Is there a name for the Naming/Numbering system used by WikiTree?

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Is there a name for the Naming/Numbering system used by WikiTree? I have found I do enjoy the system used  (Surname--#) and am wondering if there is a name for it. Also, is it a proprietary system? As I mentioned in a previous question some months ago, I am working on some fictional family trees. These are for a book series I am working on (I doubt I will ever publish it) and I might try using the system seen here on WikiTree for cataloging my characters. I have found, also, that I love using Legacy (the computer application, so nothing is available to the accident real people connecting themselves to my characters) for the same purpose.

Note: I know it is not allowed to create fictional trees here on WikiTree. I was thinking of using the naming/numbering system on paper or on a Word document if the said naming/numbering system is not proprietary. I would use the system to catalog everyone.
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There is nothing especial about the identification for each profile.  From what has been said in G2G forum it would seem that each Jones, in the order their profile is created, is assigned an Identification Number as in : Medlock-1, Medlock-2, ....

Medlock-1 is Helen (Medlock) Edmunds, created 18 Nov 2009; Medlock-20 is Mazy Ann Medlock and was an import from a gedcom 9 Feb 2011; Medlock-208 was created 8 Apr 2015

Help: page is Help:WikiTree ID


Thank you.
Not a problem, Jonathan, a number of the best (well-written) scifi books have a genealogy that the author refers to even if the author does not include a chart in their novel.
Again, thank you. The trees are quite complex, in a way. Part of the main plot is that fifteen siblings fought over the division of their father's fortune about 600 years prior to the main events of the story. The main characters are, I believe, 24th cousins. They come together to heal a 600 year old wound in their family's history. I have "traced", if you will, their ancestors back to the fifteen. I may not include the tree in the story, but I do refer back to it often.

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I don't think it is allowed to create a fictional family tree or profiles of imaginary persons at WikiTree. You risk that your account will be closed if you do this.
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I guess I should edit my question. I created the trees on paper a few years ago and am putting them into a Legacy file (on the computer application so real people won't wind up connecting to my characters) to see the trees laid out in a genealogical format. I was thinking of writing/typing the organization of the names on paper or in a Word documentusing the WikiTree numbering system if the system is not proprietary. I do know fictional trees are not allowed here on WikiTree.

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