Advice editing this pre-1700 Dubé profile? A Pesky error. [closed]

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Marie-Madeleine Dubé, daughter of Mathurin Dubé et de Marie Campion, was born on 17 September 1673 in Sainte-Famille, Canada, Nouvelle-France. She was baptized on 22 September 1673 in the Sainte-Famille-de-l'île-d'Orléans parish.


I am seeking help with the  <ref> error and the French.

It's a work in progress.


WikiTree profile: Marie-Madeleine Dubé
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in Genealogy Help by Peter Geary G2G6 Mach 4 (44.1k points)
closed by Peter Geary

Hi Peter,

I'm not seeing a "ref" error in the linked profile nor in it's suggestion list. With which "ref" are you encountering problems?

Also, I know the profile is a work in progress, but see this help page for info on profile heading/section levels.


Thanks for checking.

When I save the profile, I get an open <>ref> error. I went through it several times and just connot find it. I'll try again.

I agree - I didn't see any ref mismatches, but I also didn't try saving any changes to the profile. Also sometimes there can be other special characters or errors within a valid "ref"/"close ref" pair that can cause problems that appear to be a ref problem. But that usually results in the ref not displaying correctly and I didn't notice any such problems.

Let us know if you still encounter the problem and whether or not you are able to "save anyway".
Thanks folks,

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There appears to be a problem with having spaces around the = sign after name. See the best answer for this post.

Edited for clarity

by Rick Peterson G2G6 Pilot (154k points)
selected by Peter Geary
Thanks Rick.

Thanks. Removing the space solved the problem.

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I resolved the ref error .. C'est Bon ..
by Gerald Baraboo G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)

The latest changes have resulted in errors on the profile. There are now "Cite error 4; Invalid <ref> tag; refs with no name must have content" errors.

There are also now duplicated name ref definitions in the profile. Those will likely result in "869 Duplicated named Inline citations" errors when the next weekly Suggestions Report comes out. "864 Almost empty <ref/> tags" errors may also be generated.

I believe that Peter was originally correctly reusing the existing named references without creating duplicate name references. I'd suggest reverting the latest changes.

I still believe that the original error check message that Peter encountered is related to the fact that the validation routine doesn't correctly account for spaces around the = sign after "name" in a name ref definition (name = "blahblahblah"). I believe that removing the spaces surrounding the = sign (resulting in name="blahblahblah") will resolve the error check message that Peter originally encountered. See the link in my answer for more details.

The changes you made Peter seem to further correct the profile.

Rick the profile is still using the = sign with spaces is that causing a db error, that will show up on next Monday's db report ?

Thanks Gerald. I don't believe the spaces would cause errors on the suggestion report - I believe the spaces were causing Peter to receive an error when he saved the profile, which he indicated is resolved after removing the spaces that he did.

I believe that the duplicate name refs and empty ref definitions that were added would likely have caused errors on the suggestion report. But Peter also removed the duplicate ref names with empty ref definitions, and appears to be reusing the ref names appropriately. So as long as Aleš trapped (or will trap) the data after Peter's set of updates, it doesn't appear to me that there will be any associated ref errors on the upcoming suggestion report. But it won't hurt to check the report for that profile.

Ditto Rick !  .. Initially I tired to pair up the <ref>[( and )]</ref> syntax with a different method then Peter was using and that could have produced the db suggestions you have detailed. 

Peter's work looks good. 

C'est Bon Collaboration !  

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