, I am starting to validate template parameters. First new suggestions include missing required parameters and using deprecated parameters. More will come soon. There may be some mistakes in template documentation. If so, just let me know. There are 9000 new 848 suggestions.
  • I added new magic keyword PendingMerge to search for pending merges in combination with any other text.
  • I added possibility to search template parameters. That enables you to search for any text inside curly brackets. To explicitly search template text, use templatetext=Andersson
  • I added a link to template definition on 84x suggestions in info column.
  • In search results on WikiTree+ I changed the display of templates. I group them together and display the number of each one if more than one. Example:
  • I also added possibility to search by full template name. Use underscore instead of spaces. templatefull=Ancestry_Image
  • I added to Connection finder 2 new types of relation search. Paternal Lines and Maternal Lines. This can help in DNA queries to find a common father/mother.
  • I exposed the actual data on which location suggestions are based. Based on the changes we did last week in the table, there are some new 6x8 spelling suggestions and 612 Location too early ones.
  • I went through WikiData False Suggestions lists and I made some changes to the algorithms to improve the lists. The lists where the algorithm was changed are gender ones 551, 552 and date ones 553, 555, 556, 558.
  • I decided to remove Unconnected to global tree suggestions 568 and 569. 54x suggestions covers that much more precisely.
  • In suggestions 724 Wrong word in First Name, 734 Wrong word in Preferred Name and 774 Wrong word in Last Name at Birth added checking of Annonymous on open profiles.
  • I removed 451 and 453 suggestions, since they weren't wery usefull.
  • Profile completeness suggestions are now LIVE. I have prepared a system to calculate suggestions about the profiles completeness for a member if he chooses so. These suggestions are no longer project oriented, although a project can choose to check project managed profiles. I built a verification of managed profiles based on Category:Suggestions_-_Include_Profile_Completeness. If a WikiTree member adds himself to this category, his managed profiles will be checked for data completeness.
  • I released a new version of WikiTree+ Chrome extension. It has a few new things also usable to DD


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    I want you to know that the magic keyword of unmerged match is "wonderful".   It has helped me find all kinds of issues within the Presidents Project and Pre-1500 profiles.
    by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (755k points)
    selected by Cindy Cooper
    I had to pick this answer because this has been very helpful to me too.  Often research is needed and someone needs to take time for it but before we could never find them unless we stumbled across them.  Very much appreciated.
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    I have a question re 591 FindAGrave. I "worked" these suggestions I had last week. I connected all of the suggested children to their parents or parents to their children on WikiTree, then I marked the status of each as corrected. I just looked at my suggestions list for this week and all the same corrected suggestion 591 FindAGrave I had last week are repeated again this week even though the parent-child connection was established already. I must have missed something in the process. What did I not do which I should have done so the same suggestions would not appear again? Here is one example:

    Mary Jane Pate child of Rebecca Lee Pate

    Thanks for the help!

    by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (464k points)
    You did everything correct. I made a mistake on my end. The process used last week's data. I corrected it and amd recalculating the FindAGrave suggestions. It will take a few hours and I am off to sleep. It is 2am. I will finish and update the FindAGrave suggestions in the morning.

    Thank you,  Aleš! Sleep well!

    This should be now corrected.
    It is. Thank you again!
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    I found seven of the FaG/WT items on my Suggestions list and tested it out so far on 3 of the 7 with success.

    I am one happy profile manager, and want to say thank you, Ales
    by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (589k points)
    I agree with Susan--this new "suggestion" is a great tool for us to make connections between profiles which already exist on WikiTree since you've automated the process of finding those connections for us. No, FindAGrave is not always correct, but if we have other sources to support the suggested parent-child relationship, this is a quick and easy way to know those connecting profiles already exist here on WikiTree rather than us trying to look up each one individually with a search engine that may sometimes give us hundreds of potential possibilities to assess. The search work automatically done for us, increased connections, potentially fewer duplications--win, win, win in my book.
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    I have a 591 and 592 FindAGrave errors for profiles that I have nothing to do with.  I am not on the trusted list of Johnson-61513, Johnson-77205, or Calavan-10 and have no idea who they are.
    by Kerry Larson G2G6 Pilot (192k points)
    Another:  I have a 581 FindAGrave error for Pantenburg-2.  I do believe I added his FAG reference, but I'm not on his trusted list.
    I won't add anymore, but now I see many suggestions on my list of profiles of which I am not the PM.

    You are looking at suggestions on your relatives. The profile you mentioned is 7 generations from you.

    Suggestions for profiles you manage are here

    You can also find it by clicking Show suggestions in profiles managed by Larson-2750. link on the first report or by selecting menu item on wikitree - My WikiTree / Suggestions.

    I didn't even know such a report existed.  I must have clicked on the wrong link accidentally.  Thanks very much for explaining it to me.
    +4 votes
    Yeah, only 1 mistake this time.

    FindAGrave citation corrected.

    Thank you DataDoctor
    by Dieter Lewerenz G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
    +2 votes
    Just wanted to say thanks for the new Findagrave mother/father suggestions. I've just gone through all those linked with my home county (Nottinghamshire). Every one proved to be valid (though a couple needed some extra sourcing to check them) and made for some very useful connections and a couple of merges with duplicated profiles.
    by Derrick Watson G2G6 Mach 4 (43.1k points)

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