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I asked a question yesterday about a lot of duplicates associated with one profile as a result of that profile having been successfully merged.  Before asking I did my homework and learned it was believed the duplicate wives and children of the husband of the merged profile, were a result of two duplicate gedcoms having been added.  So I asked if it was possible to remove the entries (with a computer program) of one of the gedcoms, which was a question the person who thought she had added two, had asked.

Someone responded that the person who thought she had added two gedcoms had not even added one.  So, clearly, at that point my question about whether or it was possible for duplicate entries to be removed (via a computer program) from one of two gedcoms the person said she added, had became a moot point.  So I will address the duplicates in the conventional way by suggesting merges. knowing the problem is not due to duplicate gedcoms.

However, I responded to that answer of no gedcoms having been added, by asking for clarity about how we know that.  Apparently that I asked this was considered an offensive personal complaint and criticism.  Of course it was not intended to be.

I would have appreciated a brief response to my question about the gedcoms - perhaps something simple enough for anyone to understand . . .  like: it is a matter of programming it was possible to check.  I was not asking for a time consuming computer programming lesson about a technical process, nor was I questioning the veracity of the statement.  But I also was not prepared to be accused of personally criticizing and complaining about several people simply because I ask those two questions.

Apparently, I admittedly DID commit the offense of mentioning a person by name, though I was not being critical of anyone nor complaining about anyone which I was told I had been accused of doing.  So I will avoid mentioning any names in future posts.  And I do make the mistake too often of putting too much information into one post which I actually do work at trying to avoid doing.

I  did, after all, sign the honor code like everyone else.  And I am simply not a person who wants to or chooses to blame and criticize people about errors.  I choose instead to correct the errors when possible.  And if I can not then I leave them alone, or ask for assistance.   I just wanted to post this to apologize to anyone who was offended by my questions, that I asked them, or how I asked them.  Mary
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in WikiTree Tech by Mary Gossage G2G6 Mach 2 (23.4k points)

I have not seen that discussion, so all this is off the top of my head and about the words "you, your, yours" and "I, me, my, mine"

IF you used the actual words "How do you ..." that would be taken as personal, from using the word "you". Likewise the words your, yours.  Had you said How can I find out  if someone has not loaded or loaded twice a gedcom?  it would come across as personal-not them but personal-me. 

WE is an inclusive word; me, mine, I, my, segregates yourself from them, and from you, yours .  I suppose we all should be more conscious of our pronouns -- I'm reviewing the list myself -- What Is a Singular Pronoun?

Mary I understand your frustration at being misunderstood.  Hopefully it will be a learning process going forward.  Indeed, often what we are thinking when we write on the internet is not what others are thinking when they read our words.  It is easy to read too much, or too little, into written words when there is no voice or inflection to judge the words you are reading rather than hearing.  I read your post twice and aside from offering some sympathy, I don't understand if you still have an unresolved question.  If you do, please let us know what it is so that we can answer it.

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I posted a comment on your previous question regarding this issue.

The member uploaded duplicate GEDCOMs, but did not create any profiles directly from those GEDCOM.

The member, instead, created profiles manually. All duplicates were created manually by this member.

Uploading a GEDCOM does not create any profiles. The GEDCOM must be processed first, through the GEDCOMpare process. The GEDCOMpare process prevents any automatic profile creation. The member must consciously and deliberately create the profiles.

Profiles that are created via GEDCOMpare are identified in the Changes log as having come from a GEDCOM. A statement similar to the following will be included in the Changes log:

(Imported data from GEDCOM upload #144873, Person P1)

None of the profiles created by the member had such a statement, so we know they were not created from the GEDCOM process.

by Lindy Jones G2G6 Pilot (232k points)

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