Is this Gecom Junk or a valid source?

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I am working on the Data Doctors Challenge # 853 and have come across the following and do not know how to handle it...


Note: #NI14550


  1.  Herron-611 was created by Dwayne Jack through the import of jeremiah jack.ged on Jun 3, 2015. This comment and citation can be deleted after the biography has been edited and primary sources are included.
  2.  Source: #S167
  3.  Source: #S169
  4.  Source: #S169
  • Source: S167 Abbreviation: TITLE Title: TITLE Paranthetical: Y
  • Source: S169 Abbreviation: Guill dec.ged Title: Guill dec.ged Paranthetical: Y


Note NI14550[Guill dec.ged]
JV Thompson Journals vol. 2, p. 123-125
Died young.
WikiTree profile: David Herron
in The Tree House by Loretta Corbin G2G6 Pilot (219k points)
Looks like a lot of garbage.  The only thing that might be valid is JV THompson journals vol. 2, p. 123-125, except it is such a bad citation that you could never find that source.  I would probably leave that and note that it is an incomplete citation.  Everything else could go.
Thank you to those who responded. I used all of your suggestions and have applied them.

>The J.V. Thompson Journals. : Josiah VanKirk Thompson : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

In the early part of the 20th century, Josiah VanKirk Thompson of Uniontown, PA, spent a considerable amount of time and money researching the genealogies of various early Pennsylvania settlers, most of whom were originally in the Cumberland Valley. His intent was to publish a book containing the ancestry and descendants of his Revolutionary War forbearers and he was a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, and had several lines listed with that organization. Included in these genealogies are the descendants of Thomas Thompson, a son of John Thompson and Mary Wilson and the brother of John Thompson who married Susanna Laughlin. Among other lines recorded are Scroggs, Blain/Blean, Jack, Carruthers, and Laughlin. He also hired a professional genealogist, Gustave Anjou, to assist in the search, primarily in obtaining the pre-American ancestry of the lines he maintained, e.g. the early history of his Carruthers line in Scotland. Anjou's work has subsequently been found to be flawed and some researchers claim that he was fraud.


THANK YOU! I will attach to all necessary profiles!

edited You just made it possible to clear 7 DD profiles, Thank you!
Usually the #N entry is referring to the Note that is someplace else in the profile.  Sometimes there is nothing of value at the note, so it depends on what is found at the note, as to how you handle it. Frequently adding something to Research Notes is correct.
Thank you! I am working on it.

3 Answers

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S167 is junk since it doesn't actually say anything.

S169 is clearly a citation of a GEDCOM file, so it's a source of a sort.

The note could be a real source, especially if you can find out enough about it to expand it to a full citation.

Any chance of asking the person who imported the profile?
by Living Tardy G2G6 Pilot (733k points)

Thank you for the direction.

I sent the PM a message asking where to find JV THompson journals vol. 2, p. 123-125, waiting to hear.  

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Biography should state that David Herron died young. He was born about 1796 and passed away at a young age. Add inline citation using information given in the Notes.

I would add an acknowledgement:

Herron-611 was created by [[Jack-192|Allen Jack]] through the import of jeremiah jack.ged on Jun 3, 2015 citing JV Thompson Journals vol. 2, p. 123-125.
by Pat Credit G2G6 Pilot (147k points)
Is this better or worse? I haven't saved it yet?

== Biography ==

David Herron was born in 1796 and died young.

=== Birth ===

: Birth:  

:: Date:  Abt 1796

:: Place:  Franklin, Pennsylvania

=== Death ===

: Death:  

:: Place:  Y<ref>Source: [[#S169]] </ref>

=== Note ===

: Note: [[#NI14550]]

: Note <span id='NI14550'>NI14550</span>[Guill dec.ged]

: JV Thompson Journals vol. 2, p. 123-125 ''Please complete this citation, I cannot find it.''

== Sources ==

<references />

* Source: <span id='S169'>S169</span> Abbreviation:  Guill dec.ged Title:  Guill dec.ged Paranthetical:  Y  


* Herron-611 was created by [[Jack-192 | Dwayne Jack]] through the import of jeremiah jack.ged on Jun  3, 2015.

=== Note === should probably be == Research Notes == as that is a proper header.

Thank you! I will.

I usually shorten the data

=== Birth ===

Abt 1796 in Franklin, Pennsylvania

As for the citation I would use
JV Thompson Journals vol 2, P. 123-125

Including a citation of S169 can generate a suggestion because it is so short.  Since those are generated by Gedcom, it is better to bring the information that is stated down in the span entry up into the inline citation, removing the Source and S#. In this instance it is really only saying the information came from the gedcom, so it isn't really a source.
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I found some info on JV Thompson:

The Life and Times of Josiah V. Thompson

Josiah V THOMPSON Journals

Uniontown, PA


by Pat Credit G2G6 Pilot (147k points)
Wow, you're a jewel! Thank you!!!

Edited: It's a lead, now to find more information.
Glad to help

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