How to catagorize this Portuguese name?

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I'm new to Portuguese naming conventions. I have a name Maria Olympia da Gloria. Is Olympia part of the first or last name?
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Do you have information on the parents' names? That would (unfortunately) be the key to which is which really.
I don't. She is the mother listed on a marriage certificate from Massachusetts in 1901. Which brings up more confusion. I just recently started working on the ancestors of my husband's Portuguese grandmother. Her parents were born in the Azores. I am not finding anything from the Azores. I have no prior experience with Portuguese genealogy, so my first hurdle is knowing what I'm looking at and how to enter it.

There are 2 marriages recorded for her son. On the first, she is listed as Maria Olympia; on the 2nd, Maria Olympia Da Gloria. The father is listed on the first as Manoel Jose S. (The son getting married is Alberto Silva Sequeira. On the 2nd, the father is listed as Alberto Sequeira. I'm guessing the latter is an error, unless it is a multiple name thing. Now with the son being Alberto Silva Sequeira, wouldn't Silva typically be the mother's last name? Is that helpful? They were clearly not having enough space on the form for multiple names.

The first marriage (1901) was to Maria Da Silva, daughter of Manoel Theodore Da S. and Angelina Augusta Silva. The 2nd marriage was recorded in 1925, to Maria C. Sousa Sousa, daughter of Joseph Sousa and Carolina Ennis. Both Albert and Maria were in their 40's. I have not found him in the census before 1920. In 1920, his wife is listed as Marie C. Sequeira. Same for the 1930 census. The birth records for children born in 1913 & 1914 list the mother as Carolina or Caroline Souza. The death cert. of a child born in 1920 lists the mother as Maria Souza. The first wife, Maria da Silva, is not in any record but that original marriage certificate. The parents are different, so they are not the same person. Best guess is she died, he remarried, but it wasn't officially recorded, so they remarried again later, to have it official. I don't expect this kind of obscurity in the 1900's. The 1700's, yes, but this is probably an example of the lack of tolerance and respect for immigrants of poor or no English in the governmental system.
There have been many migrants from the Azores to the USA. In the past 20 years many have moved back as well. It is really common that names were using shorts like the C. or S. And maybe they were just dropping the second family name as it was too much hassle. (Dutch immigrants would usually start using really different names, like I have to use Michael a lot in the USA as well).

I will probably only say stupido stuff about it, but there is a Portuguese project that might be of better help. Mindy is very active on G2G and the leader. You might attract her attention with the 'portugal' tag.
Good suggestion. I have looked at the Portugal project page, but haven't contacted them. I will do that.

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It is most likely a compound name I would put 'Maria Olympia' as her first name and click away the warning.

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Does the "da Gloria" mean that that was most likely her father's last name?

da Gloria is incorrect for LNAB.. da and de are not part of the name they just mean "of" (the familial line). The surname is Gloria. I believe da is the feminine form and de is the masculine so Gloria may be her mother's side. I am only a quarter Portuguese, also by way of the Azores, so I am probably three quarters wrong!


well I correctly intuited that I was wrong!

okay here is an explanation for da vs. de. It is the grammatical gender of the noun that matters

but ultimately it is fluff text like calling yourself Esquire.

Yeah, so 'de' is the 'from' and than it became female (da) or male (do). To me it always makes the rhythm  go better if you add some da or do to the names wink

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