AntoineJoachin Buras vs Anthony J Buras

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According to William Stringfield...

Antoine Joachim Buras Feb.1870 son of Eugene Jordan Buras and Euphrasie Olivier married Louise Honorine "Honor" Buras daughter of Theophile Clement Buras snd Mary Margaret Smith on June 25 1898.

Anthony J Buras est. 1875 - Dec 10 1957 son of Andre Francois Buras and Marie Arsene Dobson shows spouse Norine Buras in death records. Family had both records overlapping the two because neither had Joachin found yet as middle name. Just the J. I found the military record of Anthony Joachin Buras and attached middle name to first person.

Stringfield has no lineage listed for Anthony J Buras. Could he have crossed the two people by mistake? All sources lead to Louise Norene Buras at Find a Grave as the main culprit in this dilemma. No marriage records on any of these. The only conclusive information is in the 1957 death record showing parents and wife of Anthony J Buras.

So, who gets the children?????
in Genealogy Help by Craig Buras G2G1 (1.3k points)
Hi Craig!  Has a profile been built for any of these folks?  I always want to help, but it is so much easier if whatever is known so far is documented on a profile, and the profile is linked to the question using that Wiki ID field at the bottom of the question form


Not here. Can't seem to copy and paste in this box.

Family profiles:

Find by ID




Most sources have been attached properly. A few are still in limbo. I stepped into this mess while searching for Vincent Anthony Buras records born about the same time to a 3rd family.

Also, if you look at the 1957 death records of Anthony J Buras you will notice that his brother John Thomas Buras has the exact death record. Car accident or some other tragedy?? Obituary listed both. Octogenarians (died between 80-89 years old)

A search at My Heritage has both scrambled as well.
I don't want to add anything here until I have the proper facts.

That's the problem with; My Heritage;; Geni.

Too much bad information floating around out there because people don't do their homework.
I totally agree!  I use Ancestry as my sandbox, and use WikiTree as a repository for information that i would be prepared to defend.  That being said, it is okay to allow profiles to be works in progress.  It's hard to have a discussion on WikiTree about individuals who don't have a profile here.  Are you okay with me starting a profile for Anthony J who passed away on my birthday in 1957?  We could build from there, using only well-sourced information.

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I see that there is a project here on WT:

It seems to already have a few members of the Buras family.

by Shirlea Smith G2G6 Pilot (223k points)
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Ahh!  Looks like parents Eugene Jordan Buras and Euphrasie Olivier have profiles here! 

by Shirlea Smith G2G6 Pilot (223k points)

Andre Francois Buras and Mary Dobson are here as well...

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Looks like two different men named Anthony Buras were registered for the WW1 Draft.  They both lived in Venice, Plaquemines, Louisiana.  They both worked as labourers for R M Murphy Co Inc.  They are both white, born in the USA.  They both had their cards filled in on Sept 12, 1918.  They both signed with their mark X.

There were some differentiating features.

Anthony Joachim Buras was 43 years old, born 20 March 1875, whereas Anthony [unreadable] Buras was only 20, born 15 May 1898.

Although both were said to be of medium height with brown hair, Anthony Joachim, the older man, is marked as slender, with blue eyes, while the younger Anthony is stout, with gray eyes.

Anthony Joachim has unhelpfully named his next of kin as Mrs Anthony J Buras. Too bad he didn't give her real first name!  The younger Anthony might not be married, since he gave the name of Mrs. Theophile Buras, who might be his mother.
by Shirlea Smith G2G6 Pilot (223k points)
Yes, its wrong for the family. All that was listed in the marriage record was probably just Anthony or Anthony J.

Haven't found the record yet, but the way it works there, if you put in the correct information, records start popping up automatically.
Death record seals the deal for proper wife and children belonging to 1875 Anthony.
I use FamilySearch for the records, but not the family trees.  There is a function on WikiTree here that if you go to the profile, then use the dropdown under their WikiTree ID, the dropdown menu is in alpha order and one item is Research.  It populates the FamilySearch screen for you with everything that is known on the profile already, and of course you can add some speculative items as well, if you are fishing.
Where are the baptism and marriage records for that parish?

Between the confusing computer extract of the double obituary and the conflation in Stringfield's work, it is no wonder you saw a red flag! I think it is solved now.  I made a WT profile for Antoine b 1870  and also one for Antoine Joachim b 1875 and his wife Louise Honorine 'Norine'.

That's probably about as far as i will go on this.  I'd like to turn the management of these three profiles over to you.  If you would be willing, please go to the profiles and ask to be on the Trusted List for each of them.  Then i will put you on the Trusted List.  Once you are on the Trusted List, i can replace myself with you as PM.

Plaquemines Parish Courthouse on the eastbank. All the way down the road. I made a delivery there once in 1996 when I worked for Office Depot. I forgot what road it is. I remember Hwy 23 on the westbank.
Thanks for all of your help !!!
Great job on the profiles !!!
There, you are the PM for those three profiles.  If you are ever in the geographical area, it would be great if you could get access to the church or courthouse BMD records.  It seems to me significant to have this info properly recorded, especially with the modern shift away from the French way of using the second name as the regular day-to-day name.   The next person to tackle Stringfield will probably have even more trouble, so it is great that you are documenting and sourcing these descendants of your Creole progenitor!
Thanks a bunch !!!

Working on other parts of her family now. Norene.

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