Is this privacy level warranted for a deceased person born in 1870s? [closed]

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I can't understand why I can't find out anything about the wikitree profile of the deceased person born in 1870 who is listed as the [private brother (1870s - 1970s)] of [[Joyner-761|Joshua Luallen Joyner]]

Is the privacy setting warranted?

Can the profile's privacy be opened up?

Is it even possible to request to be added to the trusted list when you can't see the wikitree id nor who is the profile manager?

A look at the Familysearch tree suggests that this private brother is  John Hardeman Joyner (1874–1978)  27S5-HM8 ​​whose Marriage on 22 August 1904 was to
Annie Elizabeth Helms (1879–1955)  •  K2P1-PQX

and whose children are very likely all deceased.
Selvey Joyner (1901–1904)  •  G78J-9XP ​​
Robert A Joyner (1907–Deceased)  •  L58R-DSD ​​
Luther Fletcher Joyner (1908–1941)  •  LVYN-4J9 ​​
Willie Estelle Joyner (1910–2006)  •  G3JY-3RL ​​
Gilbert Harding Joyner (1912–2009)  •  LVYN-4J4 ​​
John Paul Joyner (1917–2014)  •  L5ZX-BYC ​​
Clifford Leon Joyner (1920–2003)  •  LVYN-4GT ​​


WikiTree profile: Joshua Joyner
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For the brother I suggest you email info @ wikitree. com (without the spaces) and explain the situation.

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The private brother was born in the 1870s, therefore the profile is not required to be Open:

Profiles of people who were born over 150 years ago or who died over 100 years ago must be Open.

by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
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Profile of brother / child born in 1870's does not exist except as a notation, there's no link to his profile, he has no profile

Just because you can't see the profile, doesn't mean it is non-existent.  (You cannot see me, but I can assure you I do exist.)

Indeed you are correct Ros!

So if we assume that this private unidentifiable profile is of John Hardeman Joyner (1874–1978) (which means that in four more years, John will have been born 150+ years ago) would the profile automatically open, or I'm guessing that would happen only after a request is submitted for an opening of this profile - assuming that it is John and the birth year is not shown as some later year.
You could send a message to the Profile Manager of the parents and sibling (same person - so that would be presuming they also manage the hidden profile), asking for the hidden profile to have its privacy opened, citing that if it is who you think it is, all the children are deceased.  Or you could post that as a comment on one of the profiles of the parents.
Good Ideas Melanie
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Looking at the profiles of the parents and of Joshua Luallen Joyner, there is nothing there to prevent someone from adding a child to the parents or of adding a sibling to Joshua. All those profiles are white padlock, Open 

The profile of the brother (private) essentially does not exist so you could create a profile for him. 

The only thing I don't know about is how to remove the mention of that private person, whose profile doesn't exist but I think someone will be able to explain it or deal with it 

Since it doesn't exist it can't be merged, I know that.  

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (584k points)
I understand what you are driving at Susan.  However by sorting the Joyner genealogy names list in a certain way, I have been able to identify a private profile with public biography that is a strong candidate for being this profile. There is no way to be 100% certain as the name is not what I expected, but the b. and d. dates do fit within the respective decades.

I've sent a polite message to the profile manager asking if they are still active on wikitree and if that PM replies I will politely request they consider opening some of these profiles for others to collaborate with them on filling out that particular Joyner family branch.

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