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I have been getting an error message that a girl cannot have been born within 9 months of another one unless they were twins.  Only problem is, they have the same father but NOT the same mother.  Philandering did happen.  Can this be corrected so the message only appears when it's the same mother?  Thanks.
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in WikiTree Tech by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (479k points)
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Probably it is more important to check on mother than the father but there will also be conditions where only a father is linked so it is needed on the father.

Add tag about bugs because data doctors don't deal with the messages that happen when editing profiles.
Actually, even the same mother can have two children less than 9 months apart.  Early births DID (and do) happen.  More such survive now, than then, but the births still occurred and a number of such infants did survive even prior to "modern" medicine.
Melanie, I agree, but fathers can have kids more frequently than women. Lol

I think the check should ignore the father, simply because he could father a different child every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year.  cheeky

A woman, however - barring multiple births - is unlikely to have had children closer than 7 months apart (also barring the intervention of a miracle - - or "modern" science/medicine - - 5-month, or 6-month babies were most unlikely to survive unless it was a case of the parents pre-empting the wedding by a few months).   Baby #1 is born, 7 months later baby #2 is born, maybe 8 months later baby #3 is born (because a mother with a history of early/premature births will most likely always have her babies early).  Rare, maybe, but it did sometimes happen.

indeed.  Funny thing about this child, her mother doesn't seem to have had hard feelings toward the father, even though there was a whole legal battle started by her brother-in-law.  She is present at the signing of the marriage contract (to another woman) of her seducer shortly before she was due to deliver.  laugh

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If you’re certain that the dates and mothers are correct, just mark it as a false error.
by Kathie Forbes G2G6 Pilot (591k points)
Kathie, the problem, I think, isn't the Suggestion.  It is the error that happens every time a save is done on one of the related profiles.
Just click "Save Anyway."  The error message is asking "are you sure this is correct?"  and if the answer is "yes" then save it.
Kathie, Linda is correct, it's the message that appears at the top of the profile when saving.  Time consuming and aggravating.
Having to enter Save Anyway is annoying, especially when you're dealing with polygamist families.  That's why we keep bringing this up.
I deal with families with concurrent wives, too, but I think it's much more likely that a close birth is an error.  Rewriting the error code to validate all parents may not be a simple task.
The message at the top is something separate from the data doctor suggestions.

Adjusting this message is on the list of things to fix the next time we work on the error messages.

thank you Jamie, reducing the number of false messages will help streamline activity a bit.  Plus it probably uses computer capacity that could better be used elsewhere.  laugh

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