Would you like to be a part of helping us grow our WikiTree presence? Become an Ambassador! August 2020 [closed]

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Hi WikiTreers!

WikiTree_Images-11.pngWe're on a mission to increase WikiTree's presence on the internet and in person!  (See an explanation of why in Chris' post here.)

Ambassadors Project 

Check out the team descriptions and if being a part of any of them interests you please "Answer" below and we will get you added to the project!  Be sure to mention which team(s) you would like to join. 

Also, let us know if you would like to learn or to teach a skill, for instance:

  • Creative writing for Blogging and press releases to the Media
  • Social Media
  • Forums

Thank you, we're excited to have you join us!

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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Azure Robinson G2G6 Pilot (311k points)
closed by Azure Robinson
I participate in a number of Facebook genealogy groups and have been promoting WIKI tree there..
Hi Sue! That's great! I'm going to send you a pm with more details.
I would like to help, but am mainly self-taught and don't know the ins and outs of the system. I'm more of a data maintenance kind of person, and have been entertaining myself by helping with the merging of individuals (clean data tree!  Yoohoo!), so not sure how I could help.

Due to the pandemic, I have been mentioning Wikitree on my small social media footprint as a stuck-home-what-to-do hobby, as so much is available online to work up family histories. Stir-crazy is good energy for searching online.

I also think you should raise your/our visibility since Blackstone is taking over Ancestry.com soon, and many people would not like that entity to have access to their data; Wikitree offers an alternative home for their data.
Hi CJ, we'd love to have you! I'm sending you a pm with more details.
I tried adding Ambassador as the instructions said.  Tried twice and both times got an error saying to only add one tag at a time, but that is exactly what I did.  I have been making WT presentations for several years and would like to join.  Atkinson-5584
Hi Scott, we're happy to have you join the team! Look for a private message from me.

25 Answers

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I would be interested in joining the Social Media group.  I am not any good at writing stuff but I sure can share or retweet it.
by Paula Franklin G2G6 Mach 6 (65.5k points)
Hi, Paula! We're glad to have you join the Project! I'll be sending you a private message with more details!
+9 votes
Probably should be a member of this Project as I frequently share what we are doing on Mondays with Myrt.

I am also an admin member of Geneabloggers.
by Hilary Gadsby G2G6 Pilot (244k points)
Hi, Hilary! We're glad to have you join the Project! I'll be sending you a private message with more details!
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Hello. I would love to be part of the Ambassadors Team! I have been blogging since 2003 and active on Social Media since 2009. My favorite social network is Twiter and I would also love to be part of the Social Media Team.

I would be able to assist in teaching writing/blogging and social meida skills. I would like to learn more about forums.

Thank you!
by Phil Vélez G2G2 (2.0k points)
Hi Phil! So glad to have you join the Project! I've awarded your badge and will be sending you a private message with more details!
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I think this is a brilliant idea, I'm trying to get a local genealogical society to allow me to use the entrance and overview photos of a cemetery I'm working on and they didn't know much about wikitree. I've sent them the link to the wikitree free space page, so now I'm just waiting for their decision, and I'm the actual origional photographer -so I can say this isn't easy. It's a pity there isn't more collaboration between wikitree people and the genealogical society.
by Pam Cormac Smith G2G6 Mach 6 (60.1k points)
Hi Pam! That's wonderful! I'm going to send you a pm with more details.
Well, when you get permission to use the cemetery front photos you took  please let me know and I will give you my list.  I am a Volunteer photographer for f-a-g  and us... thank you
Sadly they declined permission, but said that I was welcome to put up new photo's on the WikiTree cemetery page and they would not be offended
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The Social Media team might want to look into Reddit as well; /r/genealogy has a fair bit of activity so there are genealogists there.
by Matthew Wilson G2G6 Mach 1 (13.8k points)
Hi Matthew! We'd love to have you! I'm sending you a pm with more details.
Thanks, Azure, but I am not comfortable joining an Ambassador team. It was just a suggestion!
No problem, Matthew! Thanks for making it!
+7 votes
I can do social media
by Janice Sutherland G2G6 Mach 5 (55.6k points)
Hi Janice! That's great! I'm going to send you a pm with more details.
+6 votes
I would love to spread the word about WikiTree and join the presenters team.  I have over 25 years experience presenting and teaching to groups of all sizes and ages as well as creating presentations.  I would enjoy traveling to genealogical societies in my state and neighboring states as a presenter.
by Angelina Pease G2G6 Mach 1 (14.7k points)
Hi Angelina! It's great to have you! I'm going to send you a pm with more details.
+6 votes
HI, I have been doing the Genealogy stuff for nearly over 20 years. Have done my share at this site recently past year.. I have commented about this site many times on Facebook to my friends and family, when I was going to do special help.. This is a great place.. Few friends are here at the site. Have helped some.. Pam from Maine

Thinking maybe the Social Media would be best, Thanks. Here in Maine, can link some obits from old newspapers.. Could do Link Building..  Thanks
by Pamjoy Major G2G6 (6.3k points)
Hi Pamjoy! Thanks for spreading the word! I'm going to send you a pm with more details.
+6 votes
I like to clean up data, but am not terribly familiar with the ins and outs of this system. I would be happy to help, if someone can give me guidance as to what to do.
by CJ Livingston G2G1 (1.8k points)
+6 votes

Hi, all - I blog at https://mightieracorns.blogspot.com/ and I have a Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Ko-fi.

I put the WikiTree widget on my blog when I joined, and once I get my enormous book edited for publication, I plan to do more actual contributing.

In the meantime, I'm happy to share/like/retweet/etc. I'm also on MeWe, though that is a small, quiet community at the moment.

by Tad Callin G2G Crew (660 points)
Hi Tad! That's great! You'll be getting a private message from me with more details.
+6 votes
I would love to help promoting nu Facebook groups
by Herman Overmars G2G6 Mach 4 (41.0k points)
Hi Herman! We'll be glad to have you! Look for a private message from me.
+4 votes

I am on several Facebook pages that promote genealogy and in a couple of Lineal Societies.  Would LOVE to join the Social Media group.  Just keep me updated on the who, what, where, when, and why's. smiley

by Tammie Cochran G2G6 Pilot (134k points)
And we'd love to have you, Tammie! Look for a private message from me.
+4 votes

I'd love to join the project! Xx
by Ciumara Valverde G2G Crew (320 points)
Hello Ciumara! Wonderful, thanks for joining us! Look for a private message from me.
+3 votes

I'd love to give a hand. I'd love to start a blog and talk about my ancestors and WikiTree (which is awesome, regardless what the haters will say) ..... 

BUT... I'd need some guidance and schooling in Creative writing for Blogging

by Andréa Boudreau G2G6 Mach 5 (57.2k points)
Great Andréa! We'll pair you with someone who has experience! Look for a private message from me.
+3 votes
Hi; thanks for the invitation. I would like to join the project. I think my forces are "On the ground" and as a presenter in Denmark. .
by Ole Selmer G2G6 Mach 3 (33.7k points)
Hi Ole! So glad to have you on the Presenters and "On the Ground" teams! Look for a private message from me.
+2 votes
I would like to join the ambassadors project

by L. Ray Sears G2G6 Mach 4 (45.4k points)
+2 votes
I would love to join the Ambassadors project in Link Building as I have been doing this forever since I have been on wikitree and I am a Society Member Historian in Summers County West Virginia.  I am on Facebook with several Genealogical sies in our Southern Part of the United States.

Thank you for  this spreading the word and or wikitree love honoring our families and ancestors.
by Andrea Pack G2G6 Mach 5 (52.7k points)
Hi Andrea! Look for an email from me!
+2 votes
yes,  would love to help.  I already talk up wikitree. with my Sisters in DAR, DUV and LGAR... and facebook.  I sent a suggestion to Azure just a few minutes ago regarding the FREE SPACE  she mentioned, I asked months ago if WE could add a FREE SPACE to the Category: D--- A-- R--  and break it down to Chapters... right now I can not tell you how many DAR members I have met.  Thank you for the chance to  make it better.
by Carole Taylor G2G6 Mach 6 (64.5k points)
Hi Carole! Sending you a private message!
+2 votes

I want to be an Ambassador. Link Building with FindAGrave would be a perfect fit for my interests and time constraints. I'm so excited about this new project that I started on my first one, my grandfather, Clyde Thomas Fuller:

WIkiTree profile

FindAGrave memorial

by Pat Credit G2G6 Pilot (147k points)
+2 votes
I've been talking up WikiTree every chance I get and I'm an experienced presenter, happy to be added to the group.
by Connie Davis G2G5 (5.7k points)
Hi Connie! Sending you an email!

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