Adoption Angels Doesn't Just Help Adoptees

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Hello WikiTree Members!

Did you know that even though our name Adoption Angels Project has the word adoptee in it, we don't just help adoptees? We also help anyone with an unknown parent who we have the skills to help. 

Did you know we don't only help people born in the USA? Although we don't yet have the knowledge and skills for every country, we have Angels from all over the world who are able to help many applicants. 

In addition to finding birth parents, we help members find the parents of their parents who were adopted or who didn't know their parents. We even go one step further to the grandparent level!

How do we find parents? In addition to using documents (if they are available, though often they are not), many of our Angels are trained to use DNA to build a biological family tree for the person who took the DNA test. 

If you would like to join the Adoption Angels Project and help applicants find their family, answer on this linked g2g post.

Can't find our application? It's the very first item under the Help Tab at the top of the WikiTree website.

Thank you to all the hard working Angels who help applicants every day to connect to their birth family. You can find the current list of Angels linked here.

in The Tree House by Emma MacBeath G2G6 Pilot (985k points)
Yes, thank you to our hard-working Angels! And thank you, Emma, for leading the project and making it what it is today. I'd go so far as to say that the Adoption Angels project is the apex of WikiTree and what makes our community special.

Thank you, Chris!smiley


My half sister does not know her bio father. My mother won’t tell her his correct name, because she don’t want him found. So where does my sister begin? She is not adopted, our mother is the same for us.


Linda mathew

Hi Linda, In cases like this, DNA is her very best chance of discovering her birth father. Adoption Angels uses DNA successfully in this way regularly. See this help page about which test to take. When she has her DNA tests results back, we can help. She can fill out the application which is the first item under the help tab.

That is an incredible amount of help. I am still pretty new to this whole process.  I was adopted and am now learning about my ancestry. I knew who my birth mother was and recently discovered who my birth father was.  Through contacts I discovered my birth mother was also adopted as she was the child of her elder sister, but her birth father is unknown.  I suspect there is a record of the adoption and possibly the birth father might not be named, but i an not sure how to proceed.  Any ideas are welcome.  My birth mother was Gloria Toupin (Phillipy-married name)1942 - 2007 born in Toronto, ontario
Yes thanks! I can’t seem to find the application to fill out under the help tab? Can you help?

Linda Mathew

Direct link to the application, Linda.

Kelley. In Ontario, you can get the non-identifying information for your birth mother, but not the original birth certificate. This information can be helpful if it lists anything about the birth father (age, location of birth, etc). After that, it's up to using the DNA to identify the birth father. 

Here's a help page on Ontario records

Thank you Emma, I have my own adoption non-identifying info, and I know the identity of my own birth father.  Are you saying that I can obtain that for my birth mother? I plan to devote my spare time over the winter to ancestor research, especially the identity of her birth father. I really appreciate all of the tips I can get, and I will use the resource that you shared.
Yes, you can get the non-dentifying info for your birth mother, just not her original birth cert. There's no guarantee it will list anything about her birth father, but it's worth a shot.
Many many thanks!
This is confusing to me. What does non identifying info mean? And one is looking for their bio dad, one would have to know the bio last name and then get a birth cert for the missing parent. I assume that would be the case no matter where you live!
Hi Linda, if you are the adoptee, you would be getting your own non-identifying information. It's not available in all states and/or countries. However, if it is available, it can be very helpful alongside DNA. non-identifying info tells you things like your birth parents' ages, occupations, how many siblings they have, etc. But it doesn't give you names. If you are looking for your bio dad, your own non-identifying info from the state will help you. There would be none available for him unless he too was adopted and you already know his identity.
Is there anyway a search angle could help me? I’m trying to find my father who I never met nor seen before... it’s been almost 9 months now that I haven’t gotten far on...
Hi Tori, we can help you. If you can fill out the application (first item under the help tab "Adoption Angels") a Mentor Angel will reach out to you to see where you're at in your search.

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I have no information on my paternal family beyond my father and two of his brothers.  How do I begin my search.
by Cliff Cunningham G2G Crew (410 points)
Hi Cliff, just to clarify, was your father adopted?

No, not adopted but alienated from family.

Gotcha. You are unlikely to get a birth certificate for him (but it's not impossible depending on the state). I assume no one else in the family knew who is parents were? 

At first glance,  I don't see any records for him before his marriage. If you are unable to get paperwork or the family has no names, DNA is your best bet. We can often quickly find the parents using DNA. Here is a help page about which test to take:

Feel free to send me a private message if you have more questions so we can keep your search private.

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