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This profile has been modified and her first husband removed, I tried to restore it but when I try there is no check box to select, so fell at the first hurdle.

How does the restore work if I cannot select anything to restore?

Here is the link to the offending profile:

WikiTree profile: Hanna Vaugh
closed with the note: I now know that the restore facility won't restore removed profiles!!
in WikiTree Help by Doug Vaugh G2G1 (1.1k points)
closed by Doug Vaugh
Ah, I see you have in your possession a birth record for their son John James Coote ... if it names both parents, that is adequate proof enough to couple John and Hanna

Could you provide a transcript, of the birth record? You can type it up in his biog and create a citation of the agency or church from which it was obtained etc
I will in the future but cannot at the moment, I'll also add a more detailed source, the records are available for free via an Irish Government web site, I've added links to several other profiles but had not got to this particular one.

However a Wikitree member seems to have driven a horse and cart through these particular records and caused quite a bit of mischief.

If the restore facility worked I would use it but in this instance it does not, hence the question
Well, yes, this occasionally happens - there's 700,000+ profile managers and perhaps as many as 3200 are active these last 12 months ... I've had it happen to me

 If you'll click on Changes just under the cameo profile of a female the name and URL of the one who disconnected a spouse will be available and you can click on their name and politely explain to them they made an error  -- that's assuming you have the birth record for their son with parental names on it ... Hanna etc ... even a baptism cert with parental names would help

Or you can ignore whomever did this, and re-attach Mr Coote, and do up the transcript for their son's birth record and post it not only on HIS profile but on Hanna and on Mr Coote (along with the citation) making a note this affirms they were united -- if you do come across a marriage record you can change the wording some

As I say you can simply attach Mr Coote again and as Melanie said, that's your option. "Restore" will not re-attach the spouse

Hi Thanks for the reply, I've been in touch with them and they tried to help but as I said elsewhere just made matters worse.

So I tried to restore the data, hence my question, this still stands.

This is another profile that was modified:

That one won't restore either and this is simply the removal of a parent.

Is anyone able to answer the question about restoring the previous data or does this simply not work??

Hi Susan,

I see that Melanie Paul below has answered my question.

My next problem is setting that as the best answer but because it was added below a previous attempt at an answer! I can't and if I select that as the best answer it will skew the stats.

Don't answer this as I am being flipant!!

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Well, if you are certain, have a marriage record or some other record to confirm it, that John was a spouse, then you can open Hanna's profile and add him to her as a spouse -- John Coote (abt.1835-abt.1866) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (587k points)
Hi Susan,

Thanks yes i could do that, the data was perfectly sound before the last edit and it would be better for the Wikitree function to actually work without the need to ad the link again.

Sadly this profile has been modified in error by another Wikitree member.
Heyla, Doug - the restore function - as I understand it - is to restore changes to the biography, not to restore removed attachments (spouses, children, parents).  My understanding is that removed profiles need to be manually replaced.
Hi thanks.

At last an answer.

I'll now go back and restore the original links.

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