Theodore John Tourrier

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He was born with the name John Theodore Tourrier, by the census of 1851 he was just Theodore Tourrier, he was married in 1882 and died   in 1929 under the  name of Theodore John Tourrier. I have mentioned it under notes. Should i just leave it at that.

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Birth registration on GRO says name was Jean Theodore, mother's maiden surname: Vonholst.

GRO Reference: 1846  S Quarter in MARYLEBONE  Volume 01  Page 148


I would record his forenames as they were registered, then put the Theo/Theobald in preferred name field.  (As he wasn't English English, both forenames can go in the "first name" field, as he appears to have followed the continental habit of using whichever forename suited him at the time.)

EDIT -- your "notes" should be below the biography, under == Research Notes == header (above Sources header).

redone it hope it looks a little better
Being Germanic, I'd say the mother's last name is von Holst - but I would defer to our German Wikitreers on that.

It is, von Holst as far as i know and they were Baltic  Germans, although this branch obviously moved to England.  His mother was the sister of

or so I believe at the moment a bit more research needs to be done. 

and he kind of dropped the von by now

and he kind of dropped the von by now


I was wondering about that, once I saw the name was likely von Holst, not Vonholst (stupid GRO running things together). 

i see that Gustav  has a profile here,

now the fun part getting the connections right

Connections are fun.  One of these days I will finish the trail from my father's side (his father's half-sister's husband), to my mother's side, in one huge complete connected loop around.  (I take it through me, although it'd be one "step" less going directly from Mum to my father -- but she'd come back and haunt me if I did that.  cheeky)

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Biography should be the first section. Just make Notes or Research Notes the second section.

Where you use online links for references, it is a good idea to identify the primary source as well. Links break and disappear regularly.
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Thanks all to all those who helped, this family has greatly been expanded here, and a special thanks to Melanie Paul and Kelsey Jackson Williams.
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