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Henry Teller (Teller-209) was a U.S. Senator from Colorado.  Teller County, Colorado, where Cripple Creek is located, was named after him.  A couple of months ago, I adopted his profile and attempted to connect him to the main tree, using sourced Family Search profiles and adding profiles as needed.  I can generally find his ancestors in the tree, but when I attempted to track back the Teller side, it led me directly into a conflicting mess of New Netherlands profiles.  Since this is not my area of expertise, I wondered if someone involved with the project could sort out the correct ancestors for Henry.  

Family Search trees show the following ancestry for Henry:  Remson Teller (Teller-303) whose father was Isaac Teller, born 1730.  Isaac's father was William/Willem Teller born 1689, married Mary Cannif.  William/Willem Teller is the son of Willem Teller and Rachel Kierstade.  Rachel is in our tree, but none of the information lines up with the family search information.  Here is a link to her Family Search profile: https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/LHQX-6MK  I know that people involved with the project have a lot of expertise, so I'm hoping that someone will take this on. Meanwhile, I leave you, Henry Teller, unconnected on this one line. 

WikiTree profile: Rachel Kierstede
closed with the note: Passing this along to connectors or New Netherland experts to work on.
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I gather (based on the private message to the New Netherland Project asking for attention to this post) that you were hoping that the project will research these folks for you. Henry Moore Teller and his father Henry Moore Teller and his father both were born outside the time frame of the New Netherland project.. The man you identify in your question, Henry Moore Teller Teller-209, born 1830, and his father both were born outside the time frame of the New Netherland project, and they are several generations removed from New Netherland itself. Significant research effort is needed to sort out the ancestral connection to New Netherland. We try to help each other out, but the project is not in a position to provide free genealogical research services on this scale. Maybe someone else will pick up on this, but it will not be me.

I did do a little poking. I find that there may be two profiles in WikiTree for the man you identify as Remson Teller (grandfather of Henry Moore Teller). The other profile is Teller-230 and I see there are a lot of problems with the data and sourcing on that profile. Unfortunately, if it is confirmed that the father of Remson Teller (or Henry Remsen Teller) was named Isaac, that does not tell us who the parents of Isaac were. WikiTree has profiles for Isaac Teller baptized in 1730 and Isaak Teller baptized in 1732, but neither of those men (who had different parents) has the same parents that the FamilySearch online tree identifies for the Isaac that you say is connected to Senator Henry Teller.

The online tree at FamilySearch that you referenced does cite sources, but the sourcing is limited to index records on FamilySearch, which do not include important details like the names of baptismal witnesses (which often help us work out family relationships for New Netherland). I see that the father of Henry Moore Teller  is supposed to have been born in Schenectady in 1800 -- is there any source for his birthplace other than Findagrave? It appears that many of the various earlier Tellers are said to be baptized or married in New York, Tarrytown, or Albany, so many of their records should be findable in the records books for those places that are on the free Internet and listed on the resource page Baptism and Marriage Records of the Dutch Reformed Church of New Netherland and Beyond.

I am tagging your question for new_york and teller, as those tags may turn up other members interested in the Teller family of New York.

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Thanks for your reply.

I'm not asking you guys to research all this for me.  I have little interest in Henry Teller.  I just saw a mess in Family Search and thought, well, maybe someone involved in the New Netherland feels like sorting it out. Because it seems like the sort of situation that people who know what they're doing might want to take on.

I frequently find myself following tangents like this one, as for example, researching everyone who lived in Ashcroft, Colorado listed in the 1885 census, or researching obscure newspaper editors in Colorado. I found Henry Teller's profile because I was correcting suggestions for Colorado, and thought, this is crazy that's he's unconnected, and it was.  But I've probably invested enough effort in this guy, so I can bop along to the next temporary obsession.

Thanks again.

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