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I am looking for the mother of Marie Schmid (Schmidová-2) and more accurate birth information for Marie.  Unfortunately, the records seem to be contradicting to one another.    

Marie married Joseph Davidek in 1805 where she is listed as 19 yrs old (born 1786) and the daughter of Frantisek Schmid and Veronika Prokciznka.  She died in 1836 -listed as 60 yrs old (b.1776).  The only birth record I can find in the various towns she lived in is in 1779, but her mother is listed as Rosina Kachlicek.   Three of her first four children's baptismal records list her mother as Appolonia.  The last three list her mother as Veronika.  I have found a marriage record for Frantisek Schmid & Rosina Kachlicek, but I have not located one for Frantisek & Veronika Prokciznka (or any other records for Veronika).   The one consistency is that all of her listed mother's appear to be from Zaluzi.  I have links for all the records mentioned under the sources for the individuals.  If there is someone that can read Czech and wouldn't mind taking a look at the records to see if there is something I am missing, I would appreciate the help.
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in Genealogy Help by Steven Beckler G2G6 Mach 1 (10.3k points)

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Hi Steven,

I would be happy to help you. If you can share the links, I will take a look at the issue.

by Barbora Lavičková G2G3 (3.2k points)

Thank you !

Here is the information for Maria:

MARIA  b.06Jul1779 Lipnice 37,Pisek,Bohemia   [note: mother's name indicates this may be wrong person)    (right side top record)

m.12May1805 Josef Davidek at Lučište 8,Pisek,Bohemia    (third record)

d.02May1836 Luciste 39,Pisek, Bohemia   bur.04May1836   (left side second record)

Here are the links for her children:

A.  JAN  bp.17Apr1807 Lučište 8,Teñovice,Pilsen,Bohemia   (left side first record)

B.  JOSEF  bp.04Jan1809 Lučište 8,Teñovice,Pilsen,Bohemia  (Birth)   (right side first record)

  d.05Mar1809 Lučište 8,Teñovice,Pilsen,Bohemia  (Death)

C.  VACLAV  b.05Feb1810  bp.06Feb1810 Lučište 8,Teñovice,Pilsen,Bohemia   (left side second record)

D.  FLORIAN  b.04May1811  bp.05May1811 Lučište 8,Teñovice,Pilsen,Bohemia   (right side last record)

E.  JOSEF  b.09Jan1814  bp.10Jan1814 Lučište 8,Teñovice,Pilsen,Bohemia  (Birth)   (top record)        

  d.11Jan1814 Lučište 8,Teñovice,Pilsen,Bohemia  (Death)

F.  FRANTISEK  b.18Jan1816  bp.20Jan1816 Lučište 39,Teñovice,Pilsen,Bohemia   (bottom record)

 m.06Feb1834 Barbara Sroubka at Lučište,Teñovice,Pilsen,Bohemia

 d.09Nov1890 Lučište,Teñovice,Pilsen,Bohemia  bur.11Nov1890

G.  VACLAV  bp.26Aug1818 Lučište 8,Teñovice,Pilsen,Bohemia   (second record)


I see three names in birth records for Marie's mother: Polexina Kachliczek, Apolena Prokupek, Veronika Prokupek.

In marriage record or Josef Davidek and Marie Schmid there is no mother mentioned.

You provided a link to birth record of Marie where mother is stated as Rosina Kachliczek.

You also state that you found a marriage record of Frantisek Schmid and Rosina Kachliczek, but I don't see it among the links. Could you please provide it as well?

I suggest you find all children of Frantisek Schmid and check if all of them state the mother to be Rosina Kachliczek or not.

I wouldn't be bothered by the age inconsistence, especially at time of death the difference of stated age from real age could be 10 years or more. They simply did not know. The age of Marie at the time of her marriage is more questionable (7y diff.), but I've seen similar inconsistencies before.

I also found a user family tree on MyHeritage that states that Frantisek (1748-1805) Schmid's wife was Rosalie Prokupek (1742-1817). But there is no reference to real records.
I see the marriage record of Frantisek Schmid and Rosina Kachliczek now. No need to share anymore.
I have only found 4 children for Frantisek, each very clearly list Rosina Kachliczel (daughter of Mathias Kachliczek) as their mother.

Maria  b.1779   (right side top record)

Joannes  b.1782   (left side -second from bottom)

Joannes  b.1785  (left side -second from bottom)

Frantisek  b.1787  (left side -4th down from top)

I have not been able to find a birth record for Rosina/Veronika/Appolonia under Kachliczek although I did fins her father's death record. (Her father was calculated as born in 1715 but the records from 1708-1725 are missing).  I will see if I can find her or any siblings under Prokupek.  

Do you know of any reason why the mother would have so many different names ?

Here is the death record for Rosina Schmidova:

She died in the same house as Frantisek Schmid (nr. 29).

Thank you.  I did find that record and it is what I had used to estimate her birth year.  I just looked at the index for Prokupek and there is nothing that helps.  The closest record is for a Varsila (b.1737) the daughter of Vaclav & Marianne.

Here are the marriage records for Frantisek Schmid's father and grandfather.  I am unable to make out the family names for the wives.  The given names for the men look like Adam, Girika and Mikulas.  Does that look right to you ?

Adam Schmid & Anny (-)

Girika Schmid & Veronika (-)

It looks like Girika's father is Mikolaus ?

Thank you so much for your help !!!

And here is a marriage recored of Jan Prokupek (son of late Mikulas Prokupek) with Katerina Kachliszek, daugther of Matej Kachliszek:

Could be a sister of Marie.

Also from a MyHeritage user family tree but this time with dates, so the record was easy to find.

Adam Schmid, son of Jirzik (= Jiří = Eng. George) Schmid from Lipnice, and Anna, daugther of Martin Jarolim from Mítov

Jirzyk (= Jiří) Schmidt, son of Mykulass (= Mikuláš = Eng. Nicolas) Schmidt from Lipnice, and Weruna (= Veronika), daughter of late Martyn (= Martin) Davydek (= Davidek) from Lipnice
THANK YOU !!    That helps me sooooo much  !

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