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Could someone please help me with the profile for Israel Whitney (1751-1826)? Here is the link: https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Whitney-4650&action=edit 

My suggestions feed says that there is a an error called "894 Missing Required parameter in template". I adopted the profile but I was not the person that added the "NSSAR Patriot Ancestor" sticker. When I go to the link, I find out that "the NSSAR has no applications for this Patriot on file". Should I remove the sticker? I would appreciate some advice.

in The Tree House by A. Creighton G2G6 Pilot (769k points)
ANYWAY, Anne, it is the sort of situation that will cause a headache ... so yes, Linda is right, check the D.A.R. and yes, as she says it COULD be S.A.R. is lagging in record keeping ... and if S.A.R. is laggard then what?  Seems to me you might do well to just step away and leave the profile alone including the sticker.  Or substitute a D.A.R. sticker if there is one

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Help: page that might have some guidance Category: NSSAR Patriot Ancestors  

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (589k points)
He is in the WikiTree listing, but the NSSAR says that his application with them has not been approved. Should I remove the sticker?
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Could it be that the Rank isn't filled in?
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
I think that it has nothing to do with his rank. The NSSAR says that his application with them has not been approved. Should I remove the sticker?
1.  Well, if you leave it intact, it will continue to generate an error.

2.  If you go-to and find out the correct format for the template and use it, there will be no error message.

3.  If you remove it entirely it is possible this an action that will not disturb anyone.

4.  On the other hand someone may at some future time dispute its removal

As to his bona fides if the wording is as you say, he has not (YET) been approved, he does not merit the sticker (as YET)
Susan: Thank you. You have answered my question very thoroughly. Since he has not been approved, I cannot find a correct template to change it to. I was thinking of removing the template, but as you stated that may lead to a dispute later. Perhaps, I should contact anyone who worked on the profile and let them know that I am thinking of removing the template altogether.

enlightenedAnne, tend to think for my part that if he is not YET approved then he cannot have that sticker, that sticker is for those who have merit 

But it will not hurt to announce "(xyz) has not yet been approved for N.S.S.A.R., so the sticker indicating he is qualified has been removed." 

Odds are that very few have ever noticed he had the sticker. 

Oh, dear.  I can see from his profile, however, that his biog indicates he IS a member and therefore he merits the sticker and by what reasons this is so.  

How so very interesting.  

In view of the Biography contents,  I think your difficulty is much larger so to speak than a flubbed sticker.  What do you plan to do to bring the Biography into accord with the removal of the sticker?  You are the one who will have to decide how to reconcile loss of the sticker with the content of the Biography.   

Check to see if he is on the DAR site.  I have much better luck on that site than the SAR site.  I don't think the SAR site is up to date.  I have messaged with people and I have seen Patriot IDs that are not online but they have used them in recent submissions to SAR. If they are on DAR, they have a template that is used as a source / reference.

I found him on DAR with A125097. 


He is on the SAR site as P-319091 with limited information. 

Wonderful, Linda.  So he's qualified for both stickers, if D.A.R. has a sticker or whatever
Thank you so much for all of the help. I will try to make all of the necessary corrections by editing the sticker and adding the information everyone has provided.

laughGreat, Anne. Although I myself went in circles -- because I shoulda looked at and studied his profile in and out of Edit AND did not do so until "later" -- you and I can certainly Appreciate Linda kiss for unearthing the answers ... never ceases to amaze me how some of the PM can locate JUST the right info needed ... 

I have been working on the 894 Suggestion for the last couple of weeks that involve a missing parameter on the NSSAR template.  If you don't have the ID for that template, check the SAR site and the DAR siteDAR's template is used as a Reference, not a template like the 1776 template is used or the NSSAR template 

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