Advice before editing this pre-1700 Crew profile?

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I have information to contribute to the profile of James Randall (Crew) Crews. This is what I can add: His full name is James Thomas Randall Crews. So, what do I do to insure that his real (and total) name is corrected??  It will also help in some of the confusion as to his name.

These are the sources I am using:

  • My family tree

Should I contact one of the pre-1700 projects or know about any style guidelines before proceeding? Thank you!

WikiTree profile: James Crews
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I am not sure what you are wanting to change, but records for pre-1700 cannot be trees, but if they give actual sources use them.
by Marion Poole G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
These people are my direct forefathers. It has been proven by DNA on FTDNA.

This is the fact concerning James Thomas Randall Crew; who happens to be my 8th great grandfather::

Sir James Thomas Randall Crew...

Birth  1 November 1600 .. Shelfleet, Isle Wight, Hampshire, England    

Death  29 August 1550 Northampton, Virginia, United States

He was married to Dorothy Beheathland

Birth  1628  Cornwall, England

Death     Hungars, Northamptonshire, England

His father was:   Edmund Crew ...

Birth .  1571 Marshfield, Gloucstershire County, England, United Kingdon

Death  20 March 1652  Bromham, Wiltshire, England

He was married to: Baroness Jane Cox

 Birth    1579  Isle, Hampshire, Englabd

Death   1640   Virginia, United States of America

Even if you share a DNA match with several people all that means is that you have a common ancestor, not who that ancestor was (unless you have been able to match the DNA to the bones of a man buried in the 16th C)  I really don't think that a man called Sir  James Thomas Randall Crew existed in the 16th century.

 I did a some searches of the various parish registers together with Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Wills.

Marshfield, Gloucestershire

There was an Edmund, son of Thomas baptised in Marshfield , Gloucestershire 16 Jan 1570/1 

There were many children of Thomas Crew born in this period. (also several children of a Robert Crew.) 

A Thomas Crew was buried in 1597, he left a will leaving everything to his wife Margaret (he was not a knight or member of the gentry) 

 Thomas, son of Edmund baptised on 18 Oct 1598 at Marshfield .

 Edmund son of Edmund  baptised in 1610/11 at Marshfield via @Ancestry

An Edmund Crewe ( ignore the ancestry incorrect transcription was buried in Marshfield) in 1644

Here is a full transcript of the Marshfield register.


 There is no Edmund recorded in the burial register for 1652 in Bromham, Wiltshire. This is the page of the parish register it would be on  What evidence is there that Edmund from Marshfield moved to Bromham), what evidence is there that he married a Jane Cox (unlikely to be a Baroness), I assume Isle refers to the Isle of Wight.

An Edmund Crew, married a Jane Cox at St Edmund's Salisbury in April 1676 but that is  obviously far too late 

I found  [Edmund Crew (abt. 1571 - abt. 1632)]

 A previous editor has added some  other possible children 

 Susannah Crewe, christened Sept 10, 1587, HANHAM AND OLDLAND,GLOUCESTER,ENGLAND [15]

Thomas Crewe, christened Oct 18. 1598, MARSHFIELD,GLOUCESTER,ENGLAND [16]

James Crewe,b Nov 1600 [17] Bromham Wiltshire

Edmundus Crewe, christened Jan 24, 1611, MARSHFIELD,GLOUCESTER,ENGLAND [18]

Randall Crewe, (unproved)

 But there is nothing to link James Crewe b 1600 in Bromham  Wiltshire, to Edmund  in Gloucestershire  other than the name Edmund Crewe. Susannah  might not be a daughter either.  There were  a lot of Crews just in a small  part of Gloucestershire. In fact there was an Edmund Crewe of Dyrham, just 4 miles from Marshfield. His will was probated in 1582 (the Dryham registers for this period seem to be missing) 

The  three supposed sons of Crew-98, match the names now given to the one man  (James Thomas Randall)

None seem to have any link to  James Crew born in Shalfleet, Isle of Wight (see previous answer)

My advice is to start from where you know, work back each generation one at a time, finding evidence as you go. It's really hard to jump from America to England but can't be done simply on the basis of similar names.

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As Marion says, Family trees aren't considered adequate sources for pre 1700 profiles. see in particular

I notice that you have added a middle name. One  would be extremely unusual in the early 17th Century now he has two. The man was originally created as a plain James born in Shalfleet Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England. Since then his name has been changed several times. He's been made a knight and his birth place removed from the field though it's still in the bio. 

This profile is in desperate need of some sources.

There is a transcript of the Shalfleet parish register here 

 There was a James Crew father of several children in the 1620s and 1630s including a James Crew in 1624. 

A James Crew married widow Phillips in 1646.

A Jemes son of James Crew was baptised there in 1654. 

by Helen Ford G2G6 Pilot (390k points)
edited by Helen Ford

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