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I have made a mess of citing sources for Keily-56, but I can't figure out how to edit to fix them.  I know at least some of the problem relates to my closing references with <ref> rather than</ref>.

Help please!
in The Tree House by Susan Bulla G2G2 (2.5k points)

I can't see exactly where the problem lies (privacy), but it looks as though it is somewhere after "August, 30, 1931 at New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana".

If you click on the "Turn on Enhanced Editor" button at the bottom of the edit box it will help you see the coding better.

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The system now makes one source/references out of the listing you pasted. A list is a text with <li> items in it.

For starters, I would add a </ref> right before the next <ref>. So :

...New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana. </ref><ref>New...

Then, there is a stray * at the end. You can remove it. That generates the dot at the end of the list. If you want more specific help, you will need to open up the profile or add me as a manager...

by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (262k points)
Actually, Michel, <li> is not approved for use on WikiTree.

Okay, so those should be removed as well ... thanks!

In this current display they should be replaced by a <ref> and </ref> pair.

So <ref>New Orleans Passenger Lists, 1813-1963</li> should become <ref>New Orleans Passenger Lists, 1813-1963</ref>

(I'm hoping I'm making myself clear enough)

Michel you will find that a missing </ref> will auto-generate the "code soup" that includes the <li> and suchlike. The editor did not, necessarily, add that as code.   (I sometimes catch these on preview, but not always. blush)

It then becomes a matter of tracking down just where that missing end ref tag is.

You are right Melanie. My bad. That explains the formatting.

Hope this is still clear enough for Susan.

Between us we may have explained it well enough. If not, hopefully Susan will let us know.  smiley

(It is easier to track on an open profile, but I have seen code soup too many times because I forgot the ever important </ref> (or I mistyped it without the /), that it jumps at me screaming "here I am!" (well, my mind sees it as screaming).)

And the enhanced editing does help when all of your biography is in grey, you know you have a missing ending 'ref' somewhere.

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