52 Photos Week 32: Boys

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in The Tree House by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (2.0m points)

I have loved this pic of my uncle since I first saw it. The blonde boy is a cousin and the mischievous looking one (of course!) is my uncle Tommy. Photo was taken about 1957.

Missy smiley

Missy, I can't see your photo... I would like to.

oh bummer. sad  I can see it ok though.  Maybe if I change the size? I will try. 

I accidentally turned it into a comment and then I could not take it back, so then I had to repost! laugh I hope you can see it now.

See my comment on your repost.  I have had this problem more than once.  Scratching my head and wondering why I can see it, but no one else can...

Trying to post per instructions to copy from any place on the internet. Preview didn't work but instructions are not perfect either so posting to see if it will work.

cute little boys!
Great pic!

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The Oriental Men's Club was organized in 1898 in Delpho, Ohio for entertainment and instruction.  Lonnie, my great grand uncle was the secretary.  Here is the newspaper clipping that accompanies it.

by Jennifer Gonnuscio G2G6 Mach 3 (30.6k points)
selected by Phillip Black
What a find!  What a treasure that photo is!
+19 votes

This is a 1947 photo of my husband, Mike Nelson, and his buddies. He is second from the right, and his friend Bill Bettes is far right.

by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Pilot (632k points)
What a cute little pack of men!  Love it!
Thank you SJ for you nice comment.
Alexia they are so adorable, what a bunch thank You for sharing another treat
Thank you Susan for sweet comment.
+12 votes

Boys of Summer! 

When I was a young, we used spend summers with my grandparents at the cottage in Bayfield Ontario. My grandfather Joseph Clarence Geromette with my brothers and I in 1966. I am the strapping lad on the left. My mom had 3 boys and her sister had 3 girls. 

by Ron Raymer G2G6 Mach 4 (49.3k points)
Lovely photo!
+13 votes

My cousins Peter & Roger in Essex England, 1943.

by Christine Frost G2G6 Pilot (130k points)
+11 votes

The photo shows the maternal great-great grandfather of my wife Claus Heinrich Poggensee and his wife Anna Margaretha Therese Hamer with their "two boys", their son Adolf Gustav Poggensee and their grandson Hans Poggensee (my wifes grandfather) in 1905. Hans grew up by his grandparents.

by Dieter Lewerenz G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)
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I have loved this pic of my uncle since I first saw it. The blonde boy is a cousin and the mischievous looking one (of course!) is my uncle Tommy. Photo was taken about 1957.

by Missy Berryann G2G6 Pilot (177k points)

Still can't see it.  Did you add: Space:52_Photos_Week_32_Boys to "in this image" on the image page?  Perhaps the photo is privacy protected.  I'm not sure that's the answer -- maybe someone else can help.

Can't see your photo Missy sad

I forgot to add it to the free space page! I just did it. It probably is protected, because my uncle is still alive. Darn!
Great photo, Missy! Worth waiting for. They look like they're thrilled with that cannon.

Thank you, Robin! heart

I'm glad you took the trouble to make this picture visible. It's cute. Where did they get the cannon?
I see it now!  Great photo!
Thank you, Joyce and SJ! I don’t know where the cannon is located. I will ask my mom where this was taken. My uncle Tommy is one of her brothers.
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52 Photos Week 32: Boys

Last week I posted a picture of Mahlon Hess' daughters. I looked for a picture of just his sons, but couldn't find one, so this is all of his family. But you can see how many boys he had.


The Hess Family is known for their large families.  This was taken on his property in Momence, Illinois on January 1, 1912.

by Cheryl Hess G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
Cheryl, you are have the best family photos. I love that you know who everyone is.
Thank you, my dear friend. You are just so sweet.
Thank You Cheryl for sharing this wonderful photo
+12 votes

On my maternal line in the Ranck surname I find again and again all boys born to the Ranck men, no daughters.  My Ranck cousins each have 3 sons, no daughters.  My Grandfather Ranck is an only son, his father Elmer (pictured) was from a family of 6 boys, and many lines of Ranck men have mostly boys.  I suppose its in the genes.


by SJ Baty G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Thank you SJ for sharing your wonderful photo; they sure look like brothers!
+11 votes
by Living D G2G6 Mach 1 (19.0k points)
Hi Fred!  Great pic!
I love his expression. "How much longer do I have to stand here in this stupid outfit?"
Ha ha! :)
+10 votes

My mother's cousins, Frank and Tom Hunt. Stephentown, New York, about 1914.

by Joyce Vander Bogart G2G6 Pilot (182k points)
Such a darling photo Joyce!     Love seeing the toes!
I have a picture of their sister Ruth in her stocking feet. She hid her shoes in the barn.
They are so cute, and so solemn! I love their shaved heads and black, dirty little feet. I remember how the boys would get their heads shaved as soon as school was out. We'd run barefoot all summer, and our feet would look just like that. You never went to bed without washing your feet - and your neck. LOL
+8 votes

My lovely grandfather Eugene Zapp in the middle, with his brothers Robert and Jean in France, nearly 1950.

by Isabelle Huth G2G6 Mach 1 (12.7k points)
They're all in the snow, but no boots.
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My grandma, Oma M Allison-Rammel (1895-1995), always tended to referred to her two younger brothers as "The Boys" ... this included after they were all entering the elderly stage of life.

Below is a photo of her with "The Boys" ... Harley Francis Allison (1899-1977) & Dale Omelia Allison (1903-1978).

The photo was taken about 1970

by Bill Sims G2G6 Pilot (119k points)
+4 votes

The boys of summer...well, spring. Photo of the Framingham High School baseball team including my grandfather, Walter Carroll (Carroll-7950), circa 1919. He is second from the left in the back row.

Photo of Framingham High School (Massachusetts) baseball team, circa 1919

by Kathy Carroll G2G6 (9.5k points)
I can't see your picture.
Hi, Joyce. Hope you can see it now. I added the tag for the 52 Photos challenge to the image. I can see it with my response—if I am doing something wrong, I hope someone will jump in and let me know. It seemed to upload with no problem.
Yes, I can see them now.
+4 votes

My dad's paternal grandmother, Martha, with her second husband and two youngest boys, Victor (left) and Ray.

by K. Anonymous G2G6 Pilot (135k points)
+5 votes

Photo from around 1935 near Gloucester, New South Wales, Australia of my father Peter and his little brother Ron.

by Rosalie Neve G2G6 Pilot (132k points)
edited by Rosalie Neve
I can't see the picture.
Not sure what I have done wrong then sorry. It shows as there for me.
I have faced this same mystery more than once, and I do not have an answer for you. Take a look at the photo above, of the boys with the cannon, which caused her much trouble before anyone could see it.
I have added the 52 photos week 32 Boys text to the image details as Robin suggested above. Can it be seen by others now?
Now I see them! Thanks for persisting.;
+4 votes

This is my Uncle Derwood Bales and his sister my Aunt Naomi taken in Bell County, Texas about 1908.

by John Bales G2G2 (2.5k points)
Two beautiful children. And I love their outfits -- so elegant. Thank you for sharing this.
*Beautiful* children and wonderful outfits! I have Bell County Texas connections as well, so this one caught my eye. Thanks for sharing.
So precious. Wonderful photograph.
+6 votes

Love this photo of my paternal grandfather and his 2 younger brothers, probably taken around 1894 in front of the family store in Colchester, Illinois.


by Deborah Terrill G2G6 (8.3k points)
Wonderful! They look as if they're all dressed up for Sunday church. The donkey adds to it, as well as the onlookers in the background. Thank you for sharing this.
accidentally posted as a comment**
+5 votes

My grandfather Les Stilwell, and his twin brother Jess. He is the one smiling :) In all of his twin photos, he is the one who smiles :)

This is my first time posting in the G2G challenge, I hope I'm getting this right!



  ago by M Smock G2G Rookie (200 points)

by M Smock G2G Crew (630 points)
Beautiful boys.  Looks to me like you did it correctly.  Welcome to WikiTree and thanks for sharing this photo.
Oh, they are adorable! What a gorgeous picture! Thank you for posting it!
Excellent capture of a moment in time
+5 votes

This is my father, Ron Clawson. It's probably 1935-36 because he was born at the end of 1934.  He was Grandma's "Gerber Baby!"

by Terri Swift G2G6 Mach 2 (20.2k points)
edited by Terri Swift
Thank you Terri for sharing such a precious photo of your father. He is darling!
Wasn't he cute? :)
0 votes
I wanted to include a photo of my father and two brothers. I was disappointed that it didn't work. It's attached to their profiles and that's more important. I'll try another week.
by Gilberte Renaud G2G6 (8.8k points)

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