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I have been using WikiTree Apps MergeEdit to update my watchlist profiles for thr last year.  This evening it has stopped worked. I get a you are already logged on message and when I logoff and logon again as suggested I still get the your are already logged on message.  What has changed please?


in WikiTree Tech by John Gilroy G2G2 (2.0k points)
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Could you also add "bug" or "bugs" as a tag? and "sysops"?
Have done it.
Well that SHOULD get some attention. If not by this time tomorrow shoot another one at WikTree Tech ... likely they are understaffed and underpaid if paid at all

Besides a lot of other bits of WT are suffering delays and / or balking at performance so it may be just a matter of being patient for a day or two ...

Considering the Real World conditions (politics, pandemics, hackers, and the etc which appears to be a long list) which are affecting www, a few delays on a genealogy app is "to be expected"

Further to my last, hope this info helps.  Cleared all the chrome cache's on all my devices that have been logged into WikiTree.  the MergeEdit then worked for several profiles before the "already logged in message" appeared.  The first time it appeared I forced a cache clear on the page and the next profile updated ok through MergeEdit.  However all subsequent attempts have failed and clearing the cache has no impact.  The problem also manifests itself in Microsoft Edge and Firefox.


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Are you accessing MergeEdit from a program hosted somewhere other than the apps server? It might be the same issue that people are having with WikiTree X, that started when Chrome made some security updates. We are currently working on a fix.
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (488k points)

Yes I am accessing MergeEdit from my own server.  However the problem also occurs if I use Microsoft Edge.  

Did this ever get fixed?  I still have this problem with the MergeEdit sample page, it works if I use it onsite at WikiTree, but if I download it and serve it, even unchanged, from another site, it does not work, I get an error page that says 'already logged on'.

I have found it is possible to initiate the MergeEdit by encoding all the parameters onto the url and calling, but, that does not work with longer (i.e. typical) bio markup text as the url length limit is exceeded.

Any help with this?

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