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I received a data validation error that two sisters were less than 8 months apart in age. They were actually half-sisters born to different mothers, so the error is erroneous and should be fixed.
closed with the note: problem acknowledged by developers; is already on bug list
in WikiTree Tech by Kenneth Nellis G2G6 (8.6k points)
closed by Kenneth Nellis

The usual response of the computer, upon the creation of a profile, in the event that two children are born too close together in time is to issue a warning for the PM to verify the data. 

The computer does not notice there are two different women involved. This is not a bug in the computer system. At the time of creation of the profile and thereafter, each time one of the two profiles are opened, and the warning is issued, you just press SAVE ANYWAY.   

I have perhaps a half-dozen of these in the profiles I manage and have never yet seen them presented in the Suggestions where errors in data are listed in order to address them

And in several cases, the computer, by flashing that warning, enabled me to correct errors in the data I had made

The fact that the algorithm is not noticing that the mothers are different is exactly the problem. That is precisely the deficiency in the algorithm.
Well, some folk are bothered by this situation and others are not.  And Kenneth has very properly directed this matter to the attention of the WikiTree Tech.  The problem as perceived by some has been defined. The solution, should one be sought, is in the hands of Ales and his people.
It's already on the list of things to fix the next time we work on data validation.
Is there any update on this fix?  I get this warning on two half siblings by different mothers when saving their profiles?
Hi Coen, this and 17 other data validation updates are currently in the testing phase. It should be live sometime this month.

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I agree with Kenneth that it is an error, the children do have different mothers therefore the warning is in error.
by Kevin Conroy G2G6 Pilot (142k points)
selected by Coen Jacob Dijkgraaf
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All you have to do is mark it 'false suggestion'.  It does actually happen that people input wrong dates! ;)
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
Ros, your "answer" is non-responsive to the problem. There is no data to suggest the dates were input incorrectly. The problem is that the data checker has a bad algorithm. I wrote to point out the bug, hoping to make WikiTree better.
I did not say that *you* had entered dates incorrectly.  If you thought I did, I apologise.  What I meant was: there are other WikiTreers (not you) who may just put things in wrong; like, they don't check that the mother would only have been 10 when the first child was born, and so on.  The algorithm has to be broad enough to encompass entries by millions of WikiTreers.

Edited to add: and my answer of how you need to mark it as 'false suggestion' is hardly 'non-responsive'.
There is no suggestion that the dates are wrong! It is entirely possible for half-sisters with different mothers to have birth dates arbitrarily close, therefore the data checking algorithm is defective and should be fixed.
There was nothing in this answer that warranted downvotes. As is my habit, I upvoted to negate one of the downvotes, which I seriously believe have no place in our WT family.
You can't mark it as a false suggestion when you are saving a profile and that warning comes up, all you can do is click Save Anyway.

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