Pre 1500 required to add Anne Ludlow-698 as spouse of Thomas Vernon-2506

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With the statement on the profile, Vernon-12 is his father who has a wife that matches that statement also. I don't know if that is a reliable source for Pre-1500. It isn't listed on the Reliable Pre-1500 Sources list.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (642k points)
edited by Linda Peterson
Thanks for responding Linda, Sir Henry Vernon-12 and Lady Anne Talbot-3 are the parents of Thomas Vernon-2506, whose brother, Humphrey Vernon-1185 married Alice Ludlow-523, Anne's sister, and both, then, had sons named Thomas.
Your question asked for Spouse to be linked, but you want him also added as a child of his parents, don't you?  The biography in the fathers profile states the information about Thomas and his wife, but it is not clear where that information came from.  

You should look at the sources stated on the other related profiles to see if those same sources could be added to the profile that you created.  It would also seem that you are trying to create pre-1500 profiles without being certified as pre-1500.
Linda,  That is the plan, to connect Thomas to his correct parents....... I put "work in progress" on it before I went to bed. I can't create pre1500 profiles as I haven't been here the required 3  months, but in the meantime I can certainly do my lessons and, also, learn to type.   PS   Some of those pre1500 profiles sure leave something to be desired, don't you think?              

John, there are very few people on wikitree that have the Pre-1500 badge for many reasons.  It looks like you have created many profiles that do not have good sources on them, so I don't think you will get a badge until sourcing is added to the profiles that you already created in the Pre-1700 area, as well as current profiles.  That is a very large part of the criteria, I think.  The Pre-1500 are harder to source properly, so you need to prove that you can do the later profiles, also.
Thankyou Linda..... for taking the time to help me along.......for, as you can see, I've put myself forth as a "guinea pig", in case it helps anyone else ......and, yes I've got a lot to do on profiles I've created and adopted.......may I announce it here "work in progress, also" ....... as for pre1500 certification I don't plan on holding my WikiTree says, be BOLD, there's help available.......we'll get 'er done.
John, the fact that so many of those early profiles are in such bad shape is the exact reason for the pre-1500 restriction.

You can, actually, create the profiles, you just can't post them here. That's how you could use a Free Space page, as a sandbox, or a place to hold sources to see where they fit.

But I agree that starting with later profiles without great controversy attached to them would help you learn to navigate WikiTree and create the sort of profiles that belong here. Work up slowly to the Big Question.

And when you get your own certification, then if you discover a mistake, you can always go back and correct it yourself.
Lois.  We have, here, what you would call a mutual the best interest of WikiTree......time to learn how to use Free Space pages.......managed to create one a long time ago.....err, a few weeks if i could only find out where I left it......then how to link it.....just mumbling to myself.......
To find the Free Space page, select the Watchlist from the drop down under My Wikitree.  When the profile list is shown, select the Free Space Profiles 'green' tab.
to link to it, put the following

[[space: < name of space page > | name you want it to be shown as ]]

subsituting your space page above, without using the < and >.  The 2nd part can be entered with or without the 'bar' since you just need to leave a couple of spaces.

Remember to use the Preview below the biography, so you can see what it looks like before saving it.
Thanks Linda,  Off to find my sand box....will report coming up next.
I'm back.......alright just like you said it can kickstart me again, anytime......what's next?.....Oh ya, off to find some trouble to link to.......
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John, it would be helpful if you would add the Wiki ID of the parties involved to your questions. You should also discuss the changes you want to make and the sources that support them.

When asking the question, there's a place to put a Wiki ID below it, above the tags, but only one.  You can add any others in the body of the question.

As for the tags, adding England would get the attention of the relevant project.

If indeed you want to create pre-1500 profiles w/o certification, posting here is the way to do this, but you should make it as easy as possible for people to assist instead of requiring them to do the research to confirm that your request is valid. Pre-1500 people just don't make such changes to profiles without this confirmation. Help us help you.

If you really intend a large project of documenting the Ludlow ancestry, perhaps you might create a Free Space page with the profiles as you would create them, complete with links and sourcing.  And then of course link to that page from G2G.
by Lois Tilton G2G6 Pilot (152k points)
Thank you Lois......You have put my thoughts on the subject, precisely, into words. I am learning about tags and Free Space pages, and, as you mentioned, will add links to my list of lessons. As for really big project that will be WikiTree......just working on various branches for now......but don't tell anyone yet.

If indeed you want to create pre-1500 profiles w/o certification, posting here is the way to do this...

and also this:

Pre-1500 Work without a Badge

Consider working with a pre-1500 coach and starting a "sandbox" space page where you can write sourced bios and offer then to be put into the pre-1500 profiles as change updates.  Working with a coach is a great way to build references when you apply for your badge.

Great to hear from you again, SJ. I have indeed been assigned a mentor and, as well, will be receiving an assignment from the Scotland Project ....I'm on the Tartan teamyes......great!!..... I was off to learn all I could about tartans when I got this sneaking suspicion it was just the name of the my team......maybe, instead. I could learn about the proper use of the term " Clan" from Gregory.......


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I've  linked the couple and expanded and added a little to the sources, it really helps if the source is complete rather than an a vague History of Parliament link. It's also better to try to chase up the sources used by HOP. I've added citation needed where I don't see anything to support the fact. (parentage of Thomas and his death date) 

There is a fair amount about this line available because of the disputed barony. The big question mark is whether Anne's mother  ( ) was the daughter or step daughter of Richard Grey. The complete peerage has an appendix about it which I've added as a source. There is supposed to be a  thread about this on!forum/soc.genealogy.medieval I'll leave that for you to pursue!

I agree with Lois about making a free space page, it really does help.

edit, found him in the 2nd vol of the visitation so added that as source for parentage.

by Helen Ford G2G6 Pilot (397k points)
edited by Helen Ford
Helen!.......You've found me out..... I'm really interested in clearing up the controversy about Elizabeth Grey-1673 using WikiTree as a platform for've been most helpful.

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