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  • EditBOT did almost 13000 corrections to clear Global Cemetery 897 Deprecated parameter in template suggestions. I missed the dump, so many are still shown this week, but there is nothing to correct.
  • I released a new version of WikiTree+ Chrome extension. Unfortunatly Google did not release it until now. I hope they will soon. I am waiting since Friday. It has a few new things also usable to DD. Changes in version is 0.3.4 are:
    • Finished Profile cleanup. It does everything EditBOT does and a few more things. That includes conversion of old Ancestry links to new ones, I also added automatic conversion of curly quotes to normal ones.
  • I was wery busy with Wikidata links. I added 20000 of new ones. So we reached a new milestone. 170000 profiles are linked from wikidata. You can see the connection stats here. I adjusted the conditions on when to add a link. I am also looking into setting a process, where you could define a link on WikiTree. It will probably be done with sameas parameter on Wikidata template. See I am also looking into populating Wikidata with WikiTree dates and relations. I have worked out the details and I will present a sample, when it will be ready.

Previous News

  • I released a new version of WikiTree+ Chrome extension. It has a few new things also usable to DD. Changes in version is 0.3.3 are:
    • Moved Source pasting definition out of the extension, so I can update it daily.
    • Added Profile cleanup. It is similar to what EditBOT does automatically on save.
    • Moved Profile cleanup definition out of the extension, so I can update it daily.
  • Wikidata links reached a new milestone. 150000 profiles are linked from wikidata. You can see the connection stats here. Today also marriages from ThePeerage are being imported to wikidata. That is the cause for a lot of new matches and slight increase in suggestions. It is still ongoing, so some suggestions may be temporary until next week.
  • EditBOT did almost 9000 corrections to clear some of the 896 Unknown parameter in template suggestions.
  • In suggestion 897 Error in template parameters I added checking of parameters that link to WikiTree pages. It is done for Categories, Projects, Space pages and Project Needs categories.
  • I added additional checking of template parameters. That was in suggestion 848. I created 4 new ones 894-897 that will cover all parameter problems.
  • I prepared two new suggestions (591 FindAGrave - Possible father and 592 FindAGrave - Possible mother) that list all missing parent relations between existing profiles. The suggestion is based on FindAGrave relations. In cases where both profiles are linked to findagrave and there is a parent relation on findagrave and there is no parent on wikitree, it suggests the connection. Of course you should first check if both findagrave memorials represent the correct persons on wikitree. Then you should try to find a source for the parent claim and add the relation if everything checks out.
  • Added new magic word SourceJunk to search engine. It finds profiles with text "Family Data Collection" or "Millennium File" on the profile. Those are present on 47000 profiles. Here is a list of profiles with SourceJunk.
  • I added new magic keyword UnmergedMatch to search for postponed merges in combination with any other text.
  • I added new magic keyword PendingMerge to search for pending merges in combination with any other text.
  • I added possibility to search template parameters. That enables you to search for any text inside curly brackets. To explicitly search template text, use templatetext=Andersson
  • I added to Connection finder 2 new types of relation search. Paternal Lines and Maternal Lines. This can help in DNA queries to find a common father/mother.
  • I exposed the actual data on which location suggestions are based. Based on the changes we did last week in the table, there are some new 6x8 spelling suggestions and 612 Location too early ones.


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    in The Tree House by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (688k points)
    closed by Aleš Trtnik
    Google finally published the chrome extension. Now you can try the profile cleanup.

    Usually the extension is published in a day or two, this time it took 5 days. Sorry about that. In the future, I will not assume it will be published in a day or two.
    And I made a mistake publishing it. I forgot to update one file. I released a new update and I hope Google will be faster this time.

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    Thanks for the new magic words and possibility to search for a template parameter -

    I know where I'll be playing this week :D

    by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (549k points)
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    Thank you for the most amazing amount of work, again.  Honestly, I don't know how you get time to eat and sleep.  Truly amazing!
    by Kathy Zipperer G2G6 Pilot (406k points)
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    Ales, thanks again for all the editbot corrections.  Have you had a chance to run the bot for the PRDH entries?  This was one that Danielle Liard and I discussed with you a few months ago.  The original site changed their URL.  I ask because I still run across the old (nonworking) URL in entries.
    by Cindy Cooper G2G6 Pilot (236k points)

    At the time I prepared a template to replace the links. I was waiting on OK from you.

    If there is nothing to change in the template, I can set EditBOT to replace the old links.

    Sorry, I didn't know you were waiting on us.  How dies this work?  It goes at the top of the page as a template instead of an inline reference or footnote?

    If I understand correctly, the PRDH template is another external link template similar to the Ancestry, Find A Grave, and other external link templates. Also, if I understand correctly, Aleš plans to use EditBOT to replace the PRDH links with the PRDH external link template, wherever they are located in a profile.

    Going forward, WikiTreers can use the PRDH external link template in place of a PRDH link/URL wherever they would have placed the PRDH link/URL (for example, included in a full citation). In the future, if the PRDH URL structure changes again, Aleš can update the template with the new URL structure, which will fix any broken links that are using the PRDH external link template.

    So the inline ref would look like this:  <ref>Birth, Death, Marriage, Parents Programme de Recherche en Démographie Historique, Université de Montréal (paid subscription){{PRDH|Individu|16054}}</ref>

    Where I enter what I want to say about the source, then the template goes in the brackets and then I close it with the /ref? and I would of course, enter the correct ID number.

    Oh I got it, just {{PRDH|Individu|xxxxx}} produces what's in the table.

    Thanks for your help.  Yes I understood the reason to have it, just not the logistics of usage.

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    Ales, I checked with Danielle and we both are good with the information i the template table.  We would be so happy if you can run the edits as soon as the schedule permits.  We appreciate your creative solution.
    by Cindy Cooper G2G6 Pilot (236k points)

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