Ludlow and related Vernon Families.

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Before I investigate further, I would like to know whom else is interested and what sources of information might be available......Thankyou     Jack
in Genealogy Help by John Thompson G2G6 Pilot (246k points)
Place?  Time frame?
Centered on Thomas Vernon and Anna Ludlow circa 1500.
I'm sorry, but if you like being cryptic to see who bites, I'm out.
Melanie,   My intention is to research the Ludlow line and make use of sources that are available.....your help is much appreciated.     Jack
You don't have tags (which are extremely helpful in getting interested persons involved).  You don't say where (which would really help, as if you want 1500s in, say, Germany, I am no help).   

You also asked about Vernon - and I have Vernon in my lineage, so pardon me if I expressed interest.  I doubt very much, however, if my Vernon line is in any way related to whichever Vernon family you are looking for.

Good luck with your search.
I have memorized, over a period of 18 years, most of my ancestors centering on 1400 +/- 600 years......I am somewhat handicapped by being denied the opportunity to learn to type in high school, however I am looking forward to connecting my Ludlow ancestors in the correct spirit of WikiTree.
Anna Ludlow-698 married to Thomas Jr. Vernon and having a daughter Dorothy.
Ludlow_Vernon........Tag added ......good suggestion.

John, I meant for you to edit your question and add tags to it.  Vernon on its own, no underscore, and Ludlow on its own. (Underscores join words into a single entity.  I doubt anyone is following Vernon_Ludlow, but there will be those who follow Vernon, OR Ludlow.)

If you have a specific location, then add it.  For example - if I were asking help with my Gordon line, I would add Scotland.  If I were asking help for my Smith line, I would add the tag England.  (I really do have a Smith line, in England.)

I thought I learned to underscore, previously,, but this makes even more sense.....I shall adjust.....As for edit, I might figure it out, but think it's wiser to ask for advice.
John, in genealogy we have something similar, the name(s), where the person was born and when, where that person died and when, and if they married, who to? and where and when did it occur?

So [THIS IS WHOLLY FAKE INFO] John Jones, born Aug 20, 1920 in Boston, Mass, USA and died Sept 7, 1988 in Portland, Oregon, USA married (1) June 1942 in Salinas, Texas , USA to Lorna Dune; married (2) Jan 1948 in Bergondy, Alabama, USA to Sally Billings; married (3) Jun 1970 in Seattle, Washington, USA to Janet Willum ...

Geography plays its role and it is important; dates have their role and they are as important as the geography.  These may seem like minor details but they are very important details
Thanks Susan, I do believe I now know what "edit" means or requires to communicate here.     Jack

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The case of the brothers marrying sisters........again!........and I've got to find out how I got here if Anna's husband, Thomas Jr. Vernon, is missing on WikiTree....... even his father Thomas, of Stokesay, Vernon  is there's a, Humphrey, Alice's husband......remember Alice, Henry Vernon-2   's daughter in law........ or his 4 other siblings must know where he went? Now, I've checked the management, good bunch it seems, and at the risk of getting my fingers pinched,  I shall rattle the chain and find out if I need being off to adopt different ancestors to get here.
by John Thompson G2G6 Pilot (246k points)
Other trees show Thomas Sr. with up to 13 siblings.
Now, have sources all the way down to two generations below Thomas Jr.......need pre1500 or help to enter......not to worry I have lots of current work to tend to in the mean time.

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