Was Richard Hildreth's (1605-1693) Wife Elizabeth a Henchman/Hinchman?

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Richard Hildreth was b. ca. 1605, England or Scotland.  He married first a Sarah, who died at Cambridge MA in 1644.  He then married an Elizabeth and had his first child with her in 1646 in Cambridge. They moved to Chelmsford ca. 1654. Many family trees show Elizabeth as Elizabeth Henchman or Hinchman.  Torrey shows her as "2/wf Elizabeth HINCHMAN?"  (At least one tree shows Elizabeth as the widow of Edmond Hinchman. If an Elizabeth Hinchman did marry Richard Hildreth, it cannot be the widow of Edmond, as he died in 1668, much too late for his widow to marry Hildreth in ca. 1645.)

I can find no evidence to corroborate Elizabeth's name as Hinchman/Henchman. I've checked NEHGR, AmericanAncestry.org, GMB, Ancestry, Cambridge and Chelmsford VRs, and various Hildreth genealogies.  Nothing even promising.

I would like to merge the Elizabeth Hinchman/Henchman profiles toward Elizabeth Unknown (with a note about the uproven name in the profile.)

Does anyone have any evidence of Elizabeth's maiden name?
WikiTree profile: Richard Hildreth
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Maybe she was a henchman? (henchwoman, a server) occupation?

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Vic, I have also looked, probably not as extensively as you did.  I've also seen the name Hinchman or Henchman, but nothing I've come across has had any sources for that information.  I agree that she should be Elizabeth Unknown.
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Ancestry Family Hints show Elizabeth Henchman / Hinchman

with same birth dates but differing parents:

Name Elizabeth Hinchman
Spouse Richard Hildreth
Father Thomas Hinchman
Mother Hinchman
Birth 1625 - Malden, Middlesex, MA
Death 3 August 1693 - Chelmsford, Middlesex, MA
Marriage 1645 - Cambridge, Norfolk, MA
Name Elizabeth Hinchman
Father Edward Edmund Henchmen
Birth 1625 - Cambridge, Middlesex, MA, USA
Name Elizabeth Hinchman
Spouse Richard Hildreth
Father Edward Edmund Henchmen
Birth 1625 - Cambridge, Middlesex, MA
Death 3 August 1693 - Malden, Middlesex, England
Marriage 31 December 1645 - Chelmsford, MA
Millennium File
Family Trees
Name Elizabeth Henchman
Spouse Richard Hildreth
Father Daniel Hinchman
Mother Mary
Birth 1625 - Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
Death 3 Aug 1693 - Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
Name Elizabeth Hildreth
Spouse Richard Hildreth
Father Edward Edmund Henchman
Mother Elizabeth Henchman
Birth 1625
Death 3 Aug 1693 - Malden, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA

(Find A Grave Memorial# 6493268)

Another source for Elizabeth Hinchman:

Elizabeth Hinchman was born in 1625 at Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, U.S.A..1 She was the daughter of Edward Edmund Henchmen and Elizabeth (?).1 She married Richard Hildreth, son of Richard Hildreth and Elizabeth (?), on 31 December 1645 at Middlesex, Cambridge County, Massachusetts, U.S.A..1 She died on 3 August 1693 at Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, U.S.A..1
Children of Elizabeth Hinchman and Richard Hildreth

    Elizabeth Hildreth1 b. 21 Sep 1646, d. 10 Jan 1717
    Sarah Hildreth1 b. 8 Aug 1648, d. 1689
    Mary Hildreth1 b. 1649/50, d. 17 Dec 1730
    Ephraim Hildreth1 b. 1653/54, d. 5 Apr 1731
    Abigail Hildreth1 b. 1655/56, d. 12 Oct 1732
    Joseph Hildreth1 b. 16 Apr 1658, d. 28 Jan 1706
    Persis Hildreth+1 b. 8 Feb 1659, d. 22 Feb 1698
    Thomas Hildreth1 b. 1 Feb 1661, d. 28 May 1662
    Isaac Hildreth1 b. 20 Jul 1663, d. 15 Apr 1730


    [S145] George Naylor, The Register's of Thorrington (n.n.: n.n., 1888). Hereinafter cited as Registers of Thorrington.

Source : http://thepeerage.com/p22321.htm#i223209

by John Foster G2G Rookie (240 points)
edited by John Foster

John, thanks for all those sources; however, all of them are highly derivative, and very suspect.  Let me see if I can find the g2g post that discusses sources like them...

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Torrey: Hinchan  (b.1625  d.1693)  m. 1646
by J W G2G6 Mach 1 (10.1k points)
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Note that Torrey has a question mark after the last name "Hinchman." Too bad Torrey didn't say where he got his information. Lacking any better source, it seems to me she should continue to be Elizabeth Unknown.

You may not have to worry about duplicate profiles. I find only one profile for an Elizabeth Hinchman/Henchman married to Richard Hildreth, Hildreth-284. That profile has a LNAB of Hildreth, a birthdate of 1583 (too early), and a death in 1645 in England (not consistent with children born after that in America); and it calls her "Elizabeth UNK Mrs. Richard (Hildreth) Henchman." I've not investigated the sources on that profile, but I'm not convinced that it is intended to represent the same person.

by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Ellen, Hildreth-284 was originally set as the mother of Richard Hildreth-82, and I detached her from him, because we couldn't find any evidence for the mother of HIldreth-82. I think that maybe through a bad merge she got mixed up with the wife of Hildreth-82 whose name was also Elizabeth. I agree with both you and Jillaine that the wife of Hildreth-82 should remain Elizabeth Unknown.
Thanks for explicating the history, Kay. The "bad merge" theory also explains why that profile had a rejected match to itself.
I am not really sure if I am in the right place to report my information. Plus, the last comment was nearly 3 years ago. There is an Elizabeth Platt-Hildreth-Fiske born 1605 in England and died 27 October 1688 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Her husband was Edward or Edmund Hildreth, b. ca 1605. Their daughter Elizabeth (1634-1687) married George Vaughn (1627-1694). Their daughter, Elizabeth Vaughn (1653-1727) married Isaac Howland Sr. (1649-1723). Isaac Howland is a Mayflower descendant, making all of their 8 children Mayflower descendants.  

Back to Elizabeth-Platt-Henchman-Fisk. After her 1st husband, Edward/Edmund Henchmand died, She married (2) Rev. John Fisk (1601-1676). They were married 1 August 1672 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts. This was the 2nd married for both of them. John Fiske's 1st wife was Anne Gibbs and they had ~6 children (several died young). There are no known children for Elizabeth Platt and Rev. John Fiske (who is my 2nd cousin 9x removed).

Now to Richard Hildreth and his wife, Elizabeth, whose surname is not known. She was born ca. 1625 and died 1693 in Malden, Middlesex, MA. She and Richard were married ca. 1646 in MA. They had about 9 children. Among them is a daughter, Sarah (1648-1679), who married David Stone, Jr. (1649-1679) on 31 December 1674 in Cambridge, MA.  David Stone Jr. is my 1st cousin 10x removed. His uncle, Deac. John Stone and his wife, Anne Rogers, are my 9x great grandparents. Deac. John Stone's father, Gregory was married twice. His first wife, Margaret Garrad is Deac. John's father. His second wife may possibly have been Lydia Fisk, my 9th great aunt. Lydia's brother, David Fiske, was my 8th great grandfather. The Fisks have an extensive, extended family history that intertwines with the Stones.

As to Hildreth...this whole wikitree business with Hildreth and Henchman is a mess. I thought redoing wikitree with g2g was supposed to fix a lot of this. I think when new people upload there gedcoms, they bring old erros with them. I think that ALL the information should be hand-entered and checked while being entered.
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I am doing my family tree and came across this page and saw your question.  In those times, it wasn't just the men that named their sons after themselves.  The mothers also named their daughters with their given name.  So as I was searching on Geneanet.org, I typed in Hildreth (my maiden name) and a good amount of family trees came up.  I chose the first tree and this is what I discovered.  Click on address or type in address for the page to come up.  Good luck!!


Thanks for your comments, Audette. I'm afraid that just finding information in someone else's tree isn't a sufficient source to be used on WikiTree. Did you read the comment above from Jillaine Smith on May 21, 2015 where she said "John, thanks for all those sources; however, all of them are highly derivative, and very suspect." And this link she gave, suggesting that you look especially at the first answer: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/25911/important-understand-distinction-original-derivative-sources

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