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After a merge for [[Dean-6830|James Dean]] his profile shows two daughters named Margaret Ellen Dean who have the same ID #.

The profile for James' wife [[Wilson-44631|Nancy Wilson]] shows only one daughter named [[Dean-6244|Margaret Ellen]].

How can the extra profile for Margaret Ellen Dean be merged if both profiles have the same ID #?
WikiTree profile: James Dean
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in WikiTree Help by Connie Graves G2G6 Mach 6 (60.3k points)
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Connie, that is confusing. I would give it 24 hours for servers and mirrors to catch up with the changes you have already made and see if that clears the issue.
Connie, that sounds very much like the old "ghost profile" problem resulting from a merge.  See Item 10 on this list:

Jamie has been working on that problem and has asked that she be notified about any occurrences. So if it seems to fit the description, I'd recommend e-mailing her.
Search for “ghost profile”. This is a bug that happens occasionally. Some people say the ghost can be sent to heaven just by disconnecting and reattaching the real profile from parents or maybe others. Others say you need divine intervention to escort the ghost on its way (i.e., Wikitree management needs to take care of it).
I removed the ghost child from her father's profile.  (It seems when she was merged, both her ID#s stayed attached to his profile.)
All, FYI:  yes, you can remove the ghost, and the FAQ list used to show the steps for doing that, but I think Jamie was looking for live examples to help her diagnose the cause of the problem, so we have been asked to refer those to her for investigation (until further notice, I assume).  This is the first case I've heard of in quite a while, so she may have thought the problem was fixed.
THANK YOU! You are a great ghost hunter. Learned a lot today.

Connie, in case you run into this again sometime, how to find the ghost is to check every profile attached to one of the ghosts, and make note of which has both ID#s attached in the edit screen.  Most times it will be a parent, but sometimes it is a child, or a sibling (oftentimes with a sibling, it will show as a half, but not always).  It can take a little time to find, depending on how many profiles there are attached.  Then you need to edit the profile and detach the no-longer-existing profile ID#.  On a parent profile, in the edit screen, on the right side, is the link to [add/remove child].  Clicking that takes you to another page where you scroll down to beneath the creation fields for if you are adding a new child from scratch, to where it says :

II. Remove Child

To remove a child, check the button next to their name and click the "Remove" button below.

Be sure you are selecting the correct - aka merged-away -  ID# and click the big "REMOVE CHILD FROM (NAME NAME)" button.

If you remove the wrong profile, you can re-attach it, and try again to remove the ghost.  (It sounds worse than it is.)

Thanks Melanie for your help and the instructions on what to do if I run into these ghosts again. It gave me pause trying to decide which was the real profile and which the ghost. I was afraid I might zero out both of them. Your explanations soothed my doubts and gave me courage if/when this happens again.


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to be clear...

it is simply not possible to have two profiles with the same ID.

The old ID is still linked (this is the "ghost profile" mentioned above) in the databse, but when you click on it, it will redirect you to the new ID -- so it appears like they have the same ID. They do not.

If you hover over the link to see the actual link (typically shown at the bottom of the browser window), you can see the old ID before the redirection.

It won't go away over time on its own. Simply disconnect the old ID from the relationships.

by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (585k points)
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