How to categorize Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland for One Name Studies [closed]

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How do I categorize Newcastle upon Tyne for One Name Studies? It was sometimes part of Northumberland and but not others...
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I am not sure the answers herein are actually answering the question posed in regards to ONS.

If you are working a Name Study and want to categorize profiles to a location within that Name Study - then the directions can be found here: Category Guidelines for Name Studies. We do not recommend linking back up to Region categories through ONS categories.

In short, the naming convention is: [[Category:<location>, <name> Name Study]]. So if for example, this was for the Ogle Name Study, it would be [[Category:Newcastle upon Tyne, Ogle Name Study]].

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Prior to 1974 , Newcastle upon Tyne, was always, Northumberland; post 1974, Tyne & Wear.

I would categorise birth dates accordingly.
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What about that from 1400 to 1974 Newcastle upon Tyne was its own county?

Newcastle upon Tyne was separated from Northumberland by Henry IV, given a new charter by Elizabeth I in 1859, and granted the status of City in 1882.

As you say — it did not become part of Tyne and Wear until 1974, but prior to that it was not part of Northumberland for centuries.
Prior to 1974, I always reckoned:

North of the Tyne - Northumberland;

South of the Tyne -CountyDurham

I think we are talking about categorizing geographical locations, not administrative structures.
Yes location! ... But the convo points out the problem.

Does the ONS project want it tin it's own top-level category like Northumberland or Durham ... or is it a subcat of Northumberland?

Also ... should I l put in hyphens or leave them out? Can I shorten the name?

[[Category: Newcastle upon Tyne]]

[[Category: Newcastle-upon-Tyne]]

[[Category: Newcastle]]


If I add Northumb. to the end and treat Newcastle like a parish then it would look like:

[[Category: Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, Name, One Name Study]]


[[Category: Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, Name, One Name Study]]
Looking at Category, Name Studies, one is recommended not to use the place name, just the County, ?????? Name Study.

Should you introduce Newcastle upon Tyne, I would suggest without hyphens, so as to be consistent with the England Project.

I accept that for many, the use of Newcastle is correct, but by the use of Newcastle upon Tyne, there is no confusion with Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

Started looking through categories for examples but it's confusing. 

Some of the categories I found:

The following are subcats of Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland:

  • [[Category: All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne]]
  • [[Category: All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland]]
  • [[Category: St John Parish, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland]]
  • [[Category: St John, Newcastle upon Tyne]]
  • [[Category: St Nicholas, Newcastle upon Tyne]]
  • [[Category: Westgate Hill Cemetery, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland]]
  • [[Category: Members of Parliament, Newcastle-upon-Tyne]]

I’m not an expert, just an ex-local. I think a category project member needs to get involved.

A category like: 

[[Category: Westgate Hill Cemetery, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland]]

should really be:

[[Category: Westgate Hill Cemetery, Newcastle upon Tyne]] which is then automatically nested in:

[[Category: Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland]]

which in turn is in [[Category:Northumberland, England]] etc.

I agree with “Newcastle UPON Tyne“ even though I come from “Stockton ON Tees”. 

No hyphens seems to be the preference, then the spaces are mapped to underbars ("_").

Let’s see what others think.

I'm not an expert on categories (although what Hilary said makes sense) but no hyphens in Newcastle upon Tyne, and it does need the 'upon Tyne' or it could be somewhere else. I was told as a child (growing up in Newcastle upon Tyne) to hyphenate if I abbreviated it to Newcastle-on-Tyne but I'm not sure if that is a real thing - and to save two letters what was the point!

As far as I can tell Wikitree always puts Newcastle Upon Tyne in Northumberland, ignoring the 1400 charter. I always thought that it had been in Northumberland until it was in Tyne and Wear.
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Please go to the page and you should find what you need there.

All the profiles should be categorised as examples on this page.

Any changes made due to administrative areas being renamed can be discussed in the biography to clarify that the place was the same but recorded differently in the records.

If you find a place not included then let the team leader know so that a new category can be created if needed or advice can be given as to which category to use.

England Project Help Desk coordinator
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