Southern Colonies boxes* on non protected profiles ? [closed]

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In my suggestions I'm finding a whole bunch of profiles that contain the Southern Colonies box without project management. My question is what to do with them? Notify the project? Delete the stickers?






Edited to clarify boxes not just stickers 

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Do you mean the project box or a sticker?  Stickers don't need project management.  If they don't need project managment a project box just be changed to a sticker.
The problem is that what is on those profiles is a Project Box, not the sticker.  They look the same in Edit Mode, but are treated differently and many Projects have 'Sticker' added to the wording to differentiate them.

The use of the project box was changed a while back so that it should only be on a profile that has the project as a PM. That generated a lot of Suggestions that are still being worked through by many projects. Southern Colonies Project has recently been re-organized so I am sure it is on their To Do list. It looks like there are over 3000 profiles that have the same Suggestion 931 - Project Box without the Project Account.  I am sure that Southern Colonies will give you guidance on these specific profiles when they see this post.

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Christina - if the profile does not need to be managed by the project, you can delete the project box or add the word "Sticker" to the template & move it to below the == Biography == heading... instead of

{{US Southern Colonist}} (which is the project box & goes above the Biography heading)


{{US Southern Colonist Sticker}} (which is the sticker; stickers go below the Biography heading)

See Help:Project-Managed Profiles for more information about when a profile needs to be managed by a project (even if not PPP).

When I've had profiles that I thought did need US Southern Colonies Project as a manager, I've filled out the project's [form suggesting project management] (it's a tab link from the project page).

For details abut the two templates (project box and sticker), see the template pages:

Cheers, Liz (project member)

by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (528k points)
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I've gone into the five linked profiles and changed the project box to a project sticker.
by Darlene Athey-Hill G2G6 Pilot (467k points)

I concur with these changes with the possible exception of which appears to be somewhat controversial.

Jillaine, feel free to remove any stickers.  I just switched the boxes to stickers -- didn't review the profiles.

I'm not going to worry about it right now. If he comes up later as needing protection, we can take another look. (We've got a long enough list to review as it is...)

I guess I'd just say that if there is a disputed origins section or anything like that, we should probably keep protection on. If in doubt, contact me, or fill in this form:

Thanks for bringing this up.  The SoCol project is aware of these and is working to correct these (project box without project management) as fast as possible.  Most of these profiles had project boxes added back in the day before suggestions and it was required to have the project as manager when adding the project template.  These errors appear on the surface easy to fix - just remove the template, or add the project as co-manager.  But a decision should be made as to which is the appropriate action to take. As I mentioned, the project is actively working on these.  We appreciate any help we can get but if there is a question as to whether the profile still needs project management or protection please feel free to contact me or Jillaine. post a comment on the profile or to G2G and we can prioritize a review of the profiles brought to our attention.

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