How to categorize this person who was raised female but was biologically male

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When I found the marriage record, I thought there must be a mistake that Lydia Rebecca Payne was listed as a male.  Turns out that before he was married, he was examined by a doctor who determined that he was a male.  After marriage he took the name Lawrence.  Is there a category for this kind of person?
WikiTree profile: Lawrence Payne
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Hi Margaret,

If you’d like to add categories to this profile, it appears that there are sources to support location and cemetery categories on the profile. I’d suggest starting there, since it appears that there are currently no categories on the profile at all.
Thanks, Rick. I will add the locality categories too. I was looking for a category for his unique gender situation.

Hi Margaret, at the moment the only one that might be appropriate is an LGBT category but it really needs to be updated and the description improved.

A bit on the side: Unfortunately, biologically speaking, male or female is not really binary. It might well be that one doctor would determine this person to be male, and another female. One possible option could be this: ( and even more x or y is possible).

I personally would leave the gender to unknown (=empty) and force a save. Then explain a little in the bio text.

laugh Ah, Michel, it seems to me that if the man in question fathered children upon the wife he married, and that wife is the one who bore the pregnancy and birthed the children, then the man is male, at least functionally so.  

Granted, it is not 100% conclusive but genealogical data seldom is in my own experience

However, I doubt it is worth debating, since the records issued indicate he was male -- according to what we were told -- and I'd suggest simply make him male on his profile. Best to go with the evidence. Think that's Occam's Razor? Something like that 


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Thank you all for your comments.  I have since found more information on this person.  Based on a biography at the Library of Virginia web page,, I would classify this person as hermaphrodite, specifically an incompletely developed hermaphrodite based on the testimony of the doctor concerning Lawrence and her sister.
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Without knowing the details about this person, that sounds about right.  Does WikiTree now have the option to categorize gender/sex as transgender and/or non-binary?  They are both increasingly important identities in this day and age.
"Hermaphrodite" is an outdated term that many intersex persons object to.  Thus the Wikipedia page linked in this discussion is titled "intersex".
I don't see an option to add a person as "non-binary" or "intersex" or anything other than "male" or "female."  Is this something that can be added?
I don't see an option to add a person as "non-binary" or "intersex" or anything other than "male" or "female."  Is this something that can be added?


Don't select male or female  - and explain things in the biography. 

Yes, I agree that the term "intersex" would apply here.  I have already selected male and I don't know if I can unselect the option.

Just edit the profile and select the blank "line" above Male.  If it throws a warning about no gender selected, choose save anyway.

edit for example : see this profile --

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