Possible origin of Mayflower passenger Richard Warren??

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This London birth and baptismal record is transcribed on FreeReg UK: https://www.freereg.org.uk/search_queries/5f21b69a4325a6b09f80b458?locale=en ; its detail page shows:

Richard WARREN: County | London City | Place | Cornhill | Church name | St Peter | Birth date 15 Jan 1579/80 | Baptism date | 24 Jan 1579/80 ; Father, John Warren, Armorer

This is not very far from the Warren-66 profile estimate of a 1678 DOB; it would make Richard age 30 at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth Walker (April 1610) at Great Amwell.

I have been scanning a range of literature on Richard (one of my 10th ggs), and have not found any mention of this record -- either to refute or approve it as offering a possible origin. Particularly given that the adult Richard was (according to the profile Biography, which cites his Mayflower passenger record) a London merchant, and of significant standing (an armorer's son would seem likely to have a leg up in life and commerce), such a possible London origin would clearly seem something that should be/have been investigated. Have I missed something??

I've also posted this as a comment on Richard's profile; I'd appreciate knowing whether anyone's aware of this record having been considered, and evaluated.

WikiTree profile: Richard Warren
in Genealogy Help by Christopher Childs G2G6 (9.9k points)
I'm not a Warren researcher, and have not seen this, but it looks interesting. He didn't name a son John, but then didn't name a son after himself or his wife's father either, so certainly not a good measure.
Thanks, Raymond -- I no longer have a paid Ancestry subscription so unfortunately can't view that image.  If you see anything in it that seems to offer useful clues, please do tell.
Okay: I found an appropriately skeptical review of what's known, vs. what might be possible, about Richard Warren, at http://www.martin-house.com/tng/getperson.php?personID=I0969&tree=Martin .  It lists christenings of Richard Warrens in England between 1570 and 1587, evidently taken from parish registers -- the one at St. Peter Cornhill included -- and makes the point that the decisive, missing data in every case is the christening records of Richard's five known daughters, who were all born in England.  So until and unless someone finds a parish with (most of, at least) those five records, at least these 16 options apparently remain in play.

Even given that the 16 records are taken at face value from the IGI, not exactly an authoritative source, the point about the Warren daughters' baptisms is telling.

If however we had anything at all that connected Richard to the skills of the armorer's trade, that would make the St. Peter Cornhill record particularly interesting.

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Caleb Johnson always has the most up-to-date info on his website: 

Warren — MayflowerHistory.com

by Sandra DeTora G2G6 Mach 9 (91.8k points)
selected by Deborah Mayes
Thanks, Sandra -- I don't see the specific topic on Caleb's site, but I've emailed him and hope he'll weigh in.
Christopher, so far the only English record which conclusively mentions any of Richard Warren's English-born children (and then only the three oldest, if memory serves) is the will of his father-in-law, Augustine Walker, which is what is cited on the Caleb Johnson web page.

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