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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Until next weekend, flourish in all you do!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.8m points)
closed ago by Pip Sheppard

I have to admit, I listened to (and watched) it three times.  Some days ya just gotta laff!  cheeky

Janie-Come-Lately here! Pip, thanks so much for continuing to host this chat. Before the virus hit and everything shut down, I enjoyed sitting in the coffee shop reading everyone's comments on my laptop. I live in a ghost town in Michigan without reliable (or affordable) broadband, and some stuff is just too hard to do on a smartphone. Fortunately, a local foundation and phone company partnered up to install public WiFi hotspots around the county. Only 20 miles away, and can be accessed from one's vehicle!

Sorry to hear about the poison oak. We don't have any, but I have always managed to avoid it when camping down south.

Cold and rainy today, contrasted with yesterday, a muggy day spent cleaning the garage and preparing for delivery of new windows for the sun porch. Yay!

And in November I got to see a collection of family letters archived in the UGA Libraries! Mostly about doings on the farm, but some fascinating (and sad) Civil War letters as well. Filled in a lot of gaps in the tree.

Y'all stay safe and well, wherever you are...
That video is super hilarious
Never too late, D! Glad you made it.

I bet that you reveled among all those old letters. I would have, too, even if they weren't family members, even about the doings on the farm. It opens up a whole world to read letters from back then.

The poison oak is clearing up, but I still have to try NOT to scratch. I'm just gong to have to be more careful.
Oh, I did, Pip! Got copies, too. A sad business, though: my 3x great-aunt Eliza (recipient of the letters) lost her husband, 2 brothers, brother- in-law, 3 nephews and lord knows who else in the war. Her brother who survived, though, wrote a very nonchalant letter inviting her to his wedding and asking her to swing by town on her  way and buy him a hat! The wording is humorous.

Glad to find y'all again. I didn't know the chat had a tag, and wasn't sure where to look! Now I know!
Pip, thinking about how you got that poison oak, it reminds me of a day three of us (ewomen) were hiking and got several miles out on the trail.  We all had to use the great outdoors restroom so we did.  And wouldn't you know, mup the trail comes two men we had passed some time earlier!  In the rush to pull up our pants, one got a bee stuck in her pant leg.  Well that kinda hurt (not me, thankfully).
Now that’s a (kinda) funny story, but I feel sorry for your friend!
Now it's turned into one of our hiking adventure stories!
Lucky it was in her pants leg, not where Pip may have got his poison oak, like my brother working on the road, got his poison ivy.

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Do you folks know about the "20 July plot"? I just ended up creating (and thus connecting) one of the guys who took part in it and was executed at the beginning of September 1944 because of that. 

As I am useless considering the Holocaust project I will need to ask for help about Stickers and categories for that profile. 

ago by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (461k points)
Good historical connection, Jelena! Well done.
Congratulations, Jelena! Thank you so much.
+11 votes
Wow, I finally got through reading all the posts. It has sure been a busy week for a lot of our WikiTreers.  

I missed last weekend because of a complicated situation caused by that old game called Telephone.  Suffice it to say a phone call was made that got a lot of things wrong and it caused major upset to a number of people.  It took me days to untangle what actually happened and why.  The good news was that there was no cause for alarm.

One of my projects is creating a gift of photos for my grandchildren of their Dads growing up.   So plowed through several large moving size boxes of photos and had great time travelling down memory lane of vacations, family events, and just weekend outings.  Plus the boys' school photos and sitting on Santa's lap where the little one was trying to jump off with hands outstretched and screaming.   Poor Santa!   

On the genealogy front I just finished the stats for the July Sourcerers Challenge.  Our team of avid sourcerers made 10,000 sourced profiles in July.   I am so proud of this group that shows up every month and really works these unsourced profiles.  I long for the time to do some myself again!   But I make it a point to do the stats and the review every month.  That is tedious spreadsheet work and checking of profiles to make sure they match the challenge criteria.  I send cyber hugs to all of those folks.  I will be awarding the owls in just a few minutes.   We had 172 participants and 46 owl level sourcing in July.  

I also continue to work on my Suggestions list which exploded when I asked to have the profile completeness added.   I had one suggestions and then I had over 11K suggestions.  That was a shock but a lot of them are just clicking the status buttons which goes fast.   However I decided to review all of the sourcing and bios and have been updating them.   I started with 1400s, moved to 1500, and am now in 1600s with some overlap to 1700s.  The older ones are harder to source and I really wanted to update a lot of those anyway.  I have a spreadsheet where I am keeping track of them and what I have done.  Marcia Ruiz has graciously been helping me with this.  

When I looked today we have 8,923 left to go.  A lot of these were orphans I had recently adopted so they are taking some time too.  But all my 1400 and 1500 and 1600s have decent sources so I feel that is a real accomplishment.  

I hope to get more of these done this coming week.  Last week with the uproar caused in my opening paragraph I lost the week.  

My husband and oldest son are getting the last of the items out of my motherinlaw's house since she died.  My daughterinlaw was the real estate agent for us and she sold it in 12 hours at a price everyone was happy with.  Closing is this coming week.  My husband just gave me a lot of additional photos.  

Covid touched our extended family. We heard one of our cousins had covid and so did her husband.  She was pregnant at the time but the baby was born and doing fine despite having a mother with covid.   As I understand it, everyone is now over it.  Being young they fell into the milder version from what we heard.  

This week I had one cooking disaster.  Because the stores are now often out of an ingredient I normally use, I have had to resort to trying something similar but not exactly the same.   I made a cucumber salad that was actually horrible...   The dressing was just not the same and it was well, bland...  I normally use an Italian dressing that is very flavorful and instead I used a different brand.  Never again....   

Stay safe everyone!
ago by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (618k points)
reshown ago by Pip Sheppard
Covid can hit younger people hard too. The virus is just unpredictable in who and where in the body it hits. I'm glad that your cousin didn't infect her baby.

Salad dressings: I never do bought ones. I am the main responsible for salad dressings in the house and I actually never do twice the same. And if it's only because in version 1 there is more maple sirup than in version 2. My dressings are always hand made.
I do a number of handmade ones but I found this really yummy Italian one that makes a fantastic cucumber salad.  It is made locally and I like a lot of that company makes.   

I was out of apple cider vinegar and with covid so many of the normal supplies are hard to find.  So my normal stash of things like vinegar is gone.

I am going to order to order more....

Glad to read you and the family and new baby are well and safe. These are very challenging times. Must be so scary for those bring children into the world.sad

Opps! I hit "Hide" when I meant to hit "Comment!" Sorry about that, Laura.

I don't know how you do it all! What with family and WikiTree and cleaning out and special projects... I would not be able to keep up. You are so completely organized, while my brain would short-circuit. surprise

I'd be afraid to have profile completeness added. I think I have enough suggestions already! 

Like you, I know that only certain ingredients will work. I've taken too many shortcuts before that I won't make again. Especially when it comes to salad dressing. Some will just not do!

I don't think about it, I just sit down and start doing it....  

I also live on about 4 to 5 hours sleep a night.  Been like that since I was a kid...
Laura, with us the grocery stores were all empty. Now it is almost normal, almost everything is available again. And as Jelena said, we also do a lot ourselves. Baking bread too. It was a real challenge to be without flour and yeast.
I could not get yeast but could get almost any kind of bread.

Things like chocolate milk were hard to find but regular milk was in good supply.   Creamer seemed to vary by store.

Toilet paper,  disinfecting wipes and sprays are still hard to get sometimes.

Some meat was harder to find than others.   Did not have any problems buying fish or chicken.

I used to co-own a spice company and do a lot of cooking so I am comfortable substituting ingredients but a lot of the basics were hard to find.  

If you have a spice question feel free to ask me. I retired 2018 and  we sold the company which the new owner tells me is doing well.
Shops here were out of toilet paper too at the beginning of the pandemic. But fortunately not all shops at the same time... Now there are in our regular store huge packs of toilet paper, 16 rolls instead of 10. You bet I bought of them.
Jepp, me too! We now have a lot of toilet paper.
And yeast, and flour.
I was able to mix disinfectants myself. But there are still no disposable gloves. We like to use them for cooking.
Laura, I'm sure I'll get to you with the spices.
I had an open box of 500 disposable food service gloves from when I had the company.  I have been using those.  I still use them for meat handling.  I also had an open jug of disinfectant use in food service to sanitize cooking materials.  I use that on my counters and as the final soak for any dishes I hand-wash instead of putting them through the dishwasher.  

I know that there is an onion sensitivity for many from Germany.  One of my business partners had it.  She could not eat raw onions but she could tolerate dehydrated ones.  If memory serves it seemed to come from an area in Central Germany.   Ever heard anything about that?
In my neighboring town is one of the large onion growing areas. Every German eats about 7 KG of onions a year. We used to. My wife has problems with it. That's why I use ground onions on my food.
Mum also has problems with raw onions. We always stew them. But she doesn't have problems with raw spring onions.
+15 votes

Than you to the weekend chat host - it is such a pleasant online space to 'drop by' and read about everyone's exploits. Fast healing vibes going out to all those who are not feeling at their best - I hope that improves quickly.

I personally had a lovely day yesterday at Redcliffe (on the coast just north of Brisbane, Australia) with family. The weather was perfect for the visit and made the over 3 hour return car trip worth it and a pleasure. 

As I look out from my computer desk now 10 mins to 8 on Sunday morning) all I see is white. Mist or fog (never sure which is which) has rolled in across the paddocks in the last half hour and visibility at present would not be 20 metres. Looks a little eerie but nice to be snug inside (and not have to move for the whole day if I don't feel like it).

Woot!! I love weekends. I must admit I smiled at the earlier post about the weekend starting point. For me it is as soon as I can finish work on Friday afternoon. The start of the work week is often approached with much less enthusiasm. That goes a little more like "what? ... already Monday... surely not... " etc 

I hope everyone has/is having a great weekend. smiley

ago by Rosalie Neve G2G6 Mach 1 (13.7k points)
Rosalie one of my cousins lives in Brisbane!   We chat on skype from time to time.  She actually skypes with my husband most often.  They have the same birthday and are like two kids when you get them together.  I am so glad they like each other and keep in touch so often.  She is about 10 years older than we are.  When she came to the USA she stayed with us for a week and we had a great time.  I took her to a near by Native American Indian Heritage site and she loved it.  She bought a cookbook that included things like how to cook bear and possum and other animals of the area.  She has it hanging on her refrigerator and gets all kinds of comments about it.   Of course no one eats that way here and haven't for a long long time.  But it is a great conversation piece.  

She also bought chocolate candy filled "haggis eggs" at a local Scottish shop and laughed about that too!

Hello Laura nice to meet you (on chat) my face is still screwed up from the chocolate candy filled "haggis eggs" frown.I have never been outside of Australia so love to hear of others travels and lives in far off places. On a totally different topic - love your name, I called my first daughter Laura. Thank you for sharing about your cousin. 

One of my living offspring lives not far from Redcliffe.  My father and his wife lived at Sandgate (where Paul Street is named for my family).  My Grandma also lived in the Sandgate-Brighton-Shorncliffe area for decades.  My grandfather's half-brother and his wife are buried at Redcliffe.  Small world.  smiley 

It really is a very small world sometimes isn't it. Pretty nifty having a street named after your family too aye smiley

My father was very proud of the naming of the small road into the area of land at the back of our family home after him when they sold that part of their farm for development. 

Hi there, Rosalie! Yes, this is a great place to catch up and share our exploits. Our own little community in the larger community.

Know why I hated getting up on Sundays? Because I knew I had only one day before having to return to work. Now that I'm retired, everyday is a work day!
Hi Rosalie,  Laura means victory as it comes from the laurel wreath that was given to victors during the Roman times.  My mother named me after the movie about the dead woman a man fell in love with that was named Laura.  Kind of creepy really.....  I like the Roman version better!

Something for me to look forward to Pip smiley

I must admit the working from home makes my Sundays much more relaxing. In the pre-covid world I would be already on my 6 hour driving mission interstate to New South Wales for work tomorrow morning. *sigh* I miss seeing my family as much as I did back then - but I do not miss the hours in a car. 

Hehe - thanks for the giggles Laura - that was priceless. Just between us I MAY have been influenced by a character in a daily soapie that was airing in Australia during my months of required bed rest cheeky

My sons were named for no one except their middle names.   One is the King the other the Wizard from Arthurian Legend.

Jack Day, Ros Haywood and I collaborated on a study of the legend you can see it here on WT


Thank you for the link Laura. I look forward to sharing it with some of my children and grandchildren who are great fans particularly of Merlin
Emrys meaning shining light was his given name.  We gave that as a middle name to one of our son and Macsen for Macsen Wilding alias Aurelius Maximum of Rome to the other.
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I’ve been doing some family tree stuff while taking breaks from freezing and dehydrating carrots, mushrooms, getting stuff cut up for making salsa and French onion soup. It’s been so hot that some of the makings have been frozen in bags until it cools down.

I started out with 30 lbs of carrots and I have all but 8 processed. Once I get kids I will can those.
ago by Alice Glassen G2G6 Mach 2 (23.3k points)

Alice, my mom was a big canner as was my grandmother. Mom made sure we had food through the winter.

I will have lots if it lol. I’m waiting for my tattler lids to get here. They are the kind that you can reuse instead of tossing. They haven’t gotten here yet so I’m going to hit one of the stores here to see if they have some lids.

Between the canning, freezing and dehydrating I have my work cutout for me. Today is lazy day lol.
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Today it's gonna be a death date

On this day:

1921: The opera singer Enrico Caruso dies

1922: The inventor Alexander Graham Bell dies

1934: The German president Paul von Hindenburg dies 

ago by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (461k points)
The name Caruso reminded me of songs my father liked.....just did a little research and am more certain Mario Lanza was a favorite.
I need to find a good bio of Hindenburg.
you said that already a year ago. :)
Guess I’d better head over to amazon and see, huh?
Pip, you can find a lot on Wikipedia.


The German side is more detailed.
Alas, the is no general biography in English on Amazon. How sad.
+10 votes

Today is Sisters' Day

Sisters' Day takes place annually on the first Sunday in August. Sisters' Day celebrates having a sister or being one. If you have a sister, this is the day to call again or spend time with her. The origin of the day is unfortunately not known, possibly the holiday goes back to an Indian tradition.

ago by Lothar Wolf G2G6 Mach 3 (34.8k points)
Thanks for this, Lothar! I'm going to make a couple of calls.
+10 votes

Today, August 2, is the name day of

Adriana, Akesha, Eusebius, Julia, Julian, Julan, Kalida, Kostja

In their long history, the first Christians had given themselves names of martyrs and apostles to differentiate themselves. This tradition was cultivated even more intensely during the crusades between 1099 and the 13th century:

At that time not only the names of well-known saints were borne, but also names from both the old and the new testament. In addition, special liturgical events were honored, for example in France by calling the children "Pascal", derived from "Pâques" (Easter), "Toussaint" (All Saints' Day) or "Noël" (Christmas).

In the course of the 16th century, the church decreed that all newborn children should be baptized by saints.
“The pastor should make sure that the children are not given any offensive or ridiculous names, or even names that have been taken from the legends or those of idols or pagans. Instead, as far as possible, the names of saints are preferable.”

The named saints should on the one hand be the protector of the child and on the other hand advocate before God's Last Judgment. So the little ones were baptized in the names of the saints, who were specially commemorated on the day of their baptism.

Martin Luther, born on November 10, 1483, baptized on November 11, was therefore given the name of St. Martin of Tours.

The Reformation led to a general decline in the use of saints' names, and Old Testament names such as Benjamin, Jonas, Daniel, David, Rebekka or Martha were preferred until the 18th century.

ago by Lothar Wolf G2G6 Mach 3 (34.8k points)
I found this very interesting. Thank you for posting.
Fascinating history behind the giving of names. Thanks, Lothar!

Thank you Lothar, that is fascinating and does explain something I had vaguely wondered about ... 

I've not had any profiles in Europe, only in the USA, so I've dealt with children named Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson Davis, George Washington, Albert Gallitan, John Wesley, or named Charles, William, James, ... 

+5 votes

WEATHER -- we still have a lot of it -- get a hot breeze and along with it some pollens or dust or ... and THE SNEEZING STARTS ... at this rate I will never have to have my tonsils removed ... them's nasty sneezes .... 

HOMEY -- gt grandson, handsome brute of very soon to be 19, brought over some panera ... ooooo, it yummy stuff, nice selection, and I was watched very closely by Sig O as I divvied up the spoils even-steven  

G2G and dropped in to see what was happening and an intense disagreement and rejection and what all ..  sort of thing when you see it in a movies you get ready to cringe ... fortunately this is cyber space and the Monitor whomever dropped in on this and I GUESS made a miracle somehow since it didn't end up with the air filters having to deal with wads of hair ...  

AH, AND I discovered that I had a whole kaboodle of relatives up for adoption so I adopted them ... bumps me up to 2,387 profiles BUT happy daze are here, still less that 400 in 2019 to revise (last week I thought I would NEVER whittle it down below 400) ...  

One of these days I'm going to discover my index finger is muscle bound from clicking the mouse so much 

ago by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (296k points)

Susan, I worked a bit outside in the heat but then the rains came. That's not so bad in of itself, but I was spread a load of dirt and things just got too muddy.

Funny about you keeping an eye on Sig O and dividing up the food. laugh

 Well, Pip, I've been "knee high" in mud myself (ankle deep anyway) .... and soaked from pouring down rain ... twice at the same time ... I mean, come on, hey, these ARE avoidable situations ... except when you can't and that's why twice I was soaked and caked with mud 

devil Being watched closely is the norm.  There were a half-dozen kids in his family on a tight budget and if he didn't grab while he could what he could he'd go some hungry and some of the others would not ... very competitive environment ... clothing, bathroom, food, toys, you name it, very competitive 

crying Well, you are saved from All Shook Up profile creation since I now have ... mmm ... 9+11+8+6+9+2 and maybe another 2 ... that's 20+14+11 = 34+11=45 + maybe 2 more and that's just Valentine Cook's grand children counted out there from 8 kids  ... add in the grandkids' spouses, that's about another 30 to 40? and then profile any great grandchildren? 

Daunting is a good word to describe it 

+5 votes

GENEALOGICALLY .. I adopted all them relatives, eyes open, understanding adequate, but realization is going to be ... there's words for it, but arduous seems suitable. 

First two children of Valentine Cook (he had eight, count them) is eight more profiles plus any spouses; those two girls, just the first two of the eight children .... there's 20 kids between the two of them and that's 20 more profiles;  But only three spouses to profile. 

 If Valentine's other six kids are like that, ... surprise

laughHi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go, ... 

Do I regret adopting? No, I am after all bringing together those who are close kin to each other and kin to me .. ah, but someone come knock on my window Jan 1st and let me know it's 2021? laugh

ago by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (296k points)
I going to create a bunch of Shook profiles for you to adopt, just to make sure you have enough to do to keep you out of trouble!
+3 votes
Since we're expecting a full day of rain here in the mountains of North Carolina, this will be a WikiTree day in Puerto Rico and Indiana/Nebraska.

It's been a great Chat. I hope all of you have a fruitful week, whether at work or play or WikiTreeing (which is both work and play).

ago by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.8m points)

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