Duplicate Children after merge of mother.

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We have merged two profiles. This has resulted in duplicate children. How can this be fixed.
WikiTree profile: Kate Williams
in WikiTree Help by J. J. Shipley G2G5 (5.4k points)
You start by proposing a merge of the two husbands, then the duplicate children, then their children if there are duplicates.
Frequently when a merge is proposed, it will impact other relationships. When a merge is proposed, it is good practice to check the spouse profiles, as well as parents and children to see if there are other duplicates. If merges are all proposed at the same time, it will speed up the process of getting them all merged, especially if you have to wait the default 30 days for each merge. The parents profiles should always be merged first so they don't have to be chosen on the children profiles.

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I too am probably too new to Wikitree to be of much help here but it would appear that you may have to merge the duplicate children profiles and also the 2 husband profiles Kate currently has. There are a number of answers and comments about why some are preferred at the Related questions that occur below this thread
by Rosalie Neve G2G6 Pilot (177k points)
selected by Kathy Rabenstein
Please do NOT disconnect the duplicate husband/children as it may make it harder to find them.  As others have said, propose the merges for any duplicates beginning with the oldest set, i.e., parents, spouse, then children.
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I like to use them as an opportunity for profile bingo. Disconnect any links first.

Enter a random first name, the LNAB, and obituary in a search engine. The vast majority are not going to be in wikitree but double check, sort by death date for common names. Make sure the profile is open and then orphan if you don't want another part time job.

edit: left out a step. overwrite the old profile with the new person's info. Caveat, if there are children attached to the duplicate don't do this.

I find in many cases mergers are a waste of time if both profiles are open and create more problems but it is a case by case basis and you do need to do a bit of work with the refuse.
by Ron Moore G2G6 Mach 2 (22.9k points)
edited by Ron Moore
Just remember there is a whole history related to the profile. A history that will not be related to the new identity you will give it. And that history will be lost for the profile you usually will merge into.

So even though Bingo has a certain connotation, I would not do this with rich older profiles.

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