GEDCOM File and the Member Who Uploaded it are BOTH deleted!

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I've been working on profiles for a whole unsourced family who are all orphans and all have little or no basic data, no bios, and no sources.  I had the idea to look at the gedcom file to see how many more profiles I will need to work on and perhaps to be able to plan a logical order in which to work on them.

I discovered that the gedcom file was deleted.  Then I looked.up the person who uploaded it and found that profile has been deleted.

What gives?  I thought profiles never get deleted here??????

The question whose answer will be useful to me is how can I get a list of the names and/or WikiTree ID's of all the profiles created from that gedcom file?

PS  Grrrrrrr!  I tried to put Bruckheimer-1 in the ID/URL field of this message and got a nastygram saying "That WikiTree ID does not exist (Bruckheimer-1)
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You can't get the profiles that were created from a gedcom easily.

What do you mean the gedcom has been deleted?

If the  individual asked for their account to be deleted a sys/op can delete it.
by Michelle Hartley G2G6 Pilot (153k points)
If WikiTree doesn't display the names that are in a gedcom file, I know how to extract them from the file itself (part of building that gedcom tool is to parse gedcom files).

What I mean about the gedcom being deleted can be seen if you:

   1. Look at Strauss-89 (or any of the others in this family)
   2. Click on Sally Bruckheimer link in the last resource to see that there is no
       such profile.
   3. Go back to the Strauss-89 page and click on Changes tab.
   4. Click on LoewensteinDescent.ged in the bottom line to get message "file is

You can also look at the page for surname Bruckheimer and find no Sally there.
Fascinating.  I tested this on my own grandmothers profile and clicked on the changes tab and then clicked on the name of the GEDCOM file. There it is! And at the bottom a list of all people in it. Didn't know you could do that.  

In answer to Gaile's question, I can't help but notice that this was one of the earliest GEDCOM uploads. Maybe something went wrong technically or the user requested their file deleted. Or the underlying GEDCOM-upload process changed so significantly that we can't use the feature described on the oldest GEDCOM uploads.

But I would guess this is an anomaly and not something you'd seed often.

What's odd is that the profiles are still there. So they weren't deleted. I don't understand the underlying tech enough but am guessing that the GEDCOM file sits separate from the actual profiles?

The gedcom file is only used during the import.  The import process creates new records in the WikiTree database tables for all the people who are being added and puts the data that is in the gedcom into all the fields that get displayed on the profile page.  Once that is done, WikiTree will never again use the gedcom file for anything, so there is no reason why it has to be saved forever.

That said, I have noticed that WikiTree does not only save gedcoms, but make them available to look at by displaying a link to them in the sources initially and will always have that link as the earliest entry on the change page ...  except for this case, that is!

Additional Note:
The gedcom import process allows you to delete a gedcom file that you uploaded BEFORE you import it.  That's a good thing - if the import request gets approved and you look at the profiles that will be created to decide which to skip, etc. then you can choose to simply delete the gedcom file instead of importing it.  Once it has been imported, though, I don't believe there is any way for the person who uploaded it to delete it.
Gaile are you extracting all the data? If so, what about the living people in the gedcom?

I'm not extracting anything because there is no gedcom file to extract it from!!!

All I wanted was to get the WikiTree ID's of all the people in the gedcom so that I could find them easily to work on their profiles.  Based on the ones I found so far, I expect that they will all be completely empty - no bio, no sources, and little to no basic data.

It's ok, though - please see exchange with Chris below.  I now have what I need.
Gaile I meant in general not specific to this gedcom file.
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I keep seeing creator credits where the link appears in red, so profiles can be deleted after all.

You can use the Google search to search for a gedcom by name.
by Anonymous Horace G2G6 Pilot (568k points)
Hi Gaile and Jillaine,

Public profiles should never be deleted. Just private profiles -- profiles that contain information that was never meant to be open to the public.

Deletion of a GEDCOM and deletion of profiles is independent. A member could delete a GEDCOM they uploaded without deleting any profiles that were created from it. Or you could delete a profile without deleting the GEDCOM that was used to create it.

When a GEDCOM is deleted, the report for it is deleted as well. Sorry, Gaile. Thanks again for editing those profiles. You don't need to give the original creator any credit for them.


I understand that deleted is gone forever, but the name of the gedcom file and the name and ID of the person who uploaded it exist somewhere in the WikiTree records for each profile that they apply to.  What I'm now asking is if there is any way to set a filter to capture the ID's for all records resulting from that gedcom file so that I can efficiently adopt them all (presuming that they are all orphans).

It is extremely inefficient for me to go through an iterative process of seeing names of parents, siblings, and children of a record I'm working on and then clicking on each one in order to find out what others also need work.
Hi Gaile,

Try doing this search on Google:

"Loewenstein Descent.ged"

Maybe that's what you're after?

NICE solution, Chris!

Chris, that did it!!!

I can copy all the pages of hits, paste it into Word, write macros to split it into table cells, paste that into Excel and then sort it every which way from Sunday to crete the list I'm looking for.

When did this become available?
I'm really glad that worked. :-)

There's nothing new here. I'd bet that most people just don't know that it's a feature on Google. You can use site:X to restrict your search to one website.

I was trying to tie some profiles together about 6 months ago.(uploaded in 2011) and wanted to look at the gedcom for names. I asked the same question Gaile did. The response was it's impossible to look at the gedcom. smiley

I use the google search all the time.  You can find related items not available using the find option.


If the gedcom file has not been deleted here then it's much easier to do it on WikiTree than going to Google.  Just click the change tab on a profile, go to the bottom - the first entry will be for the gedcom and it will be a link you can click to see it.

Google sure saved the day for me this time, though!

Someone, who shall go unnamed, has pointed out this Google feature several times.


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