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The paternal lineage between myself and a 6th cousin once removed has been confirmed via FamilyTreeDNA Y-DNA 37 marker for (Sheffield-1038) & (Sheffield-3309). Our common MCRA ancestor is (Sheffield-1154).

I've tried reading through the information on how to set this up but can't quite figure out all that I need to do.

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Please describe which instructions at need to be more clear.

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by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (612k points)
Thank Peter. I understand how to edit the paragraph describing the DNA relationship well enough I think, but where it belongs and does it have to go into every matched relationship and where is it supposed to go in the profile? Ultimately what I hope to do is get the flag that indicates the relationship is established at the top of the profile(s) as I've seen elsewhere on WikiTree. I can't seem to find this information. Thank you

Hi Michael,

Thanks for helping to build our global tree here and for adding your DNA test info to your profile.

Per the Y-DNA Confirmation help page to which Peter linked, once you've determined that a match meets the criteria for DNA confirmation, "you can mark the paternal relationships as Confirmed with DNA" (see the "How to Mark Relationships as DNA Confirmed" section of the DNA Confirmation help page which is linked from the Y-DNA Confirmation help page for more details, if needed). Marking parental (paternal and/or maternal) relationships as "confirmed with DNA" will cause the yellow DNA box with the green check mark to appear in the appropriate places on parental relationships in profiles, in tree views, etc. Is that the "flag" to which you're referring?

Also, per the same Y-DNA Confirmation help page to which Peter linked, "Here is an example of what to add to the == Sources == section of each son with a father marked "Confirmed with DNA" using yDNA". So the DNA source confirmation statement goes in the Sources section of each son's profile for which you've set the paternal relationship indicator to "confirmed with DNA". I usually place it at the bottom of that section of each such profile, but it just needs to be in the Sources section. You can optionally add a === DNA === subsection to the Sources section, in which to place the confirmation statements, if desired (again, see the same DNA Confirmation link from the Y-DNA Confirmation help page for more details).

Please let us know if you still have questions.

Michael, You created an (almost) appropriate DNA confirmation statement, but you entered the statement in the wrong place, on the profile of the MRCA, Thomas Sheffield-1154. Please go to each profile where you marked a man's relationship to his father 'confirmed with DNA' and include the DNA confirmation statement on each of those profiles. As you're making that change, I recommend that as part of the statement you indicate the genetic distance between your two matching tests (an indication of how many of the 37 markers are not identical). See this example for the format:

I figured it out. Thank you

I'm lost over what the results from FTDNA I'm supposed to show. 2 of the 37 markers are not matched but I have no idea what % probability is? All I can find as posted, was a breakdown by generation. I'll include whatever verbage is correct - just let me know what I'm looking for and how to find it.! Thank you

How to find the % probability is explained in the instructions: From your yDNA matches page on FTDNA, click on the red TiP icon for a TiP report. Set it to display a value at every generation (instead of the default of every 4 generations), and click on the "recalculate" button. Because you and your match are 6C1R, you're interested in the % probability within the last 7 and 8 generations, just like the example, so find those % amounts and enter them in the statement. Let me know if you have additional questions. If you're still having trouble with the statement, send me a private message, and I'll help you with the correct wording. You're going to be adding it to lots of profiles, so it's worth spending the time to get it right.

I found it - thank you,.. but it doesn't make much sense to me. I assume the lower the genetic distance - the more likely it should be that you are related? That said, at 8 generations about 72%. Alright. But if I look at the next matches on FTDNA which are 3-4 genetic distanced from me - the probability is greater that we're related at 8 generations compared to the above!? Weirder still is that these 2 add'l surnames in my YDNA gene pool are not Sheffield's at all. Adopted? Orphaned?
Is there a reason that you haven't included in your statement the fact that you match at a genetic distance of 2 on 37 markers? That is a critical part of the statement.
lol... stupidity. I can correct that and hopefully have it right. Thank you. Still don't get the rest
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You can see via the Relationship Finder which profiles to mark and paste the DNA confirmation statement into. 

This Relationship Finder link will show the patrilineal path for Sheffield-1038 & Sheffield-3309 to their MRCA.

by John Kingman G2G6 Mach 4 (49.9k points)

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