When does someone stop being a Huguenot? [closed]

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The attached profile has the Huguenot sticker. While he was an immigrant, he himself was not a Huguenot refugee; he was descended of Huguenots who fled France to Switzerland almost 100 years before he was born. 

Is there a sticker for Huguenot descendants who were not themselves refugees? Or does he fall completely out of the scope of the Huguenot project?

Please advise. Thanks.

WikiTree profile: Jean Flournoy
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Related question: it appears that the Huguenot project only has project boxes although the project page (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Huguenot_Migration) calls them "stickers" 

I'm asking because I'm encountering protected profiles without a project account where there is both a US Southern Colonies Project Box and a Huguenot template. In some cases, project protection is no longer necessary and I'm converting the US SC project box to a sticker and moving it below the Bio header. 

But that leaves the Huguenot project box above the bio header, and that's still going to generate an error, right? 

I guess I'll just leave these for the H. project to figure out, but if I could help clean up these errors while working on the  US SC errors, I'd save other volunteers time. I just don't know what to do for profiles that do NOT need protecting but have the H. template still on them... Thanks.

I have a couple of ancestors that were Jewish who were part of the Huguenot migration. Over the years some intermarried with the Huguenots and of course went back to Judaism when they got to the diaspora.

one ancestor was from Portugal and was Jewish. During the inquisition they escaped to the languedoc, where the Huguenots lived. They escaped France and came to Virginia on a Huguenot ship.

Are they Huguenots?
> are they Huguenots?

Not by the current definition.

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The dictionary definition that I looked at had this:

a French Protestant of the 16th-17th centuries. Largely Calvinist, the Huguenots suffered severe persecution at the hands of the Catholic majority, and many thousands emigrated from France.
by Frank Gill G2G Astronaut (2.7m points)
Thanks, Frank. Under the dictionary definition, then this particular emigrant would not be qualified to be called a Huguenot. But I think WikiTree's Huguenot project has a broader definition.
What is the WikiTree definition of Huguenot?

The project itself says: "This Project seeks to acknowledge people who self-identified as religious Huguenots, sometimes called "French Huguenots," who lived between 1540 and 1790, spoke French, or a language associated with French, were Protestant or "Reformed" Christians, and were somehow persecuted or discriminated against so that they chose to leave their home (either within France or a mixed-language borderland such as Wallonia, Flanders, Artois, Hainaut, Franche Comte, or Alsace-Lorraine...), and find a better life abroad."

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The Huguenot Project says:

"It includes "2nd & 3rd generation" Huguenot family members, born outside their parents' French-speaking homeland, who then migrated beyond Protestant Europe to North & South America, South Africa, the East Indies etc."

by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (2.0m points)
Thanks, Ros. Technically, while the attached profile emigrated beyond Protestant Europe, he was 4th generation. So.... does he get the sticker/template or not?
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In my humble opinion, this profile should have the {{Huguenot Descendant}} sticker.

The Huguenot Project does have both a Project Box, and stickers for profiles that do not need project management.  So, the first question is whether this profile needs project management. (I can't answer that one.)

The most commonly used stickers are:

{{Huguenot Emigrant}} for those who actually emigrated.

{{Huguenot Emigrant Family|relation}} for the 2nd and 3rd generations.

{{Huguenot Descendant}} for 4th generation and beyond down to today (including me!)
by Bartley McRorie G2G6 Pilot (173k points)

I don't see that any of these use "sticker" -- I tried {{Huguenot Sticker}} and it came out red.  Without the word "sticker" the template is -- as I understand it -- a project box, placed above the == Biography == header and requires project co-management.

Please advise. Thanks.

Just {{Huguenot}} is the project box (see https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Template:Huguenot). But {{Huguenot Descendant}} is a sticker (see https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Template:Huguenot_Descendant)

Okay, that format is different from other projects. All projects I'm familiar /involved with use the word "Sticker" to distinguish stickers from project boxes.

But thanks; now I know-- at least for this project.
I do not monitor G2G as routinely as others but your interpretation is mistaken, Jillaine.  When our project, which was among the first to set up "stickers," did so, there was no requirement to use the word "sticker".  Both stickers and project boxes use the {{ }} bracket form but the Project Box is merely "Huguenot" whereas the stickers are more specific as we distinguish between actual Emigrants,  born in France or a Borderland, their Immediate Family, born in non-French-speaking lands, and Descendants, down from the 4th Generation.

Jillaine, please contact me by e-mail with the WikiTree-ID of those Southern Colonist profiles that concern you and I am sure we can collaborate to find a solution if there is a problem, OK ?  Thanks!
Not sure what interpretation you're referring to Chet.

I now understand that the Huguenot project set up its templates before the "sticker" distinction practice kicked in.  

You might want to clarify the distinction on the project page as has been done here, so it's clear to users which is the box that belongs above the Bio header (and requires a project account as co manager) and which are the stickers that belong below the Bio header (and don't require co management).

The profile I was asking about is linked above. But the matter has been resolved and I will close this thread.

Thanks everyone for the clarifications.
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In Charlestown South Carolina there is and was a strictly Huguenot church.

I would make the argument that they continued to be Huguenots.
by Wanda Richards G2G6 Mach 1 (11.0k points)
You'll need to take that up with the project, Wanda.

This particular thread was to clarify the current stance of the project so I know what sticker to use. If you'd like to change the criteria used by the project, I think that would need to be a separate g2g thread.
Thank you for your comment, Wanda. Like many other descriptive adjectives, "Huguenot" has been defined and redefined to include (or exclude) many different people at different times & places.  The Huguenot Migration Project on WikiTree =  https:wikitree/wiki/Project:Huguenot_Migration

has clear definitions of how "Huguenot" applies to our Project and on WikiTree.  As noted elsewhere, this can be debated but this is what the Project has decided.  As a general rule, we include ALL French-speaking, French-culture people living in the time period specified (so NOT currently-living people) who were religious Protestant Christians (this would exclude people of other faiths who masqueraded as Huguenots) and therefore persecuted for their religious beliefs so that they emigrated out of their homeland (France or a French-cultural borderland).  I believe ALL profiles that are "protected" or "managed" with a Project Box = {{Huguenot}} - fall in this category.  In addition, we identify 1) Family members born outside of the French-culture-speaking homeland down to Grandchildren - 3rd generation 2) Descendants from 4th Generation to Today 3) Non-emigrating Huguenots who remained in France or a Borderland and managed to keep their identity 4) Protestant Huguenot ancestors of later Emigrants but who lived and died in France or Borderland etc.   These are only Identified by a Sticker (see project page for exact templates) - these Templates do not say "Sticker" but they go below the Biography header and are not Project Boxes.

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