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I believe this may be the baptismal record for Marie (Hausková-1), but is not in the format I am accustomed to.  Can someone please translate for me.   (record #244)

Thank you !
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The handwriting is very messy so my translation might not be entirely correct but here it is:

Record number 239

Monday 8th April

Here in parish church of Jan Křtitel on Ejpovice (which is in Pilsen region - where I am from - near Rokycany) was baptised a daghter from marital bed rightly/properly concieved - the next bit is hard to read but it says that father is Jan Haupka (could also be Hauska or later be turned into Hauska) vulgo Danielik (not sure about that one), a farmer, and mother Barbora.

The godparents were: Barbora, wife of Jan Petr (unsure about the last name), Zuzana, wife of Jakub ?.

That's all I could read. The record writers have quite a good handwriting until about 1800 and anything before that id quite challenging to read.
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Thank you but that is the wrong record.   Mine is record #244.

Jan may be related though, and I will definitely use the translation to help me with other records.  I can pick words out here and there as I go, but having a translation helps me "learn" the language.

If you have time, could you translate #244 on the opposite page for me ?    THANK YOU !
Sure, no problem. On that one is hard to make out the date, possibly Monday after Sunday the 13th, but it is definitely in September.

The record itself starts off the same as the other one (all of the records on those two pages seem to be from Jan Křtitel church in Ejpovice. The family should most likely be from the village/town of Přešín.

Father's first name is most likely Vojtěch. Mother is Lydmila (but could also be Ludmila as that is the current version of the name). The Godparents are: Barbora, wife of Jan ?, Magdalena wife of ? ? vulgo Kuban and Jan ?

I can't really get anything more. The handwriting is quite messy.
Hello, her birth date is 7 September ("narozena dne 7. téhož" =  born on the 7 day of the same [month]). She was baptised on 9 September 1743, which was a 2nd Monday after the 13th Sunday after the Pentecost. I must say that this is a really complicated way to determine the date by the parish priest. The Easter Sunday in 1743 was on 14 April, and you go from there. You correctly noticed that her first name is Maryana (standard spelling "Mariana"). The standard form of the surname would be "Houšková", as the digraph "ou" used to be transcribed as "au" until the 1840s orthography reforms. Her father is Vojtěch Daňhel Houška ("otec Vogtiech Daňhel, hospodarz na zywnosti Daňhelowske, przyrozeny geho przigmieni dle przedkuw geho gest Hausska" - this means that he took the possession of a farm previously held by the Daňhel family, probably when the former owner died childless and the property got reassigned by the lord from one serf to another. Her mother is Lydmila (standard spelling "Lidmila").
Thank you Tomáš !   I had her father's name and her name appeared as Marie on her marriage & death records, but I wasn't entirely sure that this was her -both because she is listed as Maryana and because of all the "other stuff" for her father.   I am now confident that she is the correct person (there were no other Vogtech Hauskas listed anywhere near this time frame.)  I am not as comfortable regarding the birth record for her father -especially with what you said about him taking over the farm.  He may have come from another village and the record is not that legible (to me, anyway) to be confident in it.  Thank you again for your help !!

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