Origins of John Bailey (c 1618-1696) of Haddam, Connecticut?

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It may be read many places that John Bailey who died Haddam, Connecticut 1696 was of Sheffield, Yorkshire. However, this appears to be without documentation. He does not appear in Anderson's work (along with many other Connecticut residents). Bailey is very well documented in Connecticut records but none of these yet appear on his WT profile.  He first appears in Hartford records circa 1642 and was a founder of what became Haddam.

Old rootsweb notes by a Hiram Adolphus Sage speculate: In May, 1638 a vessel "The Bevis" from Southhampton, England arrived in New England with four passengers named Bailey: these were John aged 20, Servant, Mary aged 22, Richard aged 15, and Henry from Saco(Sarum?) aged 26 a Tanner. (Source-Compete Book of Emigrants: 1607-1660 by P.W. Coldham) Whether these four were in any way related is not known. If this was our John Bailey, he would have been 24 years of age when he arrived in Hartford in 1642 and these figures compare well with the known data of his subsequent life. This John Bailey was evidently born about 1618 and if he was the John Bailey of Hartford and Haddam, he must have been about 78 years of age when he died at Haddam in 1696.

Is it possible to connect the dots between the man on the Bevis and the man in Hartford in 1642? I don't find anyone in Anderson's research that matches the man on the Bevis.

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Just found a related question here: which has a link to    The profile linked from this question appears to be unrelated to the John Bailey being discussed in the 2017 G2G.

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I searched Robert Anderson's "The Great Migration Newsletter," Volumes 1-25 for John Bailey. In the 2009 "Focus on Rowley and Ezekiel Rogers' Company," by Patricia Law Hatcher, there is a section "Early Settlers of Rowley," From Elsewhere in New England." "James Bailey was born about 1612 or 1615 [EQC 3:30, 6:15, 275], the brother of Richard Bailey [EPR 1:92] who had immigrated in 1638 on the Bevis out of Southampton as a servant of Richard Dummer, who was returning to New England [GMB 1:588]; James may have come at the same time. The 1677 will of James Bayley names children Lidia, Damaris, John, and James [EPR 3:162-64], all born in Rowley from 1642 to 1650, children of James and Lydiah [RowVR 1:15-17]." (p. 570).

Don't know if it helps.

On, there are quite a few hits on John Bailey of a variety of spellings. It will take a little time to sift through them.

Let you know what I find.

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Thanks, Victoria. Looking forward to the sifting results.

So far, I would describe the sifting as "hmmm." I'm casting a wider net to include Richard Dummer who arrived in 1632 and made at least three trips, one on the Bevis in 1638. Question 1: Same name, same person? (Anderson).

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Here is the passenger list of the Bevis:

The Bevis, 1638

The following Lists of New England Emigrants are from Her Majesty's State Paper Office.
Lorine's Note: This set of records consists of various passenger lists, names of individuals ready to sail to New England, and names of those taking the Oath of Allegiance (in preparation for sailing). It is not always obvious when each ship left. Researchers will have to determine whether or not a ship made more than one sailing each year it is mentioned. The original spelling has been maintained, so you will see "Landen" for "London", etc. Note that common words found are "uxor" meaning "wife", "mr" for "Master" (of the ship)
Finding the names: You can browse each list, starting with the one below (scroll down). To browse the passenger lists of all ships I have online for this 20 year period to New England see the list of all known ships that made the voyage. I hope to find passenger lists for every ship on the list, so if you have a ship list, please consider donating it to Olive Tree.
Transciber: Laura Freeman

The Bevis, May 1638, Southhampton to New England

SOUTHAMPTON.--- The list of the names of Passeng. Intended to shipe thmesleues, In the Beuist of Hampton of CL. Tonnes, Robert Batten Mr for Newengland, And thsu by vertue of the Lord Treasurers warrant of the second of May w'th was after the restrayat and they some Dayes gone to sea Before the Kinges Mat'es Proelamacon Came boto South'uon. No. of Persons.

  • John ffrey Whelwrite of Basing, wife and 3 children
  • Richard Austin 40 Taylor of Bishopstocke, his wife and 2 children
  • Robert Knight 37 Carpenter Servant to R. Austin
  • Christopher Batt 37 Tanner of Sarcum, Anna Batt 32 his Wife, Dorothis Batt 20 his Sister amd 5 children under 10 years
  • Thomas Good 24 Servant, Eliza: Blackston 22 Servant, Rebecca Pond 18 Servant
  • William Carpenter 62 Carpenter of Horwell, William Carpenter Jr. 33 Carpenter of Horwell, Abigael Carpenter 32 and 4 children 10 and under, Tho: Banshott 14 Servant
  • Annis Littlefield 38 and 6 children, John Knight Carpenter, Hough Durdal
  • Henery Byley 26 Tanner of Saru, Mary BYley 22, Tho: Reemes Servant, John Byley 20
  • Richard Dum 40 of New england, Alce Dum 35, Tho: Dum 19, Joane Dum 19, Jane Dum 10 , Steephen Dum Husbandman, Dorothie Dum 6, Richard Dum 4, Tho: dum 2
  • John Huthcinson 30 Carpenter, servant , ffrancis Alcocke 26 vizg, servant, Adam Moll 19 Taylor, servant , Will. Wackefeild 22 Servant , Nathaunel Parker 2- Servant of London Backer, Samuel Poore 18 Servant , Da'yell Poore 14 Servant, Alce Poore 20 Servant , Richard Bayley 15 Servant, Anna Wackefeild 20 Servant

The nomb'r of passeng'rs aboue mentioned are Sixtie and one Soules.

Tho: Wurfres Coll. And Sear' Hen: Champante Cust's. D. Dingley Compt'r

[Endorsement.]----Southotn, 1628. The sert. And list of the Passeng'rs names gone for New England in the Bevis of Hampton, in May 1638.

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Henry, Mary and John "Byley" are all accounted for in GMD (p 54). John died soon after arrival.
Okay. I won't pursue that line. Backtracking, I have the NEHGS Jan. 1907. Vol 61, cited in the biography. Reading for clues.

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