The children and second wife of the Rev William Squire of Charlton Mackrell [closed]

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I have reworked the profile of the Rev. William Squire (abt. 1502 - aft. 1564) the Rector of Charlton Mackrell, Somerset, England on behalf of the England Project. William was a supposed ancestor of the US Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams via his son Henry Squire and granddaughter Edith (Squire) Adams.

I am now searching for evidence that the six children currently attached to William (including Henry) are indeed his.

The parish registers of Charlton Mackrell do not survive before 1575 and so there are no baptism records which could link any children to William. William did not leave a surviving will which could clarify things. It is not even known if William remained in Charlton Mackrell after he lost his living due to being a married priest during the reign of Mary I. There is a Rev William Squire seen in Cricket St Thomas (20 miles away) in 1564.

There is no doubt that there was a Henry Squire in Charlton Mackrell who appears in the parish register, but nothing to link him to William apart from a fairly common surname.

William also has two wives attached to his profile.

The first wife Alice (married in c.1551 and the cause of him losing his parish living) has a death date on her profile of after 1597 (unsourced).

There is a second wife Margaret who he is said to have married in 1556 with a death date of 1627, so there is a significant overlap. I cannot find any sources for or even any mention of this Margaret in other histories of the Squire and Adams family.

I would be very grateful if anyone can provide me with sources linking William to his six children and his second wife.
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closed with the note: Edits made to this family. A new question can be asked if new evidence is found.
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They should not have been added as spouse and children without any sources at all. Just remove them and all will be well and good.
by Joe Farler G2G6 Pilot (133k points)
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The following book discusses evidence for the existence of some of the children:

Spear, Burton W. (1985), Search for the Passengers of the Mary & John, 1630, Volumes 24-27, p. 7; Google Books (snippet view).

Some key extracts are below (note that Robin Bush was Deputy Archivist at the Somerset Records Office):

"Robin Bush found a record dated 10 April 1554, drawn up at the time of his being deprived of his benefice. By this William "Squyer", rector of Charlton Mackrell, was described as aged 52 (i.e. born c. 1501-2), as having married Alice Skarlett three years before (c. 1550-51) and was ordered to be deprived of his parish (D/D/Vc 66, f.10). The implication is that he continued to live with Alice (whose identity is now revealed for the first time) and produce children since, if he had agreed to separate from her, he would probably have continued as rector."


"Robin Bush also found more information on two brothers of Henry Squire, Edith's father, William & Andrew Squire. On 16 July 1611 evidence was given in a Consistory Court case by Willian Squyor of Charlton Mackrell, farmer, aged about 60 (born c. 1551), where he lived from birth (Ref: D/D/Cd 44). At another case on 23 June 1613 evidence was given by Andrew Squier of Kingweston, blacksmith, where he had lived for 5 years, before that at Fiffett (i.e. Fivehead) for 12 years, aged about 60 (born c. 1553), born at Charlton Mackrell."

So there is evidence that William and Andrew were born in Charlton Mackrell during the time that Rev. William Squire was vicar (and married to Alice Skarlett). Of course that does not mean that they are his children, or even that they are brothers. As for Henry, again the link seems circumstantial, based on his being born around 1564, after the Rev. William had been listed as rector of Charlton Mackrell in 1561.

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That's a really good find Nic. I saw that quote from Burton Spear's book and have mentioned it in William's profile, but couldn't get google to reveal the text on snippet view.

If William had separated from Alice, he would have had to do penance and then would be allocated another parish - he wouldn't have been allowed to stay as rector in Charlton Mackrell. However, he may have stayed with Alice, had a few non-clerical years and then been restored after the accession of Elizabeth in 1558. Assuming that there was a vacancy at the time.

This also raises the question about who was the William Squier who was deprived as Rector of Cricket St Thomas 20 miles away in 1564. If it's the same William, then he would have moved his young family to that parish. The parish registers of Cricket St Thomas only start with the new incumbent in 1564, and there are no Squires mentioned up to 1642 in the very good images of the register on Ancestry.
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I'm closing this question after removing William's second wife and three of his children. The reasons for these edits are explained on William's profile. I am happy to receive any new evidence for these relationships.
by Jo Fitz-Henry G2G6 Pilot (127k points)

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