what happens if i choose 'non-biological' as a parent status?

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The option is there to choose 'non-biological' as the status of a parent.

Charles here was apparently adopted.  So i clicked the 'non-biological' option.

I see that the relationship finder links him in to the family, with the little 'non-biological' showing where the confidence level sits.

What will happen with the DNA tools?
WikiTree profile: Charles Steeves
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His DNA will relate to and refer to his biological parents, because they are the source of his own DNA.
Yes, of course that is biologically true.  

However, I am asking about a functionality of WikiTree.  I am hoping that choosing 'non-biological' interrupts the automatic roll-out of the DNA connections.  I am asking if that is so, or partially so, or what...

I believe it follows the paper trail of created profiles -- DNA test results follow the paper trail and if the person in question has a bio parent to whom they are connected then the DNA will creep over there 

The only thing the DNA would identify so to speak if the person in question has an NPE is that the one marked NPE is unlikely to be the parent based on the probabilities ... but I do not believe the DNA result will creep over into the NPE parent 

This is belief and is garnered from things said in the Forum. There's maybe nearly a dozen people that drop into G2G who could be classed as Experts with a working knowledge of DNA who could explain it more clearly.  

Meanwhile, there is a Help: page which is basically a FAQ and which is likely to contain a better answer than I have > Connecting DNA Test Results to WikiTree Profiles

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Since you can only attach one set of parents, the DNA paper trail will follow the attached parents whether biological or not. (edit: see Peter's answer)

The setting merely displays the indicator that they are not biological.

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Peter, your comment should be separate as an answer. Thank you for clarifying.
Peter, please convert your comment to an answer so i can choose it as Best Answer, for the sake of any members who are wondering the same thing in the future. Thanks so much!
Fully agree with Shirlea and I noticed that when I marked it as best answer that it's actually the best comment and might be misleading.

So Peter, if you convert it to an answer, Shirlea can correct my mistake and make it the best answer.
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Selecting non-biological interrupts the automatic roll-out of the DNA connections.  See https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Non-Biological

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Further to the original question, if I add the true biological parents to this person, what happens to the adopted relationships?  Not that I know his true parents so it's hypothetical..
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There is a template for this situation. I used it in the profile for a biological aunt who was adopted at a very early age.  See

Betty King

This follows the biological path but acknoledges the adoptive parents.

A profile can only be linked to a single set of parents through the database relationships. For open profiles such as this, the guidance is to link the parental relationships to the biological parents, if known. See the Adoptions and Multiple Parents Help Page for details.

You can also consider using the Adopted Child Template in the bio to show the multiple connections.

Thanks Art and Rick.  I've added a box just to try it out.  Now if someone ever figures out his biological parents, the connection isn't lost.

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