Can we please rename some misspelled New Zealand place-name categories?

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Hi. I've noticed that some place name categories are misspelled for New Zealand places. There are two categories I've noticed:

I am wondering if these can be renamed? And, if so, should I follow the renaming procedures and do it myself, or is there a process to request for NZ placename categories to be renamed?
in Policy and Style by Caleb Day G2G4 (4.1k points)
I renamed Kapiti since it was just a typo. As for the macrons, you will need to address that with NZ Project leadership. Thank you, Caleb, for pointing out the typo!
Thanks, Natalie!
You could try contacting Nic Donnelly or Amelia Utting directly. Good luck!

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Sorry with the delay in getting to this.

Could you list the names, you believe to incorrect please?
by Richard Shelley G2G6 Pilot (223k points)
selected by Caleb Day
Richard, I will attempt to contact FamilySearch about fixing Hawke’s Bay.

Thanks for getting back to me Richard!

On the regional level, Manawatu-Wanganui is now spelled Manawatū-Whanganui.

There will be places within each region that are missing macrons.

I have gone through just one region so far - Wellington. Here are correct spellings that currently lack macrons on Wikitree:

Source for all of the above: official names listed on New Zealand Geography Board Gazetteer.


PS: Good point about Hawke's Bay, Fiona. I used to live there, and the general public very often omits the apostrophe. I've omitted it myself on Wikitree and had to go back and correct my own edits! But the official spelling (and the one that makes grammatical sense) has the apostrophe.

Kia ora Richard. Any updates on getting these names updated? Or would you like me to list the names for all the the regions before you make the corrections?
As of the Connect-a-thon, I've no longer been associated with the New Zealand project
Caleb, after getting Hawke’s Bay fixed, it’s quite complicated and involves the names being changed on FamilySearch and then Aleš has to change the names on WikiTree (I think). The other problem is historic names. While we now recognise the importance of macrons, it could be argued that historically they were not used. The issue is further complicated by categories, which are based on contemporary spelling. A couple of months ago, Valerie Willis was trying to sort out the Wellington categories, including Kāpiti and Wairarapa, but I’m unsure how that process went. I’m sure Nic or Amelia will pop up shortly and let you know if anything can be done. (You don’t need to use the drop down menus for places, so can add macrons as you add those locations.)
Thanks Fiona. Sorry to hear that it is quite complicated and has to follow FamilySearch, but it does need doing, similar to Hawke's Bay. The problem in this case is precisely that the categories *don't* use contemporary spelling, because contemporary spelling uses the macrons. E.g. those categories that I mentioned above all now have macrons on the official names, but Wikitree hasn't yet caught up to that.

Thinking of a way forward: Should I therefore approach FamilySearch to update the place names first, and then come back to Wikitree for Aleš to make the changes

Thanks for your advice and expertise!
Caleb, unfortunately I don’t know the answer or the way forward. I had hoped that leadership changes in the New Zealand Project might lead to issues like this being resolved. My advice would be to use the historic name in the data fields, and if you have the urge to add location categories, (I don’t any more) just use the existing ones. I’m sure at some point the correct spelling of locations with macrons will be provided.
Thanks a lot for your advice Fiona. I might contact the NZ Project leaders again and volunteer to do the admin myself.
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There is a process.

I would suggest that you contact the Managers of the New Zealand project first BEFORE you start changing things.

Amy Utting and Richard Shelley

You can even join the NZ project as well, if you choose.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Thanks, Robynne!

This G2G post was largely my attempt to get in touch with the NZ project people who have an interest in place names.

With regard to joining the project, I'd certainly love to do so. I contacted one of those people about joining the NZ project already, but haven't heard back so I'll try the other.

Check the G2G post for New Zealand project.  Looks like they are re organizing, but it states what to do to. 

G2G about New Zealand

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