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I have been doing my mothers side for the past year, I knew it seemed to be dark or clouded.  They have been here since New Sweden and early settlements.  Putting there Surnames I'm noticing a pattern.  They have Bible names, A lot of Hebrew, a lot of infant deaths, some just have males for children and multiple wives.  When I start running into a quaker graveyard, it's something I know nothing of.  West Virginia was split in 1863 from Virginia.  A lot of my family was scattered from a dam that was put in, at least there grave markers were either moved or destroyed and moved.  It seems as if they were pursecuted here in the US after they fled England.  Any thoughts, new Sweden turned into Philidephia William Penn My Lycan Line came from there but the Dutch took it with forts.
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I am going to tag your question Quakers so the project here on Wikitree will jump in.

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There may be some Research Material at Quakers in Pennsylvania that can assist you!  If you tag your questions in G2G and add specific profiles that also assists in collaboration..

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Lycans_206 Has my blood in my line , I know there were 2 native tribes, Dutch Swedes and Germans there.  Find personal records hasn't been possible yet.  Maternal side is mostly Anglo English and Scottish.  Each Surname seems to point maybe to a sect. And possibly not quaker.  It seems dark. Destroyed and on the run.
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There appears to be nothing on the profile to indicate a Quaker involvement.
Yes I wrote what I Did on the Profile.  New Sweden was there First...The Dutch Built Forts and took it over...Willam Penn Who was Quaker Took Control...My Bloodline Either Left or was Driven out...k so Pholidephia is the city of brotherly love....my family help build it up from a trading post type area into a Quaker City...I'm just Connecting the dots but I dont know the history, coupled with the rest of my families oddities Quaker graveyardd multiple wives lots of infant deaths have only sons in some of them and no girls. lots of Reverands and fatherss, Hebrew bible names Cain Big Cannaan for me, they wernt Quakers they were Shakers)
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Adkins are big name in my line 7th century old England meaning Adam of the Earth Hebrew.  2 lines of Adkins coming into moms side, lots of Cain Cainaan. Big Cain, Hezikiah etc.  Let's ever seen the movie The Covenant, yea Danvers etc. Hmm things have happened in my life I cannot explain.
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Nancy-40792 see when you see eyes like this still in the family, scratches head and more oddities I dont think it's something you ask a professor, law or educated church going member
Is there an Athiest category? Make sure we got all the bases covered.
Some closing thoughts here, it seems the Adkins live had longer lifespans, the ones I went through just a few days ago were born before 1900 or st or near , they lived to 80. 90, or so.  I have a great great grandfather that lived to 103. My grandmother is 90 i have been told i look 26 which is about half my age.   Between the Elliott Elf Lords and the Shaker Adkins, I dunno.  Through in the Lycans and you get Regeneration.  Just some off shoot thoughts there.  I have seem what I'd say be healthy people and sorta drop dead, I myself have escaped death many times.  This is not a story. But it is old blood.
See when Cain Finds Carol Ann in poltergeist it didn't go well. Lots of Cain in my tree.
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First -- what time period are we talking about?  For the first 150-200 years Quakers did not mark graves with tombstones; even when they did begin marking them, they were typically very, very small and simple until the late 1800s when they began to follow more mainstream burial customs.  However, Quakers did maintain very extensive and thorough birth, marriage and death records, many of which are still extant and available either through Ancestry.com, through individual meetings in a few cases (if the meetings are still extant), or through Quaker College archives (e.g., try Haverford or Swarthmore for Pennsylvania Quakers). There are also some very extensive abstracts of Quaker records published by a man named Hinshaw that may be helpful to you if your ancestors were indeed Quaker for a time.

Whether or not Quakers were persecuted depends on where in the American colonies you are concerned with. They founded Pennsylvania, and so were not persecuted there or in Delaware or Rhode Island. I do not know to what extent the settlers of New Sweden were subsequently absorbed into Quakerism following the arrival of William Penn. However, they probably followed similar migration routes into the continental interior whether they converted to Quakerism or not.  Early on, Quakers were very severely persecuted in Massachusetts and Virginia. However, I believe the persecution in Virginia primarily predated the early 1700s and was mostly in the Piedmont region as opposed to the Appalachian part of Virginia that subsequently became West Virginia. Quakers followed a couple major migration routes. Early on there was a north-to-south migration from Delaware and the Philadelphia area southward as far as the Carolinas. Later, as American civilization spread westward, the Quakers did, as well. Some migrated from eastern and southern Pennsylvania into the panhandle of Maryland and western Virginia and down as far as western North Carolina -- this sounds most similar to what you describe. Squire Boone (Daniel's father) followed such a route before his son pioneered the migration route through Cumberland Gap into Kentucky. Few Quakers stopped in Kentucky, however. Rather most wound up in Ohio or Indiana, where they converged with other groups of Quakers migrating westward from Pennsylvania along the National Road.

Hope this may help
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Well put, see this guy has an education.  Here we go dads side came over to Virginia on the Ship Scott to the Second Germanna Colony of 1717 so I'm here at they have a foundation near Culpepper Virginia and I'm good there.  Moms side came to and from Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky. I cant hardly find any grave stones at some point say 1800 and before.  I have seen signs put up at the Burial sites.  They do have bibles I'm following in detail.  I kinda think they were or turned into the Milliniel type Shakers.  Its seems a lot were born at or near 1900, I have ran into some dooms day religions about keeping the door open just a little bit longer. That's about it I think they may have left England say 1747. Grouped up with some Dutch made something wild and new.  From personal accounts my mother was kinda taken away from West Virginia and not much was ever spoken of, there was a lot of death and dark times there.  Heres what I'm thinking the went to West Virginia after the civil war because they might not have like what Virginia was feeding them.  So they moved north above the southern line.  They did have multiple wives.  Anything before say 1850 is getting into word of mouth and bible records, I have run into no bodies found and bodies destroyed in Virginia at the war, Thank You
O yes Hinshaw there some of those way back and Ellis have a colony house, it's in my line.  Ran into some last name Shadow, I they got taken over about 10 generations back
Before I forget nearby cousins have spoken of Prather but I just found our last night what my ancestors were, so I dont know Prather either
Ok the muse is upon me, after these people could not mbv make it with there polygamy baby killings ways I tracked them moving West to places like o utah morman type LDS doomsday areas looking for John Smith And the Golden Disks fromh heave . As I said there were a lot of births at or near 1900, very dangerous poltergeist people. So the workds gonna end, were gonna trap ourselves underground and wait to be save . Ok
See in Science when your know something bad your silenced same as here, but you'd prolly do better if you have ears to hear.
Can I Have Rebuke too, how many points is that worth.  People with that power should be unbiased
Might wanna write that down.
See in science you need data to back your opinions, I spent about 3 years studying and research, you shoot it down in what 30 seconds, you on your period?
You ever had your blanket pulled off you, see your daughter playing with something in the room. When you get the quietly she turned and says hes scared of you daddy.  Come down stars to find all your cabinets opened up.  Doors slamming shut by themselves.  See the weird thing is, the older inget and my family things seem to magnify ok, because when we get together you dont wanna know what happens, I may be able to calm and  things but if we start getting angry I cannot explain what happens, why dont you flag this too, my family are at the ends of the US.
So when my daughter says she sees angles in the house, and younger is terrified if one of the rooms, didn't get bad till I buried an old barn on a 200 year old farm
Afte5 a lot stuff was happening in started taking photos, took them to the Lab I was working at,, used filters and my wife and my daughter only had 2 to 3 orbs around them in every photo, k so intol your know what I do dont be an expert on rebuking me.

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