Adding a row counter to a table?

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My practice as a cemeterist includes creating a freespace Table of Graves for the cemeteries I visit. (Example: Barlow Pioneer Cemetery) When trying to estimate a percentage of the cemetery that I have completed, it would be very helpful for my tables to be automatically numbered so I can see at a glance how many individuals I have, but I can't seem to figure out how to do that. I don't want to manually number them because I frequently find myself adding someone in the middle of a chart and don't want to have to re-number all the entries below them. Does anyone know how to create a column of automatic row numbers, or alternately have an automatic count at the bottom of a table?

in WikiTree Tech by Amber Brosius G2G6 Mach 2 (22.9k points)

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Amber, great question. 

So, several thoughts here:

1. No, there does not seem to be anything that works with the version of wikimedia right now

2. However, I am working on something similar for a research worksheet / log thing,

I hope to build an app to make it a lot easier to work with, something that will extract the guts from a given profile/free-space page, let you work with them easily and then give you the edited code that puts it back into wiki markup to paste back when you're done (including adding new rows, etc.) While I'm doing that, I could use variables to create row numbers. If/when I get it working, I'll try to remember to post back here. Seeing your page, I may try to restrict it to just the wiki tables found on the page rather than the entire thing. 

3. Do you want to see a really nasty kludge that nevertheless solves your problem? Ales is going to hate me....but I'm trying not to break his suggestions. If you

a. use <ref></ref> tags (but NOT empty or almost empty ones, so I put "just a numbering system kludge" as text in between mine)

b. include the <references /> tag at the bottom, but 

c. COMMENT it out by using <!--<references />--> (so it doesn't show up on the page, and so the in-line citations don't show up as something)

Then you get automatically numbered rows that increment every time you use it. (you can see this in action at the Crawford7109sandbox page above)

Now, I notice that you are using actual in-line citations, and basically one per row, so I suggest that instead of hacking it up like I did, 

1. you put what you *do* have for each of the headstones in the in-line citation, so that each row has *something*. 

2. don't comment out the <references /> tag, so that your inline citations actually work correctly

3. NAME the references so that you can re-use it on the same row in your Transcription column (or wherever you actually want the citation to be marking the fact in question (so even if the row is number 9, clicking on that OR the in-line citation takes you to the same reference citation down below)

There, bad idea communicated. Have fun!


by Jonathan Crawford G2G6 Pilot (202k points)
edited by Jonathan Crawford
To get a 'numbered list', not in tables, we can put # in front of each line, and ## to create a numbered list inside of the outer one, if we have no embedded blank lines, but that won't work inside the tables, I suspect.

Can you add a 'count' of one of the columns or ' count' of the rows in the table, which would tell you how many you have created?  It sounds like that is what you are really trying to do.

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