If serious mistakes were made, you can restore data

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No Question, just a big thank you for this great (new?) feature - it will really help save a tremendous amount of time and work repairing mutilated biographies ... I appreciate the work the tech staff (whoever that is) is doing ... Just saw the graveyard tables (made from Excel) too - wonderful ... so much to learn and enjoy still ... you guys rock!
in WikiTree Tech by Philip van der Walt G2G6 Pilot (153k points)
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Philip, no answer either, but can I ask what feature you're talking about and where you found it?  Some of us are a little slow on the uptake!
just know that you cannot use this feature to "roll back" bad merges.
Yes, unfortunately this feature can't roll back bad mergers. But it can help hugely by turning back the clock on badly edited bio's (in my case there was a period when arborists rampaged through the biographies destroying 'evidence' - valid sources that they did not recognize on face value because they come from a different culture) and it takes me about an hour per biography just to piece it together again so that I can see who did what when and where. If one does not methodically approach the validation of profiles (in an academic sense), it just becomes an unvalidated anarchic mess. The project I'm part of will take a few years just to get the LN'sAB validated with uploaded and properly sourced documents, until that time messing about in the bio's is the last thing needed; it does'nt add, it diminishes. Luckily this stopped largely around end of May beginning of June I believe. But I stilll come across badly mutilated bio's, and this feature helps (on the changes tab - just click on any change and a text pops up) ...

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Thanks, Philip.

We're going to be building on this tool to add a way to more easily recreate profiles that were merged away.
by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
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I have an example or two for you to practice on: 

  1. Privacy Level 60 Heinrich Von Lowzow (Von Lowzow-12) and Privacy Level 60 Heinrich von Lowzow (Von Lowzow-7)   Compare compare
    Proposed by MatchBot WikiTree.
    No response for Von Lowzow-12. Default approval. 
    No response for Von Lowzow-7. Default approval. 
    You can complete this merge after a final comparison
          If Von Lowzow-12 and Von Lowzow-7 are different people, reject the merge.
          If there's been an error, remove the pending merge. Help 
    Last updated 2014-10-06 07:02:13

I tried the merge but quickly saw conflcts all over the place ('Living unknowns' in the 15th century etc.) Against better judgement I completed the merge and now see a generational mixup (probable - ''patronymics'' seems to not apply here).

Though it would be handy to turn back bad merges like the one I just did, my reservation is that it should not always be possible (.i.e. allowed) because of the effect of 'changing the future by changing the past' .... (don't want to get too ''physics-sy'' about it because I'm on unfamiliar territory here) the principle of causality will result in "backward causation" and that might have undesired effects ... 

(I ran out of space) - Bottom line - some bad merges have to be undone; others need to stay as they are because a lot of effort has gone into manually correcting them by simple deduction to make them ''less bad'' in order to render them ''harmless'' in the greater picture of things and events ... Anyhow, apologies for the above merge; all I can say is that even MatchBot can be wrong ...

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