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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Time for Taps! See you soon!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard
Haha! No, Loretta, I just had lots of time on my hands for a change what with all the rain and being stuck in the house.

Actually, today I had only a few what with keeping up with the Chat, tons of emails (not just WikiTree), Discord messages and Google Chat messages. Planning appointments (three tomorrow). It’s been a very busy day! Whew!

Who might we need to talk with about additional contribution badges (maybe 500 and 2000 to not overdo it) and see who might be able to automate this. I am not very techno savvy (as you know), but there are several WT wonks who might know how to do this. It would be time-saving for whomever is doing this by hand as well!
I’m not too hot at it either, but there’s gotta be a way!
Okay, guys. We have t-minus 11 hours until Pip's YouTube debut. Synhcronize watches and prepare to give him an 8 AM wake up call by spamming his inbox! =D
You are evil and must be destroyed. (Shirley Macclain in Steel Magnolias)
True evil is to submit to you. (Picard in Tng “Skin of Evil”)
Pip, since you are into "tartan" and you are getting lots of rain, have you come across contrado.com? You can get an umbrella with each of the 8 panels in a different pattern. Pricy, very pricy but they do have some interesting options. A friend has used them for printing on silk and found that they do a good job.
Here in New Orleans we are getting ready for two hurricanes. We are right in the middle of both last I checked. It is not raining yet. Already made the grocery run. Tomorrow we'll pick up everything loose in the yard - lawn furniture, potted plants, bikes, turn over tables, etc. I am spending some time doing my favorite thing today - this! It is a good distraction during bad weather as long as the power stays on. My one wish is that more people would upload photos!  We lost almost all of ours in Hurricane Katrina, fifteen years ago. The ones that we have were the ones I had scanned, those I scan when I go visiting, and some given me by other family members.  Protect your photos by scanning everything, passing copies to family members and unloading when you can.  They are so easily lost.
Hi Cathleen, growing up in New Orleans from the fifties, we would have loved to have been able to save things to the web, but high tech was a party line.

These days I've retired to the breezy rainy hills of North east Wales, but the Big Easy will always be home.

Good luck with the storm(s).

That is sad about your pictures. Best of luck with the storms, if they cause power losses that means I will be working! Day and night until restored... but I'm sure feverently hoping they cancel each other out somehow.

James....party line had 4 neighbors on , the things you knew about the neighbors, and the fight to get to use the phone.  Kids don't know how good they have it, your own cell phone, kiddin' me.

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Welcome to the weekend everyone. We have also had (lots of) rain, and are concerned for all those who had bad windstorms and are threatened by serious fires and hurricanes currently forming.

On the genealogy front, I've continued on my 'project', and you might say that "Phase 1" is finished. See my post on Finding Unsourced Profiles.

I am continuing on this quest, now adding some things related to dates. My husband says that this "work" is more like work and that I'm even more intense that when working on genealogy. It has made me discover how much I really do enjoy programming, and have missed it. I've also discovered how much I have forgotten since retiring 10 years ago.

by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (624k points)
Keep up the good work!
My wife is a WikiTree Widow, Kay. She sez I really didn’t retire. I just moved from one computer to another, work office to home office.
Hi Kay! It sounds like you've been busy as a bee. Keep up the good work!
Love your project. I would love to see an app for this that could be used to target a location and timeframe. I do know how much work it is (I'm a retired software engineer).

Pip, get your wife hooked on WT. I finally have mine adding her family.
Doug, I have asked... begged... her more than once. No dice!
Doug - yes so far about 2500 SLOC. And I do plan to learn how to create an app. As for your target location and timeframe....we could probably use either Search or search via WikiTree+ to get a list of profiles to check. Too many and it quickly gets time prohibitive. One thing I have seen is that once you find a profile if you then walk through their ancestors or relatives you will likely find many more.
Hi Kay! Thanks for all your hard work!

Kay, I really wish you could send us some rain ... but without the lightning strikes, thank you, and no tornadoes, thank you, we have our own this last week spotted in NorCal and without  major heat wave, thank you, we're just barely recovering from last week's crying  

LOL, Pip, same with my husband. "I don't know; they all came over from Germany before WWI." "What part?" "Uh...Bavaria?...meh..." ;)
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Crazy week with hot and cold weather, and slowly getting cranky from the total absence of any festival this summer.

And I joined the "You can join if you are called Karen" team. Even though I messed up a bit on my first day I seem to be still in wink. Great way to learn a lot more about the great people here at Wikitree.

by Michel Vorenhout G2G6 Pilot (326k points)
Same here, Michel. Cranky for all the festivals I’ve missed already and future ones that have already been cancelled. Scottish games in Columbia, Charlotte, Grandfather Mountain, Charleston. Sick’ning!

You’re doing great in the “Karen Project!”
Hi Michel! It's good to have you here and as part of the Project. :)
Our big festival is in June and they've rescheduled it for September.  Fingers crossed...
Our big festival is usually September but was recently cancelled. I will miss the festival part but I wasn't ready to work the clan tent this year.
Hi SJ! What festival?
Doug, the biggest one around here, Grandfather Mtn., was cancelled, and I was crushed. I enjoy working he clan tent at games. Not the main host, but just to help out. THe Macneil tent.

Listening and viewing it at home, sitting down on a chair... .it is not the same.


I hope the artists can survive this shutdown. Someone I know had to fire over a 100 people this week...

We're so glad to have you as part of the gang! You're doing awesome!
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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

Like I said in Pip's main post, I have a bit of a whopper to tell you all about and I honestly would REALLY want your takes on the situation. But, first. Let's take a look at this week's 52 Ancestors blog: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2020/08/52-ancestors-week-34-chosen-family.html

This week's blog is all about my Aunt Mimi and Uncle Pete. They weren't related by blood. Just an old couple who used to take care of my brother and I when we were young. We would visit them even all the way through high school. They were fantastic people. I haven't made profiles for them. But, I should. I know Pip would get on my case about it if I don't. He's like J. Jonah Jameson in that regard. Always wanting pictures of Spider-Man....

Next up on the genealogy front, I probably did something a little crazy. For a long time I didn't have any Thrulines on Ancestry for Tommaso Tedesco. I thought that was odd because I have a TON of cousins on the Tedesco side as evidenced by my DNA matches. And they all have trees. I thought that was so odd.

So, I thought long and hard and decided to remove Antonio Tedesco's parents and put in a new set of parents on Ancestry. Suddenly Thrulines appeared and things I know about the Tedesco family and my family began to click and make sense. My mind was sufficiently blown away!

My great-aunt's highest DNA match in the Tedesco family is a lady she shares 100 cMs or more with, making her 2nd cousins. There was no way this tree reflected that. I built it up a few gens and STILL no Thrulines. That was so odd.

I know we should take Thrulines with a grain of salt. But, things didn't make sense. Now they do! For example:

1. My great-aunt has told me time and time again that her mother, my great-grandmother, was first cousins with my DNA match's great-grandfather.

2. My match's grandfather was my grandfather's best man. And in Italian families that  position is usually reserved for blood relatives. The match's grandfather would be his first cousin once removed.

3. The same grandfather also later became my father's godfather and the family was at or were invited to his wedding to my mother.

4. Antonio's new mother is named Caterina Rocca. My great-aunt's middle name is Catherine. My dad's cousin's name is Cathie. In Italian families, a daughter's middle name is usually a grandmother's first name. Yes, my great-aunt has a Caterina grandmother. However....

my second cousin's ancestor was named Caterina as well.

So, the conclusion I have to draw is....I screwed up the tree! ROYALLY! I should change the tree to reflect the changes I discovered. But, part of me wants to wait for evidence. But, the DNA evidence is dancing in front of me. One small change and boom everything changed. It was like a set of dominoes were falling.

I know everything sounds a bit crazy. Hell, I'm not even sure if this makes sense. But, everything clicks now. I checked WATO and the shared CM project to be sure. I asked in Genetic Genealogy tips and techniques. I even e-mailed the DNA match. Everything makes so much sense now. The family wouldn't have had very distant relatives be integral parts of the family.

It's still a shame that the families drifted apart after Marco died. But, we're still thriving and looking for answers and I think I found them.

What are your takes on everything? When should I change this tree: https://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Tedesco-Family-Tree-103

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I have a lot to think about.

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (804k points)
edited by Chris Ferraiolo
Thanks, Chris.  The original findings were published in a book without enough detail, but I will look for some members of that family - they seem quite involved in their family history.
No problem. Good luck!
Great job as always, Chris!
Thanks, Azure! =D
Glad you were able to put the DNA pieces together !  

I did so for my husband back in 2015 and he gained a half brother that is also a great new friend.  Verbal confirmation from an Uncle also confirmed a second surname change with the Grandfather that I was finding in the DNA matches.  Ask questions while you can!
Definitely will. My great-aunt has matches with this family in the hundreds cM range and a few below. All make logical sense.

laugh ACTUALLY, Chris, due to my brief but educational dip into marriage with a Scicilian (my spelling was last seen boarding a train for distant parts) the description you gave sounds "normal" ... 

Thanks, Susan! Italian tradition is interesting to say the least. :)

laugh Okay, Blogmeister Chris, "interesting" has to be The Classic Understatement .... I once listened to what sounded like a fist-city type of yelling, with gestures ... in Italian ... turned out, said the spouse of that time, it was merely a discussion of the weather and the lemon tree out back  ... well, that's what he said.  Looked more like a loud major declaration of war to me

Italians don't talk. We yell....a lot. =)

Anyway, here's an update on the situation: I was talking to my cousin in San Pietro about the Tedescos and she said Antonio had 4 brothers and not one of them was Fortunato, the ancestor of many of the Tedesco people I have DNA matches with. Then again Fortunato died when her grandfather was very young. So he might not know of him. I have no idea. The grandfather was born in the 1930s. Fortunato passed away in 1940. I'm confused because my great-aunt's highest DNA match is a Tedesco cousin who shares 133 cMs and she descends from Fortunato.

Now what?


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Hi Pip from a rather breezy North Wales.

I demonstrated the chrome extension I am beta testing for WikiTree on Monday and anyone who is interested can view the recording https://youtu.be/jppWdxOe6ds starting about 1hr 15 minutes into the recording. 

I also demonstrated another extension known as ORA or Online Repository Assistant that is helping me with my citations. This is a subscription based add on but well worth the $24 a year as you can use it to autotype citations into your desktop genealogy software program. You do need to be running Windows 10 so not available if you are using any other system.  More information about it https://www.ora-extension.com/en/index.htm#/ .

by Hilary Gadsby G2G6 Pilot (329k points)
Thanks for these links, Hilary! I'll be watching for sure!
Oh, and also I'm thinking about ordering a kilt in Glyndwr. It's very dark but I don't have a Welsh kilt yet. The tartan is a recent creation. (I already have a vest in the Welsh Williams Tartan, very beautiful.)
It is really cool to see the extension live at work. Thanks a lot for that!
Hi Hilary! The extension sounds interesting. I probably won't be able to run it on my Android but I still find it interesting.
Hi Hilary,

Thanks for your update! I mentioned (I think) on Discord that I purchased ORA about a month ago now. I do have Windows 10; however, I still cannot find/figure out how to 'upload' ORA. I followed the set up instructions, but cannot even find an icon or way to access the program. Now that I am back from university, I will see if I can contact someone at ORA to assist. Your samples show the tremendous value of such a program! Your demonstrations are awesome!
Hi Hilary,

I just found the section where you are demonstrating the beta testing. It was really super! I also saw you do some navigating with ORA, which was very helpful to me! This issue for me is DOWNLOADING or FINDING  ORA if I have downloaded it on my computer. I believe it is John Cardinal who forwarded the download instructions. I will send and email to see if he can help me. I would like to put the ORA icon (if there is one one) on my 'task bar'. Thank you again for pointing out that section on beta-testing. Extremely helpful!

Hi Hilary,

Thanks for demonstrating the WikiTree AGC (Automatic GEDCOM Cleanup) Chrome extension.

For anyone else interested in it there is a free space page here: https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Space:WikiTree_AGC



This is so great, Hilary! Very exciting!
This sounds really interesting (full disclosure, I haven't watched the video). I might just have to switch from Firefox to Chrome. My computer was getting really slow, and there were several articles (if you can believe what you read on the internet) that Firefox was the most memory efficient. I have since upgraded computer (a gamer laptop is a perfect solution for genealogy) and there is a Chrome distro for Linux. That's one way to cleanup bookmarks.
Hello Hilary from north east Wales (Corwen).

Thanks for the information,.

Breezy is the word, not to mention the rain, think it will ever stop.

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Hi everyone! :) It has been a while since I've posted in the chat. I hope everyone is doing well. It's cloudy here today.

HOME: I've been trying to stay home when I'm not working. Three employees at work have COVID-19.

My Grandma has been walking good since breaking her hip in April. She uses her walker of course. (She tries not to sometimes but she is supposed to.)

I've been getting back into coding and creating websites. I had stopped doing it for a while.

GENEALOGY/WIKITREE: I've still been greeting here on WikiTree. I found DNA matches to my mtDNA Haplogroup: U4c1a on Geni. I've been trying to investigate and message people but none of them have messaged me back. I did this over a month ago. It has me thinking that maybe my brick wall direct 5th great maternal grandmother might have been adopted or something odd is going on.
by Greta Moody G2G6 Pilot (203k points)

Greta, I don't even know what to do with my mtDNA result. You say you went to Geni to look for matches. I have a brickwall in my mt line. I know the father, but not the mother. Only goes back to 1796.

I know about not wanting to use things I'm supposed to be (like your grandmother). I have a couple of braces I need to wear during some activities, and I'd just rather not. Bet I'll pay for that, too! indecision

Stay safe and healthy and I hope your grandma feels better!
+25 votes

Hello Wikikin!  Hope everyone is having a splendid week!  Over here we are hot and humid all week, very muggy and the only relief is to jump in the sea!

I try to get in some genealogy projects between the kids but it seems it gets harder every month.  Everyone is healthy and busy and now we're getting ready to return to school assuming that they open.  While swimming the other day at dusk I saw flights and flights of "V" shaped formations of migrating birds and it tells me we're on the down-slope of summer frown

Looking forward to reading everyone's replies.

Edit to add:

Just returned for a swim with my 5 year old dauhter in the sea.  We swam as the sun set, watched the lights come on in the cities along the bay, the thin crescent moon near the western horizon, the water a mix of green and reflections of yellow and pink from the twilight sky.  It is my favorite time of the day.  The water is nearly 27 degrees (about 80 f) and it is comfortble to swim for hours.

While paddling around I wondered where all of my Wikitree time went this weekend as I didn't do any genealogy and then I remembered that I did, it just wasn't for me.  I've been working on the father-in-law's profile for our very own Robin Shaules.  I only took on the military section of the profile and it is nearly complete.

I found all sorts of interesting bits about his military career including service in the Special Forces (Marine Raiders), participation in two campaigns, and all sorts of interesting bits.  Some help from other genealogists really brought home the value of Wikitree - volunteers helping each other and finding things that an individual couldn't find on their own.  In that case I suspected that he was involved in the invasion of the Russells Islands and another Treer found him on the ship's manifests on the eve of the invasion.  What a find!

In other news, I asked my wife if she would donate one of her sewing projects as a gift for the upcoming Scan-a-Thon.  She agreed and donated a sunglass/phone case.  Some pics (all the details are hand sewn):

some more examples of her creations: https://www.instagram.com/annabaty_bordado/

by SJ Baty G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
edited by SJ Baty
Yep, kids will definitely get in the way of other things, but in the end that is the most important investment of our time, right? You are a blessed man.

I'm not looking forward to the end of summer. We have had such a mild one, I think we might pay for that with a brutal winter.
Hi SJ! I love bird watching and that would have been great to see. :)

Bird watching IS great.    We've always fed birds in the winter but this year we've put out humming bird feeders for the first time.    What fun they are to watch.   I thought they'd be shy and passive but quite the opposite.   They're very territorial and aggressive.   I can sit on the front porch just feet away and they don't care.

My cousin mentioned she has sat motionless with an outstretched finger and they'll perch on her finger.  laughlaugh   (Perhaps she has more patience than I do.)

Hi SJ,

It sounds like a wonderful time with your daughter. These are very precious experiences that build memories. Your children will be grown and gone before you know it. Wikitree? Always here.

Those phone/glass case holders are really lovely and what a kind idea to donate one for the SAT!

I saw your write up for Robin's father-in-law and it is really excellent. It gave me some ideas for my Uncle Ben's profile.

Have a wonderful weekend with the family and the WT family.

Let your wife know her    " sewing project"  is an incredible prize for the Scan-A-Thon.    I would love to have such a personalized glasses case.

Until later.
Compliments to your wife, very nice, and obviously lots of work.
Hi SJ, your wife does beautiful work!

Hummingbirds: outside the sun porch is a half-dead, some-kind-of-dogwood-relative bush (casualty of last Thanksgiving's storm) that has now been completely taken over by jewel weed. We don't pull it up because the hummers love it and can get very territorial. Hours of entertainment.
Those are beautiful, SJ !  Sewing is not my thing, she does nice work.
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Good Morning Wiki cousins,

 Pip, how do you get so many contributions? I can't even get to 500. I know most of it is when you join challenges. I never do good in the connectors challenges. Now with wikitreeX broken I will be adding fewer profiles cause of my carpel tunnel which is very painful.

   We have been getting a lot of rain too. It has been getting a lot cooler at night, Fall is coming.

  Our vegetable garden didn't do good at all. We did get a few squash, couple cucumbers, and green beans but not enough to can.

Have a great day and stay safe.
by Dallace Moore G2G6 Pilot (159k points)
Hey there, Dallace! I’ve missed you!

I have a wrist brace that I wear when I feel the pain coming. It’s not so much the typing as the copying citations with a mouse that gets me.

I haven’t worked much on my wife’s family since I joined WikiTree. She mentioned it a couple of weeks ago as she was telling stories she knew. I thought I’d better hop to. There are hundreds of profiles to create, maybe a couple of thousand actually, so I just sit and start creating. A lot of what I am looking for is in my personal database, but her family seems to have pretty good sourcing on FS, so on the hunt I go. That’s how I got so many contributions this month. If I work on already created profiles, I get a lot less.

I have missed you too, Pip. 

I have a brace too, but sometimes I forget to put it on. I have a bad case of CRS. (Can't remember s**t)

 If I move my thumb wrong it is very painful, feels like it is burning on the inside. Mine is in my left hand but I can feel it trying to start up in my right hand. 

I could create profiles faster if wikitreeX wasn't broken. sad

Mine is the right, the mouse clicking wrist. For my wife it’s her ring finger. Ick! We hate pain!

When did WikiTreeX go down. (I need to learn how to use it.)
The 14th is when it started acting up on me, but for a few others I think it was sooner than that.

For years it was an on and off again thing, but lately.... I do not want to think about the aging process! surprise

Pip?? I was talking about wikitreeX laugh.

Now my carpel tunnel has been coming on for years. but recently has been real bad for about six months.

Aging isn't allowed.<----- lol corrected typo blush

“Aging isn’t allowed.” I’m going to make a plaque and post that here at home. laugh

typo has been corrected laugh

My typos are the fault of autospell. I take no credit for any of mine! surprise

WikiTree X went down randomly for people because it was related directly to when you last updated the Chrome browser. It was the latest Chrome update that killed the current version of WikiTree X. Mine was working until Microsoft forced me to reboot due to their updates, and now Chrome reloaded with the latest updates and it's now broken on my last working computer in the house.

BUT - the team is hot on testing a new update to the extension and I'm hearing potentially good news that a fix is not far off, so I'd keep your eyes peeled for an announcement when that's ready to go.
Yes autocorrect gets me all the time!  I can't blame any hand affliction yet.... give me a few more years on Wikitree.... Seriously...

 ya'll sounds painful, so sorry.
Hi Dallace,  Sorry to hear about your Carpal Tunnel discomfort.......For what it's worth, my wife had the same, starting in 1984, and it wasn't 'til 2008, partly due to my concern about her wrists being operated on, that she finally got it done. We were constructing the Golden Ears Bridge over the Fraser River when she went in, on Thursday, and came back, on Monday, then repeated the other wrist shortly thereafter.....end of problem.    In 2017, a friend, who is a HD Mechanic , finally, had to repeat what I have described ......end of problem. I hope this can help anybody who has to make a decision.
Hi Scott,

I have been keeping my eye on G2G for any news about WikitreeX. I can't wait for it to return. It just makes things so much more easier when adding profiles.
Thanks John,

My son had to have an operation on his hands for carpal tunnel a few years ago. I knew I would be next and now the time has come. I'm not looking forward to it, but if I want to keep my hand working then I will need to do it.
+23 votes

Today is...



National Spumoni Day on August 21st celebrates a delicious frozen treat which hails from southern Italy. Traditionally, three molded layers of flavored gelato create a unique dessert. The creamy creation often includes candied fruits and nuts in two layers and with a third chocolate layer.

According to a Chicago Tribune article from July 4, 1979, a “genuine spumoni” recipe was brought to the United States from Nola, Italy in 1905. Salvatore Lezza started a bakery in Chicago along with his wife, Lucia. Their traditional recipe called for three layers of semifreddo – an almond layer, semisweet chocolate, and stracciatella. Stracciatella is a type of gelato with irregular bits of chocolate in it. However, around the United States, most spumoni will include a cherry layer with cherry bits, a layer of pistachio ice cream, and a layer of chocolate. Other varieties include hazelnut, vanilla, strawberry, pineapple, just to name a few. 

HOW TO OBSERVE National Spumoni Day:

Serve spumoni sliced and you will be the highlight of the day with its beautiful layers. It’s also considered the traditional way to serve the ice cream dessert.  However, the ice cream lends itself to being scooped, too. When first seeing spumoni, it looks a lot like Neapolitan. Minus the added fruits and nuts, the two ice creams are very similar. In fact, spumoni inspired the Neapolitan. It also inspired cakes, cookies, and other recipes as well. . Enjoy this Spumoni recipe and try it with this Italian Spumoni Cupcake recipe.

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)

I love Spumoni! I’m going to have to try that cupcake recipe. Sounds wonderful! Thanks, Dorothy! 

It really is good. There's this place nearby that makes great spumoni. I just like the gelato by itself. But, that's just me!
Time for a road trip!
I do love good spumoni.
One of my favs! Thans for sharing Dorothy!
Me too a market by our place in Florida makes good homade.
+23 votes

It's been a busy week for me. The garden is producing well which is both good and bad. Our second refrigerator died (one we use in the summer to hold excess produce) so it took a while to find one that could be delivered in less than 1-3 months. Found one that will delivered next week. We replaced the kitchen refrigerator a couple months ago. I finally started the front landscaping. Just a little more dirt to fill the ditch and then I can have gravel delivered and be done with it. I can only work short periods because the smoky air gets to be too much for me.

Genealogically, rewrote a couple of profiles, one of which led me to reading the subject's autobiography. Also started reading a biography of Hélène Desportes who was my ninth great grandmother. I need to spend more time on adding profiles and less on reading.smiley

by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (556k points)
Landscaping: I need a retaining wall near the road to flatten the slope. Too steep to ride, too hard to push mow. It’ll also keep the road water out of our yard. (A ditch does it, but that slope has gotta go!) I also need a shorter one nearer the drive, but that can wait.

Glad to hear the new fridge won’t be long in arriving! I know you have loads of stuff flowing out of that garden.
I can feel for you. on the long deliveries for refrigerators.  Ours died in May, so we shopped.  Only one store had even 1 refrigerator in stock that had features we wanted.  So that's the one we got, forget Consumer Reports.
Once the front drainage ditch is fixed and looking good I then need to put in some paths. That project is growing. Started at estimating 3 tons of flagstone. It is looking more like 4-5. (80 square feet per ton). Better to order all I need the first time since delivery is expensive.

This weekend will we will be making pesto to freeze. We usually only process the greens with some olive oil and freeze in ice cube trays. About 2 tablespoons per section. We do that with basil and parsley. This year we are also making carrot top pesto but that is going in jars not in cubes. Carrot tops are quite tasty.
Take it from someone who knows. Order all the flagstone you need, even a little extra (you’ll need it somewhere), on a single order. We used about four tins around our home, and if we had planned better, we’d have gotten it all at once.
My sympathies on your fridge, our dishwasher died about 2 weeks ago, and the earliest we can get a replacement is mid September.

Most sales people either on line or in person were completely uninterested in providing any info about what they carried or knowing what features we wanted.
Paper plates!  Ours broke a physical part, and was able to be repaired.  Still it was a first world nightmare using paper plates and eating out because I wanted to avoid handwashing those dishes for the week we waited.
We had it repaired about mid June, about $350, the repair person said it was a sensor, that if it malfunctioned again it wasn't worth having it fixed again, it's a 12 yr machine so time to get a new one. We are away for the next 2 weeks and hopefully it will get delivered the week after we get home.
Doug, I feel your pain. August must be the Moon of Dying Appliances...our fridge died last Saturday. Local store had one but couldn't deliver until the 28th, so hubby hooked up the trailer, went in Monday and picked it up. We managed to wrestle it up the steps and into the house without too much tooth-gnashing. Only had stuff in coolers for two days, lucky us.
D, it sure is. our cooktop that lost one burner that can't be repaired is now having other problems so we are looking for one that will fit in the counter where it needs to go (without a major remodel). Found one but waiting on the manufacturer to answer a question. The sales person said it shouldn't be used for home canning but that is one of our requirements.

Is your new fridge one of the "smart" ones? To get what we needed we had to get one with WIFi built in.
That's so true, our longest wait time for our refrigerator (in May) was the installer.   They said they have few people willing to work which made their scheduled jammed with appointments.  Even my repair guy for the dishwasher made me wait a week, when he is usually very fast.  Two days with coolers is maybe tolerable.  We had stuff in our neighbors fridge and another gave us freezer space.  Doug I hope you can get yours fast.  I've canned before but never thought that some stoves couldn't do it.  What's special that's needed?
Oh gosh, no, Doug! Those spy appliances give us the willies!
When we remodeled our kitchen we changed to a gas stove, for canning. We also got a better exhaust hood, which makes a big difference.
+22 votes

Hi from southern Ontario;

What have I done this week? I thought I was finished sorting boxes of memorabilia, not a chance, I found another box labelled Ross/ Richards/Rodgers miscellany, in it were of course more slides, loose not in a box, all the negatives for pics my mother took in the late 1950's and early 1960's. I vaguely remember her having a Brownie camera. 

Also, lots of newspaper clippings, weddings, funerals, and- I do remember this event a copy of a newspaper column published July 27, 1966, the day after we emigrated to Canada. We-all 6 kids and my parents were walking through Heathrow airport, in London, England. A reporter kept asking my parents why we were emigrating, my dad was a doctor. Doctors were leaving England for Canada, Australia, New Zealand and sometimes the U.S. every day. 

At that time in England GP's had no hospital privileges, if a patient was admitted to hospital, the family doctor never saw them again until after they were discharged.  Doctors were paid a set amount of money per patient per year for those who were on 'their patient list'. It didn't matter if they were seen once a year or 100 times a year. of course, the more patients were on the list the more income you had, but it meant working 12-15+ hours a day and most patients were seen at their homes. This included delivering babies at home. No appointment system existed for patients that were seen in 'the surgery'. There were times when I didn't see my dad for several days, he was so busy.  

One photo I found- I think/hope is of my 2 X grt grandfather Patrick Shaughnessy born 1845, on my mum's side, he was a collier, the picture shows a man standing next to a coal delivery wagon, on the side of the wagon it clearly says Birchenwood Colliery. It all fits; that colliery opened in 1901, it about 5 miles from where the family lived. He looks about 60 maybe older, he was still working in 1911. I have asked my cousins in England for a second opinion. 

What else, I thinking of donating a prize for the Source a thon, though and opinions wanted, my gift would be gardening advice. amongst other hats I wear I am a Master Gardener, plus about 10 years of university gardening related courses. I ran my own garden design and coaching business for many years. I have been a somewhat obsessed gardener since I was 6. 

For this to work the prizewinner would have to garden in climate zone 7 and colder, I have no experience with hot, dry climates. 

Other stuff; I will be asking to be made PM for many of my husband's ancestors, the current PM has not been on WT since 2012, I posted about it in G2G. 

Now I need to run around like a crazy person and get ready to go on holiday for 13 days!

Take care everyone, I'll be back-M 

by M Ross G2G6 Pilot (787k points)
M, just when I think I’ve gone through everything, like you I find some other file or box, and off I go looking stuff up again. It seems never ending. Congrats on your discoveries, especially the photo with your aunt.
Good luck on identifying the image - it is so nice to have photos of the ancestors and I hope you can identify the person in it.
Patrick is the only relative that makes sense, the other 2 X grt grandfather was dead before 1901, and he was the town beggar, yes that's what it says on the census. I can't think of anyone else who would be the right age and that the family would have a picture of, I suppose he could be a total stranger but why keep the picture.

There is a resemblance to his grandson, my maternal grandfather, waiting to hear from the cousins
The gardening advice would be an amazing prize. Please consider donating it. You have my very emphatic vote for doing so.
+22 votes
Bonjour!  That's not what they say in Tucson, but some days my head is very full of french from the Acadians.  It's been hot and dry, though last night we had a good thunderstorm and the overnight temps finally went below 80.

I've been working on a family with some LNAB problems.  The mother had 5 children before getting married.  The first one - no clue as to the father and the priest gave a name of Landri after marking the name ***.  He used Landri in his life.  Is that what I should use for LNAB?  The next four said who the father was but also that he wasn't married to the mother.  Do they get the mother's name then?  And then the couple decided to make it legal, got married and had two more kids - those are easy enough to name.  I'm sure this is more common today than it was back then.  Then they got married, had 10 or 20 kids, if one died the other remarried.   I have rarely come across children before marriage.  Any advice would be appreciated before I resort to G2G for help.

by Cindy Cooper G2G6 Pilot (347k points)

Cindy, if you go to G2G in this one, you’re going to hear that it should be the earliest documented LNAB. Not always a good and fast rule. I’ve had difficult with that one, particularly in my Lawing family.

Well that's good enough for now.  The Landri one was suggested by the Priest but also used on his marriage, spelled exactly the same way as the Priest did years before so I guess Frederic liked it well enough.  I'll have to look at the others (one died young so no better clue there) but I think the other three might have been married and I can see what they used.  Also check some censuses.  Thank you.  I feel spurred on . . .
Hi Tucson Neighbor!

Wasn't the rain just a gift last night? I hope we get more today! I have no answers for your LNAB, but would go with Pip's suggestion...and it wouldn't hurt to post a question on G2G just for additional feedback before you list the family.

Where abouts do you live, Cindy? My crossroads are Orange Grove and Oracle. Hopefully, we can meet up when we really start to bend the curve.

You take care and stay safe!
We are very close - I'm at Swan and Skyline.  10 minutes from you.

That family is already on the tree and a merge is pending.  That's what started this whole thing, trying to uncover which was the correct LNAB for that child.  I had no idea what I was getting into, but it's been interesting.  That's one thing I really like about WT.  I'd be done and bored if all I worked on was my own family.  And, at least for some, so much of a history lesson.  I've been working with Steven Tibbets on the historical place names especially for Canada, Maine and the midwest.  It's crazy!
WOW! You live close to some friends of mine! This is great to have a WT family neighbor so close!

I totally agree with you about WT, particularly the history lesson. Sounds like you are steeped in Acadia!

You take care and perhaps we can meet soon in person with masks 6 feet apart.
Sounds great.  Masks and distancing, coffee outside.  Maybe Teaspoon is open?
Cindy, just so you know, my brother has signed a contract on a home about 15-20 from downtown Tuscan. He’ll be moving pretty soon. (I wish he was a WikiTreer!)
That's great, Pip!  Perhaps we can have a WikiTree get together when you come.  Carol, you, me and any others we can find here.  Also if he wants some hiking tips - I'd be glad to help him get acquainted with good places to hike around here.
A WikiTree get-together! I’ve thought of this before, but never got around to it here. This would be a great idea! I’ll keep you posted.
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Greetings from Everett, Washington!

On the home front: my husband slept much better last night.  He had been sleepless near Seattle (which is where we are) for several nights in a row.  Then last night he started having shortness of breath; nothing he couldn't stop by sitting up, but it concerned him enough to watch some videos.  He was open to the idea, suggested in a couple of the videos, that it might be due to anxiety.  Having had anxiety attacks myself years ago, I concur that these transient symptoms like shortness of breath could be related.  I think he has been anxious without realizing it.  Yesterday he talked to his boss at Boeing about when if ever Phase 3 will come and who will be hanging on to their jobs when it does.  I know also that he is concerned about his 89-year-old mother whom he Skypes every day.  Last night, too, he slept on the floor in the downstairs living room with the red lava lamp to keep him company and our 16-year-old Yorkie.  He has always preferred sleeping on the floor to a bed.  We will see how it goes. I am so thankful we have had 30 years of marriage.

Our anniversary is November 3.  This is also the day of the election, which will be a huge distraction.  Going through the boxes of stuff that we are now culling has reminded me of those moments during the past 30 years when we were relying most on God.  Soon after we first moved up here from Los Angeles, I discovered I was pregnant.  He had no job and we had no health insurance and I was 40 years old.  We were on state health insurance for a while and we had other challenges but we got through.  Then in 2008 he lost his job again.  It took 18 months for him to find the dream job he has now, and that job may now also go away.  He may need to start a new career.  Several folks have asked him to do voice overs or read audio books.  All in good time.  

On the genealogy front: with the cousin who contacted me last Sunday morning I confirmed that the Frame family she saw on Wikitree are her relatives. I am adding and managing the profiles for her.  I don't think she will be joining us but she is thrilled to see how far back the tree goes.

I saw that a friend of mine had created duplicate profiles so I sent her detailed merging instructions.  

This after I had messed up another merge and now it has to be done all over again.  I know the PM might be annoyed that I messed up so I sent her an apology.

I added a Shields daughter to my line in east Tennessee and then her husband--the husband's ancestry goes WAY back so that may make for some shorter connections.

Today I am going to make diet-approved brownies for me and my daughter.  It's cloudy and cool tonight after two nights of rain so I am willing to fire up the oven.  We expect more 80-degree days next week.

The robins have come to gorge on the orange berries of the mountain ash trees. These trees are fruiting all over the region.  We have two in our yard.
by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Pilot (338k points)
Margaret, we got married in the same year. My wife and I celebrated 30 years last July. As for the anxiety, here are times hat I won’t even be aware of it, but my wife will notice. Since God has proved himself over here past 30 years, we trust him for the next. You’ve learned that lesson, too, I see.

What’s your East Tennessee line? I’ve got a few of those, too.
LOTS of East Tennessee lines.  Walker, Weir, Shields (Blount, McMinn, Knox Counties), Thompson (Washington County), Smith (Washington County), Braun/Brown (Washington County), Kirk (Knox County), Sweeten (Anderson, Knox, Campbell Counties), Cochran (Knox, Blount Counties).  These are the direct lines. The collaterals are a rich vein that I love mining.
Any Craft or Essary, Margaret? Pip and I just discovered we are Essary cousins a few days ago!

They were Eastern TN.
Margaret, my Blount County lines include Miller, Kerr, Davis, and Finley.

I have a Kerr uncle, William, who married a Letitia Wear, daughter of Robert and Lucretia Thomas Wear. Married 28 March 1833 in Blount.
Margaret and Pip and their respective spouses:

Congratulations to each of your families for thirty years of marriage. That is a wonderful milestone.
Yes, it is wonderful and rare these days.  Congratulations !   Almost there for hubby and I.... we live in our motorhome, some days a blessing, some days too small :) !  But I think we should make it to our 30 next year :)
Congrats, Margaret and Pip (and your spouses)! We made it to 30 years Memorial Day weekend... couldn't have much of a celebration, but packed a picnic lunch and took a drive with Alice (our dog) along Lake Superior.
Thanks, Anne! I am a blessed man.
Wow, D. That makes three of us couples who were married the same year!
Pip, these sound like my Weir/Wear family.  I wonder if Rankin-1906 is a relative, who apparently has a Weir/Ware husband.  I will make it my mission this week to find answers about this.
Sorry, Pip, but this Wear line is not connected to mine.  At least I should say that no evidence has ever been found of any relationship between Robert Wear (the ancestor of your Robert) and Hugh Weir (my ancestor) of Rockbridge County, Virginia.  See the discussion of the two lines on Joe Payne's Weir web page at https://www.joepayne.org/wear.htm
Darn it! I was hoping we’d make that connection.
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Buenos dias, amigos y amigas from the Old Pueblo! It closing in on 9am in Tucson, AZ. The temperature is 82 (27.8C) with an expected 101F (38.3C). We had an outstanding and much needed rain storm last night and I am hoping for more today. That makes all of two (2!) rain storms total thus far this summer.

On the family front, I am beginning a low grade depression in this ongoing isolation. Except for this week for 3 days (will explain in a bit), I have been 'holed up' at home daily in isolation. Arizona is getting better but still not great in the pandemic. All of the things I have done with family and friends in the past are history and memories aren't the same living in this pandemic. My brother called from Wisconsin yesterday and everything is close to being in place to place our mum in an extended care facility. My brother tells me her dementia is extreme now, doesn't recognize anyone and is becoming combating and punching people. I doubt that I will be able to see her much before she is placed. It is very sad.

I mentioned explaining in a bit. This week I had to drive up to Phoenix to work in my office at the university. I was there all Wednesday afternoon and worked at a distance in masks on a new global health syllabus in concert with Thunderbird (well-known school of business). When I arrived, a staff member left a Community of Care Kit that included a digital thermometer, 2 packs of hand wipes, a bottle of hand sanitizer, instructions for hand washing, distancing, etc.  and two masks with university log. In addition, as of this week Monday EVERY faculty and staff member MUST log in on computer, or call or use the phone app to do a 'Health Check' relevant to Covid19. It makes no difference if we work for the university for 4 hours a week or 40 hours! It makes no difference if we are working in the office or isolated at home! Every day Mon - Fri faculty and staff must check in. Our students have to do this 7 days a week. Our university president and provost are taking the pandemic very seriously. While it is a bit of a nuisance, I think this is a very good idea to 'monitor' the health of our university community.

As to genealogy, I have been working to improve our Green profiles and updating the Lawrence to Walton profiles that have needed TLC for quite a while. I completed one Green descendant (surname Manley) who fought at Gettysburg. I found a 4 page letter that he wrote to his family describing the battle. Some of it is missing, but it is interesting enough that I will post on his profile so people can read an account from the perspective of a 20-something year old Private in the Union Army. Next Saturday, there will be a genetic genealogy SIG zoom meeting next Saturday and am really looking forward to it.

That's all the news that's fit to print from me this weekend. Everyone stay safe and healthy. Hasta la vista!
by Carol Baldwin G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Hi SJ,

I walk every day, then meditate for 1/2 hour. I generally like solitude, but this has been way too long without ANY real people interaction. It is difficult being so far from family and only able to assist by phone.

I left a message for you up above. I love the holders your wife made. She's talented!. And your time with your daughter swimming will be a real memory.
Carol, my university is following similar protocols.  We have to do a health check online every day before we come to campus (supposedly 6-12 hours beforehand; the timing is problematic so I'm mostly ignoring it and just making sure to do it before I leave home.)  Social distancing, one-way stairwells, and other measures on campus, too.
Re: one way staircases.  As I remember there was a movie or tv show called "Up the Down Staircase".
So sorry to hear about your mother. Our neighbor has been in a facility for about a year, and his wife hasn't been able to visit since early this year. It sure is difficult.
Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your feedback. Do your faculty and staff who work less than 20 hours a week from home also have to do a health check?

For example, I am doing all my university work from home. It is 12% time (I'm a failed retiree). I still have to call in every Monday through Friday to do a health check as does every employee whether they are on campus or working from home. Just curious.
Hi Kay,

Thank you so much for your kind words about mum. I know we are not the only family in the nation who are having these struggles. It just makes it so much more personal. You are correct...it is very difficult!
No, for us it's anyone (faculty, staff, students, visitors, contractors, etc.) who's going to set foot on campus, and they're supposed to check in 6-12 hours beforehand.  I'm on campus a couple of times a week to feed my critters, so I just check in on those days.  But there's no real enforcement- campus is open and they aren't doing temperature checks at entrances or anything like that.  We also had to do a one-time online training about safety procedures.  Last week the contractors in my building installing plexiglass partitions weren't wearing masks, though.

Thanks for the comment Carol.  I had put up a link to her page where she lists her other work and I'm assuming you had seen it based on your comment.

What are the restrictions like where you live?  Are you able to walk with another person if you keep a distance?  Can you socialize with others at the park if you keep a distance?  Any coffee shops open?

We are open here but you must wear a mask when outside.  Except, when eating, drinking, smoking, or at the beach.  Or, if you are a kid.  It is amazing how trained this virus is that it knows not to attack when you're eating or young laugh.  While we can go out, it isn't a "regular" August.  That you can find parking by waiting only 5 minutes at the height of the summer season says a lot.  I suspect that the economy will suffer greatly.

Well I hope that you can find someone to socialize with on your walks.  I'm the opposite, with 3 little ones at home, when I go on a walk I'm craving some silencecheeky

Carol, my brother has signed a contract on a home outside of Tucson. He’s already planning stuff for us to do when I fly out to see him. I’d better start hiking practice.
Pip, Tucson and surrounding areas are beautiful with much to see and do. Congratulations to your brother. I'll send an email with my contact information.
+21 votes

Hi Y'all!

Pip, thanks for hosting! Hope the exercises you are doing help eliminate the problems you've been having. 

Weather in north Georgia this week has gone back and forth between rainy and sunny. 

I had a couple of frustrations this week involving dead car batteries (yes, plural) and a Microsoft update which took five hours. Otherwise, my week has been okay. I finished reading The Darwin Affair. I read it as part of a global event called the Big Library Read during which everyone everywhere is reading and discussing the same book. I generally enjoy mysteries, but I didn't like this one so much, although many people are raving about how good the book is.

WikiTree work is going okay. I created, sourced, and wrote narrative biographies for six new profiles this week. Four of those were for my Hildreth kin. The remainder of my contributions this week were from profile improvement of profiles I had created previously.

I hope all of you are doing well and will continue to do so. Have a wonderful weekend!

by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (588k points)
I know it’s not funny, but I chuckled anyway at the battery problem, Nelda. The exact same thing happened to me last year. Two vehicles in one week.

Our weather mimics yours, especially since we usually get outs from your direction.
Nelda, I just read a great mystery called the Silent Patient.  A pretty fast read, kept me engaged and I was so surprised at the outcome.  Usually I can figures these things out, you know, when there's a moment in the book.  But not this time!

The other reading of everyone everywhere with the same book sounds interesting.
Pip, it's always funnier in retrospect. One of the cars had to have a new battery. The battery is only a year old in the other car, but I just haven't been driving that car enough (like almost never) since we've been in "quarantine."
Cindy, Amazon keeps recommending that book to me, but the Kindle price is a little steep. I'll have to see if it's available through my library. Thanks for telling me you liked it.
Nelda, the battery might still be under warranty. Check on that. One of mine was two years old and they replaced it.
Pip, the battery was original to the car and the car is a 2016 model. No warranty in effect for it.
Well, that's a bummer!
Nelda, I sincerely hope you are through with car issues for the present! I wrestled with batteries for my Honda van through most of the winter (first, bought a replacement battery that had sat on the shelf too long, then the electronic sliding door was draining it). Then the frame rusted out, so now I have a 2010 Jeep. So far, so good.
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On this day:

1810: The Swedish Riksdag decides Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte becomes the heir-presumptive of Sweden-

1890: The American writer H.P. Lovecraft is born

1936: The basketball player Wilt Chamberlain is born

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
I just read about Jean-Baptiste last week, Jelena. Not on purpose, but you know how one gets on Wikipedia and follows link after link after link.... I can spend a couple of hours doing this, and then can’t remember where I started.
LOL Pip, I surely do know how that works. As does my internet browser. Do you know right clicks on the mouse/touchpad? Opens another tab without closing the previous one. This is exactly why my bandwidth started to moan, because I had FAR too many tabs open. Oh well, I'm starting to improve. I still have 3 windows open with many many tabs, but the tabs get a bit more space now. Project "closing browser tabs" is going on.

Yep,my hat’s what i should do, but I forget that at least I should keep the first tab open while opening others. Reading Wikipedia is scattershot. Not an optimum way to learn. cheeky

Hi Jelena,

How is your mum doing? I hope you both are staying safe and healthy! Hugs to you both
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CAL FIRES -- Gov. of the State said that Calif got more than 11,000 lightning strikes which started a lot of (or all of) the fires, think that was on Sunday ... Calif importing firefighters from other states --  Cal Fire August 2020 Incidents Board w/interactive map etc 2020 Fire Season Outlook | Welcome to CAL FIRE

Fires are to the west of Modesto-Turlock area but we got "ALL THE SMOKE" from it, wind blew our way since Monday morning still blowing smoke at us ... Air Pollution Advisory in effect ...  you would NOT believe the acreage tally for burn -- I'm hoping this year won't be another year when whole towns or large portions of them disappear into ashes and other debris 

Have not seen sunshine since Tuesday, it has been lead gray skies since then ... part of it is clouds from a storm much further north of us but the rest is smoke

GEN TALK -- Hot discussion occurred over outsiders, non members, being able to access profiles through the Changes  and other loopholes, even on green padlock profiles ... not entirely sure but it seems to me there is a breach of privacy through a loophole -- eh. Unless Ales plugs the loophole, it will continue Can non-members access a profile's change page? - WikiTree G2G 

SCOREBOARD -- laugh at the moment I've got 1,849 contributions and 2,541 profiles ... been working on the Wooten the last few days starting with all the kids of Nathaniel Wooten Sr 1835-1907 ... oh, Lordy, well ... so like one child I removed and put it over on his son's profile where it belonged -- let's see, turned out at least 3 of his children have another PM who is not (I gather) responsive and has a green padlock on them ... I come along and proved I can't attach them to OUR Nathaniel Sr .. meh. 

Now, I have all the kids listed in the Biography, and on those particular three I have done that [[surname-ID#|names]] thing to link them to their profile under that other PM ... 

THEN I asked for a merge on his wife, she had two profiles, and on the one that was an orphan, I changed the LNAB to agree with the LNAB that my cousin had used ... something in notes seen about her being baseborn so she was supposed to be known by her mother's surname ... that merge went through quite rapidly, a matter of hours, and I tidied up her Biog a tad, removing duplicate info  ...  

There's 10 children credited to Nathaniel and Susanna (his 2nd wife) and one child credited to his 1st wife ... of the 10 for Susanna, 3 are under the management of some other PM (other than myself or my 3C1R cousin) 


by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (677k points)

Every item I see a report on the news about the fires out there, Susan, I keep hoping you are well and safe, worry wart that I am.

Where are your Wootens? Was it always spelt that way? I have lots of Woottons, Wootons, and etc all in Staffordshire, England, some went to Australia in the late 1800 and early 1900s, most are still in England

M. Ross, according to other PM, it started with Thomas Wooten (abt.1612-abt.1669) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree born in England and died in Virginia Colony 

laugh Wooten has varied spellings according to the Surname Index, Wooten Genealogy | WikiTree FREE Family Tree ranging from WOOTTON to other variations since spelling wasn't absolute (this way and only this way is this spelled) 

That's horrible about all the fires, Susan.  Hope you stay safe and they don't come closer. Seems like they get worse every fire season.

smiley  Loretta, most people among the general population would agree with you -- I do. There's the SENSE that the problem is "worse this year, compared to last year" ... how much of that is actual is seen in the stats (gotta love govt. agencies, they have stats), and how much is due to the sensationalism of the Media, can be debated ...  

In the current pandemic atmosphere, that sense of dread is chronic and so garages are cleaned out, kitchens remodeled, and any number of other Life-Affirming things are done, activities that Affirm our Continuity ...   besides it's activities on our "To Do SOMEDAY List" ... when we get the time and energy and the opportunity ... 

laugh opportunity has been forced on so many of us, and our  time has to be occupied and hopefully in a positive and constructive way .. our energy might be more scarce but we have the time, haha, to do it more slowly ... 

Surprised more people are not seen running down a street or road some where screaming and pulling out their hair ..  

Yes, everything gets "spin" cycle these days wink !  So, even mother nature, I suppose.   When it might just be her cycle of things.

Constructive Wikitreeing, Constructive painting lessons, and creating new paintings, Constructive furthering of my husbands Country Music with videos and album covers and helping with some lyrics,  plus work was real busy a week or so ago.   Have always worked from home the last few years so not a change.  But, the time has really not been a burden to me.....:)   

Very sad that it's happening, of course, though.

Stay safe out there, Susan! Wish we could send you some of our rain...
+23 votes

Thanks for hosting Pip!

This will be SHORT.  My house is a disaster from our kitchen project.   Why do housework in the middle of a construction site?   We've left enough room to cook though.   If we stay with  "the plan",   we'll have everything put back together Tuesday. smiley

We're not sure why we've ruined our leisure time with "Covid Projects".   Can't seem to stop ourselves. surprise

by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (477k points)
edited by Peggy McReynolds
Peggy, my philosophy is “why clean the house at all?” My wife’s philosophy is that I’d better get my duff off the couch and get busy cleaning. But, in your instance, you get a pass. If you clean up now, you’ll just have to do it right away again!
I thought I was the only one doing Covid projects!  Glad to hear I'm not alone.  I installed a new water heater last week and there is an exension cord draped high up on the wall.  Today I'll be an electrician and wire it properly.  My wife is tired of the boxes of renovation bits and all of my tool boxes in the foyer.  Good luck on your renovations!
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Hi from southern England. Weather has sort of broken, at least people are no longer attempting to camp on the beach, and it's more comfortable here. We've been doing our duty and eating out a lot, sometimes at the expense of the Government, which is really odd, most places really seem to care about our safety. In lieu of a real holiday this year we're spending next weekend at Littlecote House and intend to get some really good pictures for Wikitree.

We've been trying to sort out our lawn which suffers from wildlife, badgers when they get in, foxes that can't be kept out, squirrels and the blackbirds. It's been patchy for years and about 5 weeks ago we raked up all the moss, and re-seeded the patches, about 30% of the lawn. Nothing happened. I swear when we went out this morning everything was as normal but when we got back we had lots of new grass but the old grass seems to have died. How can that be?

Wikiwise I've been working on those MPs, adding all the dated parliaments they sat in and writing up bios. Should take a year or so. It's amazing how many we haven't got yet.
by C. Mackinnon G2G6 Pilot (346k points)

C, glad to hear you are finding way to still enjoy life despite the restrictions. We had no vacation this year, but we do plan on visiting our daughters next weekend. Aside from closing on some property a few counties over, this will be our first trip out of town for pleasure and not business. Can’t wait to get away from here, if only for a few days. 

I have no solutions about your lawn. Better ask Doug, our resident gardening and landscaping expert! cheeky

As you probably know, moss likes poorly drained soil, in shady areas.

Grass seed needs constant moisture to germinate, so perhaps conditions were too dry for it to grow when it was seeded, and it stayed dormant until there was sufficient moisture. As for the rest of the grass were the roots disturbed when you raked out the moss? If it has been dry and the roots were disturbed it could as you say just die.

It could be a good idea to speak with a local garden centre or grass expert. I don't know about grass varieties in England, in Canada there are various varieties that do better in shade, such as many fescues.

Also if you want to stop the moss from returning you probably need to improve the drainage, so the soil is drier. This does not need to be a major project, adding an inch or so of good quality compost raked in to the problem areas will raise the soil surface and improve the drainage.

Hope that helps-M
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Hi all, from a today very hot Germany,

it will cool down tomorrow, which is why I decided to do grocery shopping tomorrow.

Mum had her surgery on Monday and the docs say she will be able to move the arm again above from elbow (which is what she couldn't do since the accident). We first thought she will come home for a few weeks before she goes in rehab. But because she doesn't have to wear the orthesis, but can move the arm around (as well or bad as she can) she will go into rehab immediately next Wednesday. I won't be able to visit her there though. Doesn't matter, there is Skype.

Corona-wise, the numbers rise and rise high. A part of the infections is imported from holidays in other countries, but it gets more and more evident that parties at home can be superspreader events. In my region there was a big wedding party over 2 days, one day with 150, the other with 200 guests. According to our regional "laws", allowed. But one person had Covid-19, the last I read today, now there are 16 more people tested positive and more than 150 are in quarantine. ...

Genealogy-wise, I enjoyed the days when I could decide myself what to do when, which means I created a bunch of profiles. For August I have more than 3100 contributions so far. Still, although I created a bunch of profiles I managed to put down a bit my number of open tabs. Yes, 165 is less than 190 (which was the highest number I had ever during my project). This doesn't mean I don't want to put it further down. I DO!

Whereever you are, stay SAFE!
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
190 tabs open! Oh my god!!! I think I would lose my mind!

Glad to hear mum came through the surgery well. I’m also glad she doesn’t have to wait on the rehab. Skype will just have to do for a while. How long will she be there.

You stay safe, Jelena!
The docs say now something like 3 weeks. This can be extended by one more week though, it was last year. So we will see.
190 tabs, wow.  My grandson was in here a few minutes ago fussing at me and said I had too many tabs open and I only have 16 open right now.  Just wait till the next time he does that, I am going to tell him about yours and hopefully shut him up about mine.  I think the most I have had at any one time was about 30 but then my old computer would probably crash if it was more.
As I said above in the OTD, my bandwidth moaned when I had that many tabs open and mum also watched TV via the receiver that needs bandwidth. So when I realized that, I immediately closed bandwidth eating tabs I had and tried to reduce the number of open tabs. And now, with 25 tabs less (and no mum who watches via receiver) it is ok, but still, I want to reduce the number of tabs to a more "normal" number (or at least be able to shut one window). This would be a first huge success.
Hi Jelena,

I am very glad your mum came out of surgery well. I will continue to send positive healing energy for her. You take care!
If you're using Chrome, there's an extension called OneTab that can automatically save out your open tabs to a single page, and you can then restore them all at once if you want.  I use it to save out windows with multiple tabs related to a particular search, so I can come back to it later.  Depending on your workflow, it might be helpful.
This is what I use also. Otherwise I would be lost.
Glad the surgery went well, and hoping that your mum has a good recovery.
That's very good news for your mother.  I hope every thing
continues to improve and she gets a full range of motion in the near future.
Full range won't be possible the surgeon told us already before the surgery occured,  but already shoulder height is more than she could til now.
I understand.  A week after I got out of the hospital with my
rehab, the surgeon told me I probably would walk with a limp.  Four months later I am totally used to grabbing my cane, like a third leg.  But it is better than a wheel chair or bed bound.
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Hello from the Palatinate

I finally broke a brick wall. My paternal line ended with my great-grandfather. Now I finally have tips that can help me.

Apparently there are documents in a registry office that I would never have looked for. Hopefully then I'll find out something about his parents.
by Lothar Wolf G2G6 Pilot (112k points)
Best of luck with your research, Lothar! Always good top hear about a breakthrough. Let us know how it goes.
Congratultions!  That is great genealogy news!
So exciting, Lothar! Congrats!
That's awesome! Lothar!

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