How do I find the one name studies?

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Starting at the WikiTree home page, how do I find the active one name studies?
in WikiTree Help by Tommy Buch G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
I'm sure there are "many roads to Rome". And some of them have been shown here. However, I need to respectfully add my voice. Twice, in the past week, I have wanted to get to the list of ONS. I have not memorized any of the correct ways. Instead, I begin thinking, surely, even though there may be a number of steps and because there are several ways, I should be able to find it intuitively... following the path that makes sense. Each time, it took a lot of poking around to get there. It's not like I wasted a day, but when I'm in the flow of doing things, this comes to be an unfortunate flow-stopper.

The thing is for new people (and old people like me, maybe?) navigating the website can be a challenge. There are LOTS of menus... a mind-boggling lot of menus. I have not explored each one to see where it goes, because I'd not remember.

Even the Google search function gets some getting used to. I use Google all the time. What blew me away at first was all the "Google selected" choices I need to bypass. Even then I usually don't directly find what I'm looking for.

I said in the beginning, "respectfully". And I mean that sincerely for all the people who work so hard making WikiTree the wonderful place it is. What I'm asking of those who just know how to get where they want, that navigation is a real issue.

At the risk of display ignorance, may I take a stab at what the problem might be? I think it is in the "category" system. I think the WikiTree Category system is made to link ideas more than to find stuff. It is neither a "table of contents" nor an "index". It is a "right-brain" bonanza. And yes, I'm a right-brained thinker most of the time, but that usually doesn't help mo organize and find stuff... anywhere. It seems like there are too many circular references. When I think I'm aiming at the right place and soon end where I started, it is something like the Red Queen's race in Alice in Wonderland. (I'm trying to cute, not sarcastic).

One thing that makes it difficult is that there is dated material that, while it might be unlinked from one place, an unexpected link remains somewhere else. Making changes, improvements can result in some hard to find unintended consequences.

I'm not suggesting it is easy or it is something about WikiTree to be pissy and demanding about. Even tackling the wish list must be a challenge for programmers.

On the whole, things ARE improving at WikiTree. Honest work is being done that is really going in the right direction. I'm only offering something for smarter people than me to keep in mind if someone says they are confused about finding stuff.

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There are almost 3000 name studies. :-)

Starting at the home page, though, Find>Categories>Projects>Topical Projects>One Name Studies>One Name Studies Project


Find>Projects>One Name Studies>One Name Studies Project>Index of Surnames (on the page)

by Natalie Trott G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
selected by Ros Haywood
No, I don’t want a link.

I want to know how to get/locate/find them from the menu tabs starting at the WikiTree home page.

How do I get to them using the menu tabs?
I added that's a long journey.

You can also Find>Surnames>type in the name>see if the result has XXXName Project in the upper right corner
You can also get to the One Name Studies Project page (which has the index link) that Natalie mentioned via the Help Index drop-down menu under One Name Studies.
How about Find>One Name Studies

Is this asking too much of WikiTree?
Tommy, when I find pages on WikiTree I want to be able to get back to without having to search, I add them to my browser's bookmarks. I agree with you, though, having a simpler route to get to the main page right here on WikiTree might be a good idea. For example, the page Natalie referenced could be added to the "Find" drop-down menu. I'm not sure who you'd contact to suggest that. Usually, around Christmas, we get to add things we'd like to see done to a "wish list" on G2G. Perhaps you could add that to this year's "wish list" post.
You can request that, Tommy, and the team can add it to the list of requested features. But how LONG does the drop-down list need to be?
The drop down list already needs to be divided in two.  I do, however, agree that I would like fewer items on the drop down lists, not more.
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Starting at the home page, though, Find>Categories>Projects>Topical Projects>One Name Studies>One Name Studies Project

I do not have/see the “One Name Studies” link.

by Tommy Buch G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

You're going the scenic route.  Find>Projects>One Name Studies.  Click on its name, and you get to the project page.

Or notice the URL:

Without the link, I am not able to find/access the list of one name studies.
I am trying to get to the list (the 3000 number mentioned above) of one name studies NOT to a page that discusses the One Name Study project.
It's linked as "index of surnames" on the project page
Natalie, are you referring to the “index of surnames” link in the first paragraph under the heading “Requirements” on the project page?
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This is how I get to them:

Using drop down tab, Find choose Categories

Then choose Family

Then choose One Name Studies

If study is on your trusted list then choose "Limit to Watchlist" located at the top.

Suggestion if this is something you do often then add it as a bookmark.
by Pat Credit G2G6 Pilot (163k points)

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