Migration AdminEntity - then or now?

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I'm adding migration category for a person who emigrated from France in 1840 . At the time the AdminEntity was Charente-Maritime. But since 2016 that has been redistricted to Nouvelle-Aquitaine, which is on the list of approved AdminEntities under [[Space:Migration_Category_Structure#Country_division]] . 

Should he come under "Charente-Maritime, Emigrants" or "Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Emigrants" ?

(I actually created the latter already, neither existed, easily enough undone though I guess.

WikiTree profile: Joseph Libeau
in Policy and Style by Matt McNabb G2G6 Mach 2 (20.6k points)
Categories for pre-1790 emigration from France have been created and used provinces. There were about two dozens of those. There is no sub-categorization of France migration categories after 1790. I simply use "France, Emigrants" combined with "AdminEntity, Immigrants from France" because I don't see a point in making migration categories for 90+ departments when the emigration was (with a few exceptions) not very significant historically. (Post-1790 emigrants have few descendants on WikiTree and so far the interest in them has been extremely limited). - 90 emigration admin entities times all the possible destinations will make an enormous number of possible categories. I hardly think that's advisable.

Please don't use Nouvelle-Aquitaine. These regions are extremely volatile. They have already changed once in less than 50 years of existence and will change again. The France project doesn't use them in categories and discourages using them in data fields. The departments are much more stable and should be preferred. But if you create a category for that, be aware that your profile will be alone in it, and for a very long time.

Another thing. The department of Charente-Maritime is absolutely still current. It still exists. It is only part of region, like all other departments, but they are very active admin entities. Also Charente-Maritime was called Charente-Inférieure until 1941.

I was not aware that the recommended country division for France was the 2016 regions and will look into this, because it's not appropriate. Thanks for the heads-up.

OK... for the level 3,4,5 migration categories, it is required to specify an AdminEntity for the source , and the level 2 page [[Category:France, Emigrants]] says that people should not be directly added to it, they should be added to level 4 or 5 only.   So I am not really sure what to do.

Listen to Isabelle, Matt. She is a categorization and France project leader, so she is coming to you from a place of experience.

Please use EXISTING location categories for migration. Projects have set up their countries in specific ways and we must use those for the migration categories.
Natalie, OK so to be clear, I should add the people from Charente-Inferieure directly to both Level 2 "France,Emigrants", and Level 3 "AdminEntity, Immigrants from France", and ignore the five-level system for the case of people from France? (post-1791, that is)

The categories Isabelle mentioned that she created pre-1790 are mainly from French provinces to Canada, New France, since there is a large number of migrants from France to here.  She is correct that emigration from France post-1790 is small, even here where many of those who do migrate wind up, due to same language, the numbers are quite low.  I've met a lot of immigrants to this country over time, very few of them were from France.  Guess the French prefer staying at home.  laugh

Danielle, yeah luckily for me some did come to New Zealand . Apparently they thought they were coming to settle a new French colony but they landed to find the British had gotten in first

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