J-M172 Wheeler - Any others out there?

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I love the concept of YDNA, however so far it is proving fairly not being what I need.  My son at 37 markers has zero matches unless it takes time for them to find them and my partner the closest match is 400 years ago in Germany with different last names..

However my nephews came in today on the Wheeler side and he had 3 matches!  2 of which I can place, 1 which has a different last name of Woods.  This was done in the hopes of sorting out who is the father of John Wheeler,

Ancestry wants to make Joseph Wheeler his father.   https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Wheeler-119

We have DNA matches through Ancestry thru lines on several children which are Eleanor, Elizabeth, John and , Phebe

And I am consistently finding family matches for Joseph and Maria in my tree that descend from siblings of John.

Joseph's tree supports the children of Eleanor, Elizabeth, John and Phebe.

So it seems all good, 

However the John listed under Joseph is deffinitely not my John.  If it weren't for that connection I wouldn't doubt. and connect them.

I've been looking through Joseph's WikiTree listed descendants to see if I can find any likely candidates that I could pay to take the YDNA test to assist but nothing jumps out at me.

So if there are any other Wheelers on here that match the J-M172 I'd be eternally grateful to talk.. 

I also did do join the Wheeler YDNA group


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I've not yet ever taken a YDNA test, only the autosomal one. But I have cousins who have, and I believe their (our) haplogroup is R-M269

That ties us back to John Wheeler of Charles county, Maryland ca 1630. But our paper trail stops at John Wheeler of Loudoun county, Virginia, ca 1745

so... no help from me... sorry.

by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (539k points)

The haplogroup we descend from actually shocked me as it's Western AsiaCentral AsiaSouth AsiaEurope and North Africa.


While I do understand the time frame we are discussing, however really has increased my interest in it, as do most of the unexpected things we find.

I wish you the best of luck in searching out your roots..

My brother took the DNA test - Robert Vernon Wheeler born 1922, Ohio. Robert Wheeler: Family Tree DNA Y-DNA Test 111 markers, haplogroup RM269, FTDNA kit #12135

I don't actually know much about DNA, but it sounds like we might have a common ancestor to Maj John Wheeler 1630, but your tree gets stuck at John Wheeler of Maryland ca 1760

Our cousin Neil Wheeler helps manage a Wheeler DNA project at FamilyTreeDNA.com. Does he know about your brother's test? If not, you should contact him and let him know.

I'm in Common Ancestor Group (CGA) 2

Wheeler CAG2


If you are referring to that one, I did join and one of the moderators sent me some info to look over.  If it's a different group, let me know and I'll join that one do, and was asked also to upload the dna to the mitoydna so will do that shortly as well for the 3 ydna's that I'm managing.

Thank you for the note, I ran the ged match numbers that were showing for https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Wheeler-6343  and A091260 and I are showing enough shared DNA to make it plausable, and none of their other names I'm seeing.  This at least gives me a starting point

Largest segment = 5.4 cM
Total Half-Match segments (HIR) = 18.3 cM (0.511 Pct)
4 shared segments found for this comparison.
401270 SNPs used for this comparison.
52.303 Pct SNPs are full identical

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